John Sonsini acquired by the Autry Museum of the American West

12 December 2017

John Sonsini's painting Christian & Francisco is now on view at the Autry Museum of the American West in Los Angeles, CA. 

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ARTnews, A Milton Avery Feast Awaits at Miami Baselby Andrew Russeth

7 December 2017

Call your Milton Avery–loving friends and grab a plane, train, or automobile to Miami. (If you don’t have any, just grab some friends and do the same: it’s time to make converts.) The late, great painter and once-in-a-generation colorist, who died in 1965 at the age of 79, is one of the stars of this year’s edition of Art Basel Miami Beach. No fewer than five galleries are presenting his works at the fair, where at least 10 works by the severely underrated American painter are hanging at the moment.

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Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe at Art Basel Miami BeachArtsy, The 15 Best Booths at Art Basel in Miami Beach

6 December 2017

Galleries, Booth G5

With works by Milton Avery, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hofmann, Alex Katz, Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning

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Brian Alfred in August JournalBrian Alfred in August Journal Issue 02

29 November 2017

Issue 02 of AUGUST Journal, the New York issue. Featuring stories on Massimo and Lella Vignelli's apartment, Alanna Heiss's loft, Joe Baum's restaurants; with texts, photographs, and artworks by Pilar Viladas, Wendy Goodman, Matt Tyrnauer, Alix Browne, Ricky Clifton, Jason Schmidt, François Dischinger, Ngoc Minh Ngo, Martyn Thompson, Andrew Zuckerman, Matthew Johnston, Marc Yankus, Jean-Philippe Delhomme, Mel Odom, and many other grand New York legends.

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John Sonsini at National Portrait Gallery, Washington D.C.The Sweat of Their Face: Portraying American Workers

3 November 2017 - 3 September 2018

“The Sweat of Their Face” combines art and social history with representations of American laborers across genres and centuries of art. Artists such as Winslow Homer, Dorothea Lange, Elizabeth Catlett and Lewis Hine depict laborers throughout the changing landscape of America; from child and slave laborers to miners, railway and steel workers, to the modern gradual disappearance of the worker. Approximately 75 objects in all media (including video) highlight a point of connection between the artists and their predominately anonymous subjects.

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Markus Linnenbrink at Maurizio Caldirola, Manza, ItalyTHEREAINTNOEASYWAYOUT

16 November 2017 - 9 February 2018

La galleria Maurizio Caldirola arte contemporanea è lieta di presentare la prima mostra personale italiana di Markus Linnenbrink, artista tedesco residente a Brooklyn, New York.

Il lavoro di Markus si contraddistingue per la sperimentazione di un nuovo processoo creativo legato all’astrazione. Astrazione derivata da un paziente processo sico, metodico, legato alla strati cazione di particolari colori resinosi. Nella serie “Drip” l’artista è costretto ad una paziente attesa che consente al colore, libero, di de uire verso il basso tramite preziosi telai lignei e il risultato che ne deriva è una sottile campitura e strati cazione di tante linee culminanti, al termine, in gocce (drip).


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Wolf Kahn at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheHamptons Art Hub, "NYC Gallery Scene Highlights"

14 November 2017

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe will present “Wolf Kahn,” an exhibition of recent paintings celebrating the artist’s 90th birthday.

Wolf Kahn, who studied under renowned Abstract Expressionist artist Hans Hofmann, will show work made during the past two years that continue his exploration of color. The landscapes, which are simultaneously descriptive and abstract, depict the changing of the seasons with quick, flickering brushstrokes and delineated bands of vivid hues. Kahn, whose work blends realism and the formal discipline of Color Field painting, embodies in his paintings the fusion of color, spontaneity and representation.

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Emily Mason at Mitchell • Giddings Fine Arts, Brattleboro, VTExplorations

11 November 2017 - 7 January 2018

For the past thirty-two years Emily Mason has collaborated with five master printers to create works of a singular chromatic intensity, distinguishing and defining her prints as unique. Each printer offers individual direction which Mason modifies or personalizes to further stretch the boundaries of her gestures and color vocabulary. The exhibit represents several different printmaking techniques. What is common to all is that they start with one image on the first plate and end with a cohesive intense exchange between what we see and what lies beneath. Color, shape, and improvisational gesture are printed upon one another until the image is resolved in its final pass through the press. She embraces unique states, giving each work its own space. Imperfections are welcomed. If a tinge of red-orange reveals itself in the registration we read it not as a flaw, but as a brightly colored wink from Mason herself.

Mitchell•Giddings Fine Arts is pleased to offer a survey of Emily Mason’s prints from 1985 – 2016. This gallery-wide exhibit explores Mason’s adventurous approach to contemporary printmaking. Her monoprints, monotypes and solarplate prints epitomize her spontaneous and daring use of color and form. 

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Tomory Dodge at Cherry and Martin, Los Angeles, CA

11 November 2017 - 27 January 2018

Over the course of his career, Tomory Dodge has become known for dynamic paintings that explore the representation and mechanics of picture-making. Thanks to mass media and modern technology, images today are on every conceivable surface and confront us at every moment. Painting, one of the oldest means of expression, remains a vital key to understanding the nature of images in modern life, whether they are experienced in the physical world, on our devices, or on-line.

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Emily Mason: A Painting Experience

November 2017

Emily Mason: A Painting Experience is a short documentary portrait about the prolific visual artist Emily Mason. With a career spanning over six decades, this film presents Mason as a shy yet innovative figure in American art, a pioneer in the field of lyrical abstraction, and a master of the so-called "poetry of color".

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Amy Bennett at Wilding Cran Gallery, Los Angeles, CAReally? - Curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody

8 November - 23 December 2017

Wilding Cran Gallery is pleased to present Really?, a group exhibition curated by Beth Rudin DeWoody featuring works in various media by both well-known and emerging artists who work in the field of contemporary realism to visually or conceptually challenge the viewer.

I have always been fascinated with photo-realistic drawings and paintings, and trompe l'oeil sculptures—from artists such as Bronzino and Jean-Étienne Liotard, to the Flemish painters and today's contemporary artists. The ability to create art that reflects reality in this way is a skill I admire so much, especially when the artist goes beyond the merely technical to incorporate more conceptual themes and their unique style of art-making. -Beth Rudin DeWoody

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Guy Yanai at Praz-Delavallade, Los Angeles, CABarbarian in the Garden

11 November - 22 December 2017

Praz-Delavallade Los Angeles is pleased to present its first solo exhibition by Guy Yanai, opening on November 4 and on view through December 22, 2017. Yanai’s practice is fueled by fables, stories and hymns—each painting a reflection of the pragmatic side of our life. In his isolated moments one may find a smiling child, a big splash, lonely banana, bristling cactus, modernist lamp, a singing bird or a tiny boat gliding on placid waters below a clear sky. These individual vignettes bleed into one another and could continue forever, suspended in time. Many of Yanai’s subjects are intentionally recognizable and commonplace, rendered into a pixelated appearance.

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Franklin Evans at Olin Gallery, Roanoke College, Salem, VALegacy: Highlights from the Roanoke College Permanent Collection

27 October - 3 December 2017

In celebration of Roanoke College's 175th anniversary this exhibition will showcase artists from the Roanoke College's Permanent Collection which will include Cory Archangel, Dennis Ashbaugh, Alice Aycock, Walter Biggs, William Binnie, Edward Marshall Boehm, Alice Ray Cathrall, Paul Chan, William Merrit Chase, Salvador Dali, N. Dash, E.V. Day, Betty Dixon, Michele Oka Doner, Bradford Ellis, Elliot Erwitt, Margaret Evangeline, Franklin Evans, Mark Fox, Clare Grill, Dorothy Gillespie, Debbie Grossman Jane Hammond, Pablo Helguera, Ryan Humphrey, Guillermo Kuitca, Diego Lasansky, Liz Magic Lazer, Shane McAdams, Yassi Mazandi, Tom Otterness, Alexandra Penney, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Alan Reid Duke Riley, Rachel Rose, Kay Rosen, Emily Roysdon, Hunt Slonem, George Solonevich, Keith Sonnier Fred Tomaselli, Kerry Tribe, Robert Vickery, Andy Warhol, Rob Wynne, Firooz Zahedi and Andrew Zuckerman.   

