Franklin Evans at Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA Stark Naked: Uncovering Bodies, Objects, and the Futility of Desire

16 October 2016, 7 - 10pm

Stark Naked
curated by Robert Moeller
Pop-up exhibit showing 37 artists in 6 curated spaces

With curated spaces by:
J.R. Uretsky
Franklin Evans
Lillian P.H. Kology
Sam Toabe
Gabriel Sosa

Featuring work by:
Colleen Kiely
Sophia Narrett
Zack Naylor
Corinne Spencer
Kristine Roan
Joiri Minaya
Pat Falco
Sarah Krizon
Caroline Bagenal
Suicide Girls
Jena Tegeler
Maggie Jensen
Nabeela Vega
Emmy Bright
Francesca Amadée Caruso
Alyssa Fanning
Amanda Church
Marci MacGuffie
Patrick Neal
Erik Hanson
Ruby Palmer
Lavaughan Jenkins
Rebecca Scott Newhouse
Ebenezer Kling
Nicholas Sullivan
Anthony Young
Patty Suau
Danica Arimany
Ana Treviño
Noèl Puèllo
Bryana Siobhan
Cynthia Meléndez
David Jacobs
Amy Mills

Reception: Sunday 16 October from 7 to 10pm
Gallery Kayafas
450 Harrison Avenue @ 37 Thayer Street
Boston, MA