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Brian Alfred at the IFPDA Print FairThe ARTpin Project - World House Editions

27 October 2017

Donald Taglialatella is pleased to announce that on Friday, 27 October, from 1 to 3pm, he will host a happening at his World House Editions stand, #102, at the IFPDA Print Fair in New York City.

Dubbed The ARTpin Project and curated by painter and video animation artist, Brian Alfred, artists EJ Hauser (American, b.1967), Nathan Carter (American, b.1970) and Brian Alfred (American, b.1974) have each offered artwork for two limited edition pins and will be on hand at the World House Editions stand to give away these pins created for The Print Fair.  This project is the first in a series of ARTpin projects that World House Editions will be collaborating on with artists.

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Hans Hofmann at the Musée National d'Histoire d'Art - LuxembourgCreation in Form and Color: Hans Hofmann

6 October 2017 - 14 January 2018

The National Museum of History and Art dedicates for the first time in Luxembourg an exhibition to one of the main representatives of American Abstract Expressionism.

Hans Hofmann is one of the most important 20th century American modernist artists and art teachers. Born in 1880 in Weißenburg, Bavaria, Hofmann died in the United States in 1966. In his oeuvre, he combines the traditions of European modernist painting with influences from American postwar art.

Creation in Form and Color: Hans Hofmann is organized by University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, in collaboration with the Kunsthalle Bielefeld and the National Museum for History and Art Luxemburg.

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Monique van Genderen at Susanne VielmetterLA Times, "Monique van Genderen at Susanne Vielmetter: Liquid energy, on a grand scale"

30 September 2017

by David Pagel

The size of Monique van Genderen’s paintings on linen and aluminum panel dwarf visitors to her exhibition at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects in Culver City.

Four giant paintings run from one inch above the gallery floor to within one inch of the top of the 14-foot walls. Each of the untitled works is 6½ feet wide.

Ten paintings are hung side by side so that you can see the sweeping gestures van Genderen has made with rags, rollers and mops. The suite measures more than 40 feet long and 8 feet tall. A large part of a wall had to be removed so that this freight train of a painting could hang on a single wall. The jagged edges of the removed section attest to the power of this abstract landscape, whose 10 panels, lined up like boxcars, seem go on forever.

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Esteban Vicente at Galeria Marc DomènechEsteban Vicente: Color and Form

28 September - 17 November 2017

Esteban Vicente. Color and Form is the most important exhibition of this artist ever organized in Catalonia. With almost 40 works, this exhibition proposes a complete view of the artist's aesthetic development, starting with his figurative works, when he exhibited in Barcelona in the early 30's, until his latest abstract paintings of the 90's after going through the abstract expressionist stage that became so relevant in the United States during the 40s and 50s. In fact, Esteban Vicente was the only Spanish artist that belonged to the first generation of the renowned New York School.

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Robert Cottingham at the Parrish Art MuseumHamptons Art Hub, "Art Review: The Mystery and Magic of Photorealism at Parrish Art Museum"

26 September 2017

by Charles A. Riley II

The dazzling, at times even overwhelming “From Lens to Eye to Hand: Photorealism 1969 to Today” exhibition currently on view at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill, NY has all the earmarks, for this reviewer, of a reality TV competition. To me, the cumulative effect of the huge, boisterous paintings in this exhibition is to suggest a fierce contest for the title of America’s Top Realist.

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Patrick Wilson at Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach, CAPivotal: Highlights from the Collection

7 October - 31 December 2017

OCMA has always championed artistic experimentation and innovation through a commitment to showing and collecting the work of dynamic and groundbreaking emerging artists. This installation will reveal how impactful OCMA has been in supporting the careers of some of the most influential artists from this region, often at pivotal moments in their careers.

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Franklin Evans and Robert Cottingham at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheArtefuse, "Visual Stories: Franklin Evans and Robert Cottingham at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe Gallery"

19 September 2017

Everyone enjoys a good story, and when you visit the Ameringer McEnery Yohe Gallery in Chelsea, you can enjoy a wealth of interesting stories in the work currently on display.  When I peeked in the window before entering, I knew I was in for a treat. The first thing I saw were these large canvasses filled with primary and neon colors arranged in interesting geometric shapes.  Once I entered, I knew immediately this wouldn’t be an exhibit I could simply breeze through and get a general sense of.  I spent as much time as possible with the paintings, practically eating up the rich story life in each.

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Todd Hebert at Museum of Contemporary Art, LondonNature Morte: Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life

September 2017 - April 2018

A touring exhibition curated by Michael Petry and Roberto Ekholm.

​The exhibition is based on Michael Petry's book Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life published by Thames & Hudson.

Travelling artists:
Peter Abrahams, Sue Arrowsmith, Annie Attridge, Aziz + Cucher, Conrad Bakker, Barnaby Barford, Berthold Bell, Per Christian Brown, Mat Collishaw, Marcus Cope, Michael Craig-Martin, John Dugdale, Roberto Ekholm, Saara Ekström, Nancy Fouts, Nick Fox, Anya Gallaccio, Ana Genovés, Ori Gersht, Rigoberto A. Gonzalez, Cynthia Greig, Martin Gustavsson, Jefferson Hayman, Paul Hazelton, Todd Hebert, Renata Hegyi, Bill Jacobson, Alexander James, Peter Jones, Edward Kay, Rob Kesseler, Alana Lake, Janne Malmros, Carol Marin-Pache,Livia Marin, Caroline McCarthy, Damien Meade, John Mitchell, Polly Morgan, Dermot O'Brien, Gabriel Orozco, Bruno Pacheco, Guillaume Paris, Michael Petry, Marc Quinn, Eric Rhein, Miho Sato, Rebecca Scott, Andro Semeiko, Jane Simpson, Jim Skull, Matt Smith, Rob Smith, Jennifer Steinkamp, Richard Stone, Yuken Teruya, Maciej Urbanek, Mathew Weir, James White, Kraig Wilson, Cindy Wright

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Bo Bartlett receives Society 1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern ArtColumbus Ledger-Enquirer, Bo Bartlett captures the Southern experience in award-winning paintings

26 August 2017

by Carrie Beth Wallace

Columbus artist Bo Bartlett recently won the 2017 Gibbes Society 1858 Southern Contemporary Art Prize. The prize was sought after by over 200 artists throughout the Southeast.

Bartlett is widely recognized for his realist paintings. Notable ongoing local contributions include his art initiative for the homeless called Home is Where the Art Is, and the Bo Bartlett Center at Columbus State University opening January 2018.

The artist recently corresponded with Sunday Arts reporter Carrie Beth Wallace to discuss his reaction to winning the award, his current projects, how he’s feeling about the impending Bartlett Center opening, and what he plans to do with the prize money in the future.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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Guy Yanai at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheGalerie Magazine, The Bright and Bold Art of Guy Yanai

8 August 2017

by Catherine Hong

When Guy Yanai was 7 years old, he and his family moved from Haifa, Israel, to Framingham, Massachusetts, in the suburbs of Boston. The shock of dislocation he experienced is one he’s never forgotten, with the family’s split-level house at the center of his memories. But what did that house really look like? Thirty-three years later, the artist turned to Google Street View.

The painting Yanai produced, Fox Hill Road (2017), was a central image of his solo show at New York’s Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe gallery this past summer. Simultaneously melancholy, mundane, and joyful, it has the woozy, strangely flattened perspective familiar to anyone who’s shopped for real estate using Google technology. It also has the dreamlike quality that comes with the recollection of a long-distant childhood home.

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Rod Penner at Flint Institute of Arts, Flint MISize Matters: Big and Small Works from the FIA Collection

16 September - 30 December 2017

Size Matters: Big and Small Works from the FIA Collection features objects of both gigantic and diminutive size. Throughout history, artists have often utilized the element of size (or scale) when determining the context of their work. The objects in this exhibition date from the late 18th century to the 21st century.

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Bo Bartlett receives Society 1858 Prize for Contemporary Southern Art2017 Winner

16 August 2017

Born in Columbus, Georgia, Bartlett is acclaimed for his large-scale paintings that explore American life and cultural heritage. His realist style has been honed through extensive training, including a degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Bartlett’s work is included in numerous public collections including the Denver Museum of Art, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and the Seattle Art Museum.

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Guy Yanai at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheStudio International, Guy Yanai: ‘Every work that leaves my studio is part of an inexhaustible autobiography’

12 August 2017

by Cassie Davies

Guy Yanai’s solo exhibition at Ameringer McEnery Yohe in New York takes its title from an unwritten book by the Russian-born American novelist Vladimir Nabokov. When Nabokov moved to Europe in 1961, to live at the Montreux Palace hotel in Switzerland, he planned to write a sequel to his celebrated autobiography Speak, Memory. It was to be called Speak, America. The book, however, was never written, and Nabokov died in 1977 leaving behind the “shell” of an unwritten, autobiographical sequel.

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Hans Hofmann at the New York Studio School2017 Alumni Association Exhibition - Special Exhibit of Founding Faculty / Key Influencers

24 July - 27 August 2017

Artists include: Nicolas Carone, Paul Georges, Philip Guston, Hans Hofmann, Mercedes Matter, George McNeil, Ruth Miller, Alice Neel, Chuck O'Connor, Philip Pearlstein, Vita Petersen, Milton Resnick

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Inka Essenhigh at Shrine, New York, NYThe New York Times, What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week

27 July 2017

by Will Heinrich

Another Place

Through 3 September

There’s a smoky texture of hypnagogic disorientation on Henry Street inside the artist-run space Shrine. Loose but elaborate figurative work by a dozen painters and sculptors, all of it small scale and much of it held together by a shared palette of purples and browns, makes for a desperately welcome getaway into the cool fertility of unworldly private fantasy.

In “Study for Monsters of Manhattan,” Inka Essenhigh paints three mysterious women with watery lines and finely observed anatomical details. Alice Mackler’s earthenware figure combines squeezes, pokes and thumbprints with a rooster-colored glaze, creating a startling mannequin of bright-eyed psychological defiance. Kevin McNamee-Tweed’s winning monoprints look like plates from a hobo history of civilization, and in Charlie Roberts’s trippy lavender acrylic of a charismatic dancing house plant, apparently rough edges belie a deeply satisfying sense of balance.

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Tomory Dodge Heads to Ameringer | McEnery | YoheARTnews

26 July 2017

by Andrew Russeth

It is the middle of the summer, but the gallery news does not stop!

Today Chelsea’s Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe announced that it will now represent painter Tomory Dodge, who previously showed in New York with CRG Gallery, which said in May that it would close after 25 years in business.

Dodge, who is based in Los Angeles, makes shimmering abstractions that are loosely interlocked and layered. They are playful, sometimes even effervescent, and can be vaguely spiritual. His paintings are in the collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among quite a few others.

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Franklin Evans at Nuovo Spazio di Casso, Casso, ItalyLa lama di Procopio

5 August - 1 October 2017

A Dolomiti Contemporanee and AGI Verona Collection exhibit
Curated by Gianluca D'Incà Levis and Giovanna Repetto

Opening Saturday, 5 August, 6 PM

Artists: Gundam Air, Franklin Evans, Stuart Arends, Cristian Chironi, Ode De Kort, Alexandre Singh, Etienne Chambaud, Gianni Caravaggio, Eugenia Vanni, Marcelline Delbecq, Corinna Gosmaro, Pratchaya Phintong, Renato Leotta, Marko Tadic, James Beckett, Jiri Kovanda, Davide Mancini Zanchi, Maria Laet, Ivan Moudov, Michail Sailstorfer/Heinert Jürgen, Christian Manuel Zanon.

La lama di Procopio is a collective contemporary art exhibit, realized thanks to the collaboration between Dolomiti Contemporanee and the AGI Verona Collection by Anna and Giorgio Fasol, and that hosts the works of twenty-two young international artists.

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Markus Linnenbrink at New Art Projects, LondonAbstract Remix

7 July - 26 August 2017

Featuring: Adrian Esparza, Joachim Grommek, Markus Linnenbrink, Jonathan Parsons, Jan van der Ploeg, Markus Weggenmann, Beat Zoderer

Thomas Taubert and Fred Mann are delighted to present a group show exploring the contemporary nature of abstraction. The two galleries have observed each other’s programs over the years and now seek to place works by their artists alongside each other.

The impetus for the exhibition is a comparison between two artists with a very different practice. Jonathan Parsons and Markus Linnenbrink. Parsons at his last show at New Art Projects explored color by expanding the palette of color theory and creating a series of works that questioned it. Linnenbrink often uses a photographic base to his works and then imposes color on top or creates a flawless surface, which he then drills into to reveal layers of contrasting color poured beneath.

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Suzanne Caporael at Cross Contemporary ArtSITE/SIGHT

26 July - 21 August 2017

Opening reception: Saturday 29 July, 5-8pm

The paintings in this exhibition, SITE/SIGHT, are rooted in direct observation and are influenced by each artist’s perceptual practice and long-cultivated process of close study. Falling along a continuum between abstraction and representation they evoke a strong sense of place in the everyday world. Although we may not recognize the specific motif inferred (landscape, night sky, city, etc.) the authority of perception is tangible.

Sites, subjects, and methods of observation are critical to each artist’s visual language: planted fields, elevations seen from an airplane window, gradations of color in a sky reflected on a watery plane, shapes glanced at through apertures between buildings, or the puzzle of shapes in a tapestry-like world are some of the inspirations for the paintings shown here. Often the focus is upon a fragment of a larger subject or on an aspect removed from its larger context, adding an interesting ambiguity to the work.

Suzanne Caporael, Martha Diamond, Sharon Horvath, Jacqueline Gourevitch, Ellen Kozak, and Joyce Robins are painters in whose work abstraction conveys the resonance of close observation and place.

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Suzanne Caporael at The FLAG Art FoundationThe Times

1 June - 11 August 2017

The FLAG Art Foundation presents The Times from June 1 – August 11, 2017, on its 9th floor gallery. The exhibition uses The New York Times as its point of departure and features over 80 artists, artist duos, and collectives who use the “paper of record” to address and reframe issues that impact our everyday lives.

Reading The New York Times is embedded in many people’s daily routines. This chronicle of geopolitical and local issues, tragedies, human interest stories, and trends in culture, serves as both a source of inspiration and medium for artists to assert their perspectives on the state of the world. In the wake of the 2016 presidential election, where news media was deemed the “the enemy of the people,” and The New York Times directly attacked and labeled as “fake news,” FLAG began developing an exhibition examining how seminal artists, such as Robert Gober, Ellsworth Kelly, Lorraine O’Grady, Fred Tomaselli, and others, who have used and been inspired by this newspaper in their practice. To give voice to a larger community, FLAG put out an open call for artist submissions that received 400+ proposals from around the world, and accounts for over half of the artists featured in the exhibition.

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Bo Bartlett on Andrew WyethHyperallergic, Remembering My Friend Andrew Wyeth on His 100th Birthday

12 July 2017

by Bo Bartlett

Today, Andrew Wyeth would’ve celebrated his 100th birthday.

In 1991, I was 35 years old and coming off of a successful show at PPOW Gallery when on the next to last day of the exhibition art critic Roberta Smith wrote a negative review of the work in The New York Times.

I had a strict rule of not reading any of my reviews good or bad. But Wendy from the gallery encouraged me to go out and buy the paper and read the review, because, she said, I would need to “be aware of what people would be saying about the work.” Reluctantly, I did as my gallerist instructed. Although it stung, I didn’t really care about the review at the time. But, the following months shed a different light on the negative ramifications of bad press. Several scheduled articles dried up. Sales slowed to a trickle. I found myself in need of appreciation and resources.

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Guy Yanai at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheSight Unseen, Haifa, Hockney, and the Aesthetic of Suburbia - Guy Yanai's New Paintings in NYC

10 July 2017

by Jill Singer

Much has been made of the fact that the young Israeli artist Guy Yanai uses painting — an ancient, laborious technique — as his medium, even as he embraces the digital and new media norms of today (even going so far as to reference pixelation in his technique, with short, deliberate bands of color). But I can’t imagine his work would be as indelible as it is in any other medium: It’s stuck with me since I first encountered it in 2014, and his style — which mixes the aesthetics of a transcontinental childhood spent in Haifa, Israel and suburban Boston, with a dash of Hockney — is instantly recognizable. A new exhibition of works on view at Ameringer McEnery Yohe in New York until August 18 deepens his body of work, meditating on experience, memory, and language in a series of 13 new paintings.

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Guy Yanai: InterviewHunted Projects

6 July 2017

Guy Yanai in dialogue with Steven Cox

Steven Cox: Can you tell me a little about yourself, your background, and how/when you first started working full-time as an artist?

Guy Yanai: I was born in Haifa. Then moved to the states in 1984, outside of Boston. I was always into art. It took many years before all I did was this.

SC: Can you tell me about your current studio and working routine? Do you have any morning rituals or habits that contribute towards a productive day within the studio?

GY: I moved to a ground floor studio about a year and a half ago. I fully redid the space, put in good lighting, a kitchen, strong AC units, everything I could. Before that I was in the same building but on the third floor with no elevator (big shipping traumas), no bathroom, no sink, and no kitchen, so it’s very nice to have the studio I have now. I walk to the studio, usually get coffee on the way, maybe granola. I make good coffee now in the studio as well.  The thing that really contributes to good productive days is just to really have a studio practice. The more I'm there the better every day gets.

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Guy Yanai at The Pill, Istanbul, TurkeySurreal House

22 June - 22 July 2017

Artists included: Avni Arbas - Babi Badalov - Raphaël Barontini - Neil Beloufa - Aylin Bozbiciu - Nejat Devrim - Max Ernst - Ayse Erkmen - Bedri Rahmi Eyüboglu - Daniel Firman - Atilla & Filiz Özgüven Galatali - Leylâ Gediz - Douglas Gordon- Selma Gürbüz - Linder- Eva Nielsen - Jill Magid - Marcel Mariën - Thomas Mailaender - Hubert Marot - Ahmet Ögüt - Alex Palenski - Elsa Sahal - Apolonia Sokol - Georges Tony Stoll - Ali Emir Tapan - Marion Verboom - Guy Yanai

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Rod Penner at Texas Gallery, Houston, TXGone to Texas

8 June - 15 July 2017

Artists included: Thomas Joshua Cooper, Rackstraw Downes, Lee Friedlander, Sarah McEneaney, Rod Penner, Frank Reaugh, Peter Saul, John Tweddle, and William Wegman

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Bo Bartlett works on feature-length filmColumbus Ledger-Enquirer, Columbus artist Bo Bartlett keeps it local for his first feature-length film

20 June 2017

by Chuck Williams

Columbus artist Bo Bartlett, known nationally for his realist works, is painting again.

But this time the canvas is different, even if the familiar backdrop of his hometown of Columbus is the same.

Bartlett, along with his wife and fellow artist Betsy Eby, is directing and producing a feature-length film — “Things that Don’t Stay Fixed.” It is being shot this month throughout Columbus.

“It’s the biggest painting we have ever made,” Eby said.

The two are self-funding the ultra low-budget film that has paid lead actors and paid professional production crews.

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Wolf Kahn at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, Brattleboro, VTVTDigger, Vermont artist Wolf Kahn shows his true colors

18 June 2017

by Kevin O'Connor

BRATTLEBORO — Artist Wolf Kahn recalls picking up this town’s newspaper 40 years ago to see himself introduced to Vermonters through a particularly top-dollar interview.

“The first question was, ‘How many paintings do you do a year?’ I said maybe 100. The second was, ‘How much do you charge?’ I said a couple of hundred bucks. The next time I had to have my barn reshingled, all of a sudden the price went up.”

Kahn nevertheless thinks highly of his neighbors, be they the farmers who live next door or their cattle that graze his land.

“I’ve gotten to feel like I’m no longer just a flatlander — I belong here.”

Locals say that’s an understatement.

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Iva Gueorguieva: Studio VisitArt and Cake, Studio Visit: Iva Gueorguieva, A Translator of the Senses...

14 June 2017

by Gary Brewer

Iva Gueorguieva tells stories, or better stories are told through her. Her ‘memory body’ filters the myriad narratives that she observes and that saturate her consciousness. Iva has an acute memory, collecting observations from the books she reads and the world at large; random bits of information, a persons face, their expression, their posture, the room in which she saw them, fragments of life’s living theater, collected like colorful pieces of fabric. Then in an improvisational approach she unfurls these memories and ideas onto her vast canvases weaving them together to inform the meta narratives which emerge in the spontaneous approach she takes in creating her large scale ‘abstractions’. “I do not paint images, the paintings are improvisational, I bring everything from my life experience and knowledge to the work. I set up limitations to create within, it is a way to frame the work, to guide it into an area of interest, a subject emerges within these constraints.”

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheGalerie Magazine, Isca Greenfield-Sanders Creates Dreamy, Vintage-Inspired Paintings

13 June 2017

This June, visitors to Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe gallery in Chelsea, Manhattan, are confronted with a sea of blues, both literal and figurative, and a strong sense of nostalgia for summers spent by the sea. “Keep Them Still” is an exhibition of striking new works by New York-based artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders, on display through July 1. A collection of watercolor-and-oil paintings depicting blurred, sun-dappled beach scenes and close-ups of abstracted rippled waves fill the rooms. In the first space, two wave paintings—one pink and one blue—hang opposite a pair of zoomed-out coastline paintings from which they were extracted and distilled.

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Liat Yossifor at Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CAWhy Art Matters!

17 June - 12 August 2017


Why Art Matters! is Torrance Art Museum's response to the potential defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts. The Museum has invited leading curators from across Southern California to nominate artists that reflect upon the project.

Participating curators include: Dan Cameron, Emily Gonzalez-Jarrett, Kio Griffith, Nancy Meyer, Kristina Newhouse, Max Presneill, Paul Schimmel, Tyler Stallings, and Catherine Taft.

Artists include: Chaz Bojorquez, Beatriz Cortez & Rafa Esparza, Finishing School, Arshia Haq, Kenyatta A C Hinkle, Linda Pollack, Henry Taylor, Glen Wilson, and Liat Yossifor.

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Rod Penner at the Parrish Art Museum, Water Mill, NYFrom Lens to Eye to Hand: Photorealism 1969 to Today

6 August 2017 - 21 January 2018

From Lens to Eye to Hand reexamines this important movement in contemporary art that found its roots in the late 1960s in California and New York and continues today. Photorealism
reintroduced what many considered to be straightforward representation into an art world more attuned to the burgeoning conceptual framework of artistic practice coming out of Pop and into Minimalism, Land Art, and Performance Art. Often misunderstood and sometimes negatively criticized as being overtly tradition-al, these artists were, and are, trailblazers.

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Brian Alfred: InterviewMaake Magazine

May 2017

Questions by Emily Burns

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat about your work and recent projects. Congrats on the recent showing of your animation Chromacity at Art Basel in Miami. The projection was 7,000-square-feet on the exterior wall of the Frank Gehry-designed New World Center in Miami Beach, Florida. Is that the largest projection of your work at this point? What is it like to have your work in such a highly visible, publicized space, in such a big way?

Thanks. Yeah, I suppose that’s the biggest I have ever had my animations projected. I love having the work in public places. There’s such a different feel and reaction to it than in the gallery. I’m so happy when my work is able to reach beyond the gallery-goer and to the person on the street who may not be intending to see art during their day. I’ve been fortunate enough to show the animations in places like Times Square, Eventi Plaza, Sundance and even on buildings in Australia. To me, it’s very exciting for my work to be seen in such diverse places. 

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Jason Middlebrook at Children's Museum of the Arts, New York, NYMaker, Maker

8 June - 10 September 2017

Exhibiting Artists
Derrick Adams, Sanford Biggers, Caroline Wells Chandler, Adam Frezza/Terri Chiao, Brad Kahlhamer, Jon Kessler, LoVid, Jason Middlebrook, Rebecca Morgan, Carlos Rolón/Dzine, and the CMA Permanent Collection

Children’s Museum of the Arts is pleased to announce Maker, Maker, a group exhibition curated by Paul Laster and Renée Riccardo that explores the recent explosion of D.I.Y. Maker culture and the expanding relationship between fine art and craft.

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Iva Gueorguieva at Sophia Contemporary Gallery, London, EnglandShifting Landscapes

28 April - 23 June 2017

Sophia Contemporary is proud to present Shifting Landscapes, a group show of contemporary American artists exploring abstraction through painting, photography and sculpture. Featuring six artists - Afruz Amighi, Iva Gueorguieva, Herman Mejia, Amir Nikravan, Holton Rower and Hannah Whitaker - the exhibition reflects on the evolving nature of American art. Casting a light on the diversity of contemporary approaches to abstraction, the works explore the artists’ impact on the landscape of art and American culture, across generations and disciplines.

Through a variety of points of view and artistic practices, Shifting Landscapes provides a window into contemporary abstraction in America today. Issues of contemporaneity, materiality and historic legacy in a post-modern world unite the artists exhibited despite their differing artistic strategies, points of references and media of predilection. On a broader cultural level, the exhibition examines the multicultural nature of America at a time of division and isolation within the country. Many of the artists in the show live and work in the US, but were born in other countries including Iran, Bulgaria and Venezuela. By reinterpreting American abstraction through the prism of their own varied cultural backgrounds and artistic heritage, the artists urgently reaffirm the diversity and openness in American culture, at a pivotal point in the nation’s history.

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Hans Hofmann at MOCA Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FLThe Wall Street Journal, 'Hans Hofmann: Works on Paper' Review: Practicing What He Taught

19 April 2017

by Robert Hobbs

The most comprehensive retrospective exhibition of works on paper by the Abstract Expressionist Hans Hofmann is now on view at Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, a cultural institute of the University of North Florida. Curated by Wall Street Journal contributor Karen Wilkin and Marcelle Polednik of the Milwaukee Art Museum, this survey of 80 multimedia works, spanning the half-century from about 1914 to 1965, is an entrancing celebration of the thoroughly energized, richly hued works.

German-born Hans Hofmann (1880-1966) was the first person to formulate a set of principles for understanding modern art, making him one of the century’s most important teachers. He based them on his intimate acquaintance with Fauvism, Cubism and its lyrical offshoot, Orphism, while in Paris from 1905 to 1913, and years later, while back in Germany, with Surrealism.

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Markus Linnenbrink at SLS Brickell, Miami, FLInterior Design, 10-Story Markus Linnenbrink Mural Adorns Miami's SLS Brickell

1 April 2017

by Annie Block

Not one, not two, but three. That’s the number of new buildings in downtown Miami by Arquitectonica International Corporation and the Related Group that also feature large-scale works by world-renowned artists.

SLS Lux, the latest evolution of the brand—and the most VIP—opens in the fall, with hotel rooms and residences by Yabu Pushelberg, an LED facade by Ana Martinez, and an exterior mural by Fabian Burgos. Burgos’s work appears again on Brickell Heights, a two-tower condominium bowing in May with interiors by Rockwell Group. The hotel rooms and residences in the last of the trio, SLS Brickell, are open for business. Philippe Starck handled the interiors, and Markus Linnenbrink was commissioned for the exterior, emblazoning 40,000 square feet of the concrete facade with his signature drip painting.

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Suzanne Caporael at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheThe New York Times, What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week

13 April 2017

by Will Heinrich

Suzanne Caporael’s latest paintings — she numbers them sequentially, with the current show’s being in the low 700s — are divided into flat, irregular blocks of deep color with slightly blurry edges. The blocks themselves might pass for recessive Rothkos, pulling in a viewer’s gaze instead of glowing out to meet it. But the compositions as a whole look more like rice paddies at night. They’re distinctly horizontal in effect despite hanging on the wall, and the narrow boundaries between colors have all the silent force of property lines.

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Bo Bartlett at the Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando, FLArtDaily, Large-scale oil paintings by Bo Bartlett on view at the Mennello Museum of American Art

10 April 2017

ORLANDO, FLA.- The Mennello Museum of American Art is presenting the solo exhibition Bo Bartlett: American Artist. The exhibition, which runs through May 7, presents large-scale oil paintings that are figurative, psychologically imbued, beautifully rendered, and wonderfully sublime by one of the most significant American Realist painters of his generation.

Bo Bartlett is widely renowned for his multi-layered complex image making rooted in narrative, story telling, art history, literature, poetry, and every day life. Bartlett works in a long-established tradition in American painting that stretches from Thomas Eakins and Winslow Homer to Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. Like these artists, Bartlett looks at America's land and people to depict the beauty he finds in everyday life. His paintings celebrate the underlying epic nature of the commonplace and the personal significance of the extraordinary. Of Bartlett’s work, Andrew Wyeth wrote, “Bo Bartlett is very American. He is fresh, he’s gifted, and he’s what we need in this country. Bo is one of the very few I feel this strongly about.”

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Jason Middlebrook at the Dallas Art FairWhitehot magazine, Dallas Art Fair vs. SP-Arte: Texas Tackles Brazil

April 2017

by Paul Laster

With two major art fairs taking place at the same time (April 6–9) on two different continents what’s an art lover to do? You either rack up some more airline miles, cash in your frequent flyer award points or do what we like to do—view Whitehot’s curated selection from each of the fairs online and then imagine that you can take home whatever your heart—and eye—desires.

The Dallas Art Fair returns to the Fashion Industry Gallery for its ninth edition with a formidable list of exhibitors—including Gagosian Gallery, Simon Lee Gallery and Skarstedt Gallery, Shane Campbell Gallery, and Lehman Maupin, which are all new to the fair this year. With more than 90 galleries from 16 countries, this year’s show looks like it could be its best.

Amongst our favorite artworks being exhibited here are Marc Dennis’ realistic still-life painting of luscious flowers at Dallas’ Cris Worley Fine Arts, Francis Upritchard’s gesturing bronze figure at London‘s Kate MacGarry, Jason Middlebrook’s geometric abstraction on an elm plank at New York‘s Ameringer McEnery Yohe, Luis Gispert’s abstraction made by embedding gold chains in a field of black stones at Palma de Mallorca’s Lundgren Gallery, and Klara Kristalova’s ceramic sculpture of animals in a tub at Lehmann Maupin, with galleries in New York and Hong Kong.

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Kevin Appel at Christopher Grimes Gallery, Santa Monica, CAslip collapse then and

18 March - 29 April 2017

Christopher Grimes Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Kevin Appel. Appel’s new series of paintings begin as primary arrangements: cut-out paper forms referencing the portholes of Jean Prouvé’s Maison Tropicale are combined with Appel’s own photographs of fragments of his previous works, landscapes, and images of Paolo Soleri’s Arcosanti. These forms are constructed into soft, sculptural collages on the studio wall that are photographed at close range and then printed onto canvas. Multiple layers of geometric and gestural marks are silkscreened and hand painted over these flattened images creating a rhythm within the painting while obfuscating the original subject matter. Appel’s paintings are prismatic collages, an investigation of new and old imagery engaged in a recursive conversation where images and forms are pulled from one canvas and used in another, their intersection hinting at a controlled collapse of utopian ideals.

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Guy Yanai at Galerie DerouillonM- Le Monde Magazine, Plein les yeux: La France vue d'Israël

11 March 2017

Par Lisa Vignoli

LES BON TITRES ONT PLUSIEURS VIES. L'amour des commencements, texte du psychanalyste français Jean-Bertrand Pontalis (1924-2013) datant de 1986, par exemple, renaît ces jours-ci—en anglais—dans une galerie parisienne avec l'exposition « Love of beginnings ». L'artiste israélien Guy Yanai a découvert cet ouvrage il y a une dizaine d'années. Depuuis, il a lu tout Pontalis, ou presque. Le plasticien affiche d'ailleurs, au fil de ses œuvres, une passion française, qui transparaît dans l'exposition. « Ça flirte avec l'obsession, sourit-il, mais pas seulement. Il y a sans doute quleuqe chose de l'ordre de la frustration, de la jalousie. Je ne serai jamais un Européen. Pourtant, tout ce qui m'intéresse du point de vue esthétique, intellectuel ou artistique vient de là. »

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David Allan Peters at Royale Projects, Los Angeles, CA

3 March 2017

David Allan Peters : Sheathes

Film by Eric Minh Swenson

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Guy Yanai at Galerie DerouillonFreunde von Freunden, Israeli Artist Guy Yanai creates pixelated paintings that reference the past, not the future

27 February 2017

by Andie Cusick

"The Love of Beginnings book was actually given to me by a shrink that I was talking to years ago, like maybe over ten years ago,” says Israeli artist Guy Yanai, whose latest exhibition of the same title was influenced by JB Pontalis’ autobiography.

“It was strange to get a book from her, and even stranger that the book had tons of highlights and notes all around it. As if I could see and hear her reading it. I remember reading it so slowly,” he adds. “What struck me the most (and resonated) was the non-linear fashion of the autobiography—these sort of black holes that appeared between periods of his life. I think that there a few of these black holes between the three paintings of this show. Maybe this show is the beginnings that remain between each of the works, maybe not.”

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Bo Bartlett at the Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando, FLArtborne Magazine, The American Life of Bo Bartlett

2 March 2017

by Hind Berji

At first glance, Bo Bartlett‘s work doesn’t look like anything new. His large canvases are filled with the crisp realism of Edward Hopper, the small-town iconography of Norman Rockwell, and the vibrancy and luminism of George Caleb Bingham. Yet, Bartlett brings it all together to portray a fresh and complicated take on American life as he knows it. Organized by the Mennello Museum of American Art with an extension of four paintings at The Orlando Museum of Art, Bo Bartlett: American Artist features the seductive quality of oil paintings, which stems partly from his large canvases and polished aesthetic. His paintings are subdued with a warm light that looks like the most natural thing in the world—a fleeting, bittersweet, transitional light that falls on his characters. 

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Rod Penner at Kunsthal RotterdamHyperrealism - 50 Years of Painting

25 February - 4 June 2017

On Saturday 25 February, the Kunsthal Rotterdam is opening the exhibition ‘Hyperrealism - 50 Years of Painting’, a unique overview of photorealistic painting. Three generations of American and European artists illustrate the history of this fascinating, figurative art movement. With this retrospective, which includes 70 works by more than 30 artists, the Kunsthal is bringing an unparalleled collection of hyperrealistic masterpieces to the Netherlands.

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Franklin Evans at New York Studio SchoolJennifer Samet in Conversation with Jackie Gendel and Franklin Evans

1 March 2017

Jackie Gendel (b. 1973, Houston, TX) received her BFA from Washington University, St. Louis, in 1996 and her MFA from Yale University in 1998. Recent exhibitions include Thomas Erben, New York; Jeff Bailey, Hudson; and Loyal Gallery, Malmö. Reviews of her work have appeared in Modern Painters, Artforum, Art in America, New Yorker, and Hyperallergic, to name a few. Gendel lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Franklin Evans creates painting installations with the artist’s studio as subject. He lives in New York. He has exhibited institutionally at MoMA PS1, The Drawing Center, El Museo del Barrio, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, RISD Museum. Awards include MacDowell Fellow; Yaddo Fellow; The Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Program; LMCC Workspace; NYFA Fellow Painting; Pollock- Krasner Foundation. He is represented by Ameringer McEnery Yohe in Chelsea.

Jennifer Samet is a New York City-based curator and writer.  She teaches art history at The New York Studio School and The New School, and is the author of the popular column "Beer with a Painter," in Hyperallergic.  She is also the co-director of Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects, in the Lower East Side.


New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture

8 West 8th Street, New York, NY 10011

Lectures begin at 6:30 pm. Lectures are free and open to the public. Seating may be limited.

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Iva Gueorguieva in Galveston Artist Residency exhibition, Galveston, TXThe Reflection in the Sword of Holofernes

4 March - 13 May 2017

On view in the GAR Gallery

Opening Reception: Saturday 4 March, 6 to 9pm

Featured artists: Mequitta Ahuja, Angela Dufresne, Hannah Rose Dumes, Dana Frankfort,
Iva Gueorguieva, Kelly Klaasmeyer, Melinda Laszczynski, Tiffany Livingston, Dona Nelson, Gael Stack, Kelli Vance, Hilary Wilder

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Guy Yanai at Galerie Derouillon, Paris, FranceLove of Beginnings

16 March - 29 April 2017

Galerie Derouillon is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of the painter Guy Yanai in Paris.

Opening reception: Thursday 16 March, from 6 to 9pm.

Beginnings have a personal resonance for Yanai. He has spent his life starting over, moving between continents and across countries--new friends, new home--finally coming full circle and settling where his journey first began, in Israel, the land of the displaced. But even there he remains a foreigner, ensconced in his studio on a shady street in south Tel Aviv, rootless and moveable as the potted plants he often likes to paint. Far from disorienting, this outsider’s gaze is the perfect position for a painter who loves to look.

Love of Beginnings is Yanai’s second solo exhibition at Galerie Derouillon. At the centre of the show are three oil paintings, arranged in no particular order or sequence. Club Med Serre Chevalier (2017) depicts a resort in France, based on photographs taken by tourists and posted to Tripadvisor. Kitchen (2016/17) is a view of the artist’s apartment in Tel Aviv. The Piano Lesson (2017) is Yanai’s transcription of Matisse’s painting of the same title from exactly 100 years ago.

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Franklin Evans at Abrons Art CenterArt in America, Sass and Sensibility: The Eighth American Realness Festival

23 January 2017

by Eric Sutphin

As I waited in the lobby of the Experimental Theater to see Juliana May's Adult Documentary (2016), amid a scrappy installation by Franklin Evans composed of paper detritus and neon tape, I felt unmoored, uninitiated. Had I not read enough Butler or Sedgwick or Baldwin to fully understanding the goings-on? Has realness become institutionalized as yet another countercultural phenomenon that has been converted into an academicized aesthetic proposition? Sound bites from the crowd began to tell me a thing or two. A young woman behind me said to a well-known choreographer: "I just wrote about you in my grad school application . . . I mean, I don't even know if I want to go to grad school, but it's, like, so hard out here."  Shortly after, a refined young man said to the same choreographer: "My adviser told me to just sit down and make sentences. So I did that and, you know, walked away with a PhD." This account of academic achievement, despite its shoegaze simplicity, seemed like rather sound advice to a choreographer (or critic). Though May's piece seemed milquetoast and insular (full as it was of inside jokes about dance that made the dance-world folks in the audience chuckle to themselves), it became clear that a venture like American Realness is absolutely vital. The conversation and kvetching (and posturing and flattering) that was going on before the doors opened galvanized the spirit of realness, which at its best foregrounds both attitude and inclusion. In a political moment where feelings of anger, alienation, and profound uncertainty are reinforced daily, American Realness continues to be not only an outlet, but a lifeline.

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Randy Dudley at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheARTnews, Pictures at an Exhibition

8 February 2017

Today’s show: Randy Dudley’s solo exhibition is on view at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York through Saturday, February 11. The show presents recent drawings by the Illinois–based artist.

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Emily Mason at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheArtnet, David Ebony's Top 10 New York Gallery Shows This Winter

7 February 2017

by David Ebony

While a younger generation of artists, led by Katharina Grosse, Carol Bove, and others, are finding renewed significance and surprising rewards in extemporaneous abstract painting and sculpture, certain veterans like Emily Mason never lost faith in its limitless possibilities. Mason is heir to a long lineage of artistic forebears, perhaps most notably her mother, Alice Trumbull Mason, who was a founding member of the American Abstract Artists group in the mid-1930s. Emily’s childhood memories include visits from Mondrian, and watching Miró paint in a studio adjacent to her mother’s. Painting was in her blood, but she diverged from her mother’s penchant for hard-edge abstraction, and instead gravitated in the 1950s toward a more informal, intuitive process centered on color relationships and fluid gestures, which she has been developing and refining ever since. Her expansive and elusive compositions in some way establish a vital link between Abstract Expressionism and Color Field painting.

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Emily Mason at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheHamptons Art Hub, ART REVIEW: Emily Mason Paintings Revel in the Ambiguity of Proximity

31 January 2017

by Peter Malone 

Emily Mason, a painter whose work represents both a unique marriage of understatement and gestural expression and a union of vibrant color and minimalist reserve, receives an examined look at her recent work at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe Gallery.

Measured by Mason’s simultaneous participation in the “Inventing Downtown” show at NYU’s Grey Art Gallery—a show about artist-run galleries in the early 1950s—the artist’s career has been built on decades of developing a painterly language loose enough to allow multiple voicing, yet purposeful enough to assert a lone sensibility.

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Hans Hofmann at MOCA Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FLThe Florida-Times Union, New MOCA exhibit, 'Hans Hofmann: Works on Paper' documents long career of an artist who 'transcended genre and style'

26 January 2017

by Charlie Patton

Though he is considered one of the pioneers of abstract expressionism, during his long career the German-born painter-turned-U.S. citizen Hans Hofmann embraced many styles.

Born in 1880, he was first drawn to Impressionism. He then spent time in Paris in the early 1900s where he befriended Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and Henri Matisse and embraced such movements as Cubism and Fauvism.

“You can’t characterize him with one individual style,” said the Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville’s curator Jaime DeSimone. “He reinvented himself time and time again.”

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Bo Bartlett at the Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando, FLOrlando Sentinel, At OMA and the Mennello: Wyeths' of Maine and Bartlett's view of the world

26 January 2017

By Matthew J. Palm

Waves crash. The skeleton of a huge ship rises through scaffolding. Fishermen haul in their catch. Shoreline plants take on a delicate purple hue.

These are images of Maine, and the Pine Tree State is at center stage in the latest exhibition at Orlando Museum of Art.

“The Wyeths and American Artists in Maine” will be on view through April 23. It’s a chance to see works by three generations of the famed Wyeth family of artists — N.C., Andrew and Jamie — as well as others. The exhibit is also a chance to reflect, or learn about, the significance of that northern neck of the woods to the visual arts.

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Tracy Miller at Mrs. Gallery, Maspeth, NYHyperallergic, Rehabilitating the Untrendy Tradition of Still Life Painting

18 January 2017

by Lilly Lampe

There is perhaps no genre in painting today more unassuming than the floral still life. Even at the height of Western genre painting, which reached its apogee in Northern Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, the still life was considered to be the lowest within the hierarchy of painting, far behind history painting, landscape, and portraiture. Though the modernists played with vases and flowers, distorting them into Cubist near-abstractions, or incorporating collage in ways that were revolutionary at the time, still life innovation may have peaked in that era. But perhaps, in the current arena of painting, the very act of still life painting can be transgressive, a flagrant rejection of other popular tropes. As such, the gusto of More at Mrs. Gallery in Maspeth, Queens — a two-person show featuring paintings by Sarah Bedford and Tracy Miller — is at once daring and sweet, both a refreshing revitalization of the still life as subject matter, and a cheery antidote to the doldrums of so many other painting trends.

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Wolf Kahn receives 2017 Medal of ArtsVTDigger, Vermont Artist Wolf Kahn wins U.S. State Department Honor

17 January 2017

BRATTLEBORO — Vermont artist Wolf Kahn has reaped many awards in a life as colorful as his work, but the 89-year-old just traveled to Washington, D.C., to receive his first medal.
“It’s big and heavy, with a blue ribbon you can put around your neck,” he says. “I thought I was getting the Medal of Freedom the president gave to the vice president.”

Although Kahn didn’t win the same accolade President Barack Obama surprised Joe Biden with on Thursday, the master of vibrant oil paint and pastels received a hefty honor the same day: the U.S. State Department’s International Medal of Arts.

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Emily Mason at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheBLOUIN ARTINFO

17 January 2017

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York is hosting an exhibition of the works of artist Emily Mason, on view through 11 February 2017.

The exhibition presents a series of recent paintings by American painter Emily Mason (b. 1932). Known for works that celebrate the expressive possibilities of color, each painting by Emily Mason are impregnated with individual mood and captures specific emotional and chromatic temperature, invigorated with her nuanced touch. Sheets of vibrant hues with varying density fill across her canvases, as flat expanses merge with delicate clusters of pigment, creating deceptively complex compositions. Over six decades, the artist has explored through her distinctive style of lyrical, luminous abstraction, which reflects through her paintings executed in oil, carrying a sense of intriguing intimacy combined with uncompromising yet gentle intensity.

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Franklin Evans at The Fountainhead, Miami, FLArtist Residency

1 - 28 February 2017

The Fountainhead Residency provides artists an environment to create, converse, inspire and be inspired outside of daily routines and traditional confines of their home life.  From the moment artists arrive they’re immersed in the visual beauty of Miami and the color and depth of the local community.  In addition to creating work while at The Residency; artists attend openings and talks, visit museums and galleries, and receive vital feedback from art professionals through one-on-one studio visits and public open houses.

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Emily Mason at Grey Art Gallery, NYUThe New York Times, When Artists Ran the Show: ‘Inventing Downtown,’ at N.Y.U.

12 January 2017

When a call went out online recently for an art world protest strike — “no work, no school, no business” — on Inauguration Day, more than 200 artists, most based in New York, many well known, quickly signed on. In numbers, they represent a mere fraction of the present art world, and there was reason to expect the list would grow. By contrast, in New York in the 1950s, 200 artists pretty much were that world, and one divided into several barely tangent circles.

That era’s cultural geometry has been badly in need of study, and now it’s getting some in a labor-of-love exhibition called “Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952-1965,” at the Grey Art Gallery at New York University. With nearly 230 objects, it’s big and has its share of stars. But it’s not a masterpiece display. It’s something almost better: a view of typical — rather than outstanding — art, of familiar artists looking unfamiliar, and of strangers you’re glad to meet. It looks the way history looks before the various MoMAs get their sanitizing hands on it: funky, diverse, down to earth, with things to teach us now.

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David Allan Peters at Royale Projects, Los Angeles, CA

22 January - 31 March 2017

Royale Projects is proud to present a solo exhibition of new works by Los Angeles artist David Allan Peters from 22 January to 31 March 2017. There will be an open house from 12 to 5 pm on Sunday, 22 January 2017. 

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Julio Larraz at Museum of Art - DeLand, DeLand, FLJulio Larraz: Painting and Sculpture

20 January - 2 April 2017

Julio Larraz, extraordinary draftsman, painter and sculptor, is the quintessential embodiment of the post-World War II Latin American artist.  Unmasking the angst of humanity, he sets out a new reality and politically conscious self-identity for existence in the modern world. His contribution to Western art, like that of the “boom” generation of Latin American writers, is a new kind of portraiture, which co-opts the conventions of the genre and transforms them into multilevel sociological and historical allegories.

Opening Night Reception:
Friday 20 January, 5pm to 7pm

"Julio Larraz: Painting in Time and Space"
Carol Damian, Ph.D.
Friday 10 February, 5pm to 6:30pm

Museum of Art - DeLand
600 N. Woodland Boulevard
DeLand, FL 32720

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Wolf Kahn to receive Department of State's 2017 International Medal of Arts

17 December 2016

The Medal of Arts award was initiated by Art in Embassies in 2013 to formally acknowledge artists who have played an exemplary role in advancing the U.S. Department of State's mission of promoting cultural diplomacy.

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Bo Bartlett at The Mennello Museum of American Art, Orlando, FLBo Bartlett: American Artist

27 January - 7 May 2017

The exhibition presents large-scale oil paintings that are figurative, psychologically imbued, beautifully rendered, and wonderfully sublime by one of the most significant Realist painters of his generation.  Bo Bartlett is an American realist with a modernist vision whose multi-layered narrative work falls within the tradition of American realism as defined by artists such as Thomas Eakins and Winslow Homer to Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. Like these artists, Bartlett looks at America's land and people to describe the beauty he finds in everyday life. His paintings celebrate the underlying epic nature of the commonplace and the personal significance of the extraordinary.  Of Bartlett’s work, Wyeth wrote, “Bo Bartlett is very American.  He is fresh, he’s gifted, and he’s what we need in this country.  Bo is one of the very few I feel this strongly about.”

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Emily Mason at Grey Art Gallery, NYUInventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952–1965

10 January - 1 April 2017

Examining the New York art scene during the fertile years between the apex of Abstract Expressionism and the rise of Pop Art and Minimalism, Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952–1965 is the first show ever to survey this vital period from the vantage point of its artist-run galleries—crucibles of experimentation and innovation that radically changed the art world. With more than 200 paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, photographs, ephemera, and films, the show reveals a scene that was much more diverse than has previously been acknowledged, with women and artists of color playing major roles. It features works by abstract and figurative painters and sculptors, as well as pioneers of installation and performance art. Artists range from well-known figures such as Jim Dine, Red Grooms, Allan Kaprow, Alex Katz, Yayoi Kusama, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, and Mark di Suvero, to those who deserve to be better known, including Emilio Cruz, Lois Dodd, Rosalyn Drexler, Sally Hazelet Drummond, Jean Follett, Lester Johnson, Boris Lurie, Jan Müller, and Aldo Tambellini.

Inventing Downtown is curated by Melissa Rachleff, clinical associate professor in NYU’s Steinhardt School.

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Franklin Evans at Abrons Arts CenterXLtime

5 - 22 January 2017

Abrons Arts Center, Main Gallery
466 Grand Street / FREE

Franklin Evans creates painting installations with the artist’s studio as his subject. Evans collaborated with Trajal Harrell on the scenic design for Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson church (S). American Realness 2017 presents the release of the digital publication of Trajal Harrell’s Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (XL). The release is accompanied by an installation, entitled XLtime, created by visual artist Franklin Evans made in collaboration with (XL).

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Gene Davis at Smithsonian American Art, The Painter Who Earned His Stripes

13 December 2016

by Roger Catlin

Gene Davis spent his career in newsrooms from the Washington Daily News to United Press International to the Fredericksburg Freelance Star, and even served a stint as a New York Times copy boy.

And while he took up abstract painting in the 1940s as a hobby, and was featured in a few local shows, he was never successful enough to devote his full time to art until, after 35 years in journalism, he finally turned to it 1968.

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Julio Larraz at Ascaso Gallery, Miami, FLCuban Art News, On the Sunset of Anatolia: The Persistent Images of Julio Larraz

13 December 2016

by Janet Batet

Julio Larraz (Havana, 1944) is known for a distinctive, almost metaphysical approach to painting and composition. On the occasion of Made in USA, his recent exhibition at Miami’s Ascaso Gallery, Janet Batet pondered the enigmatic, inviting character of Larraz’s vision and his art.

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Liat Yossifor at PATRON, Chicago, ILNewcity Art, Sifting Through the Waves of Time: A Review of Liat Yossifor at Patron Gallery

24 November 2016

by Brit Barton

“A Body of Water” is a relatively stark exhibition consisting of six nearly monochromatic oil paintings and a contemplative single-channel video projection of infinite waves. Overall, the highly formal presentation is a glimpse into an artist’s use of abstraction through a well-established medium, juxtaposed by a poetic representation through moving image. The contrasted aspects of the show do merge, as the artist uses the apt metaphor of memory to deconstruct the conceptual framework of time that runs throughout the exhibition.

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Todd Hebert at Devin Borden Gallery, Houston, TXCups, Coolers, Watermelon and Bottles

11 November - 23 December 2016

Todd Hebert is a graduate of the University of North Dakota (BFA) and The Rhode Island School of Design (MFA).  His work has been featured in public museums and private galleries nationwide, including The Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, Pepperdine University, The Riverside Art Museum and the Carpenter Center at Harvard University.  A recent survey exhibition of Hebert’s work was mounted at the North Dakota Museum of Art and his work is included in numerous public collections including the Los Angeles County Museum, The Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and The Frederick R. Weisman Collection.

Opening: Friday 11 November, 6 to 8pm

Artist's talk: Saturday 12 November, 12pm

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Gene Davis at Smithsonian American Art MuseumGene Davis: Hot Beat

18 November 2016 - 2 April 2017

Brightly colored stripes multiply in rhythmic repetitions across the surface of a painting by Gene Davis. Remarkably original when they first appeared in the 1960s, these paintings became the signature expression for one of the leading Color Field painters. With no more than a rectangular canvas and multicolor stripes, Davis created a richly varied body of work that looks as fresh today as it did when it first was shown. The large size of most of his canvases from the 1960s requires a viewer to consider the relationships and rhythms over time, more like a musical composition than the dynamic, colorful, pop art images that emerged at the same time.

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Rod Penner at Osthaus Museum HagenPHOTOREALISM: 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting

16 October 2016 - 8 January 2017

We are pleased to announce that two paintings by Rod Penner are featured in the exhibition FOTOREALISMUS: 50 Jahre hyperrealistische Malerei (PHOTOREALISM: 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting), at Osthaus Museum Hagen in Hagen, Germany.

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Hans Hofmann at Kunsthalle BielefeldCreation in Form and Color: Hans Hofmann

5 November 2016 - 5 March 2017

The exhibition Creation in Form and Color: Hans Hofmann is a collaborative project by the Berkeley Art Museum, the Pacific Film Archive at the University of California (BAMPFA), and the Kunsthalle Bielefeld. It is based on a precise selection of approximately 60 paintings, watercolors, and drawings that span the artist’s entire career from the 1920s to the early 1960s. The show includes works on loan from the Berkeley Art Museum, as well as from prominent American and European museums and private collections. One of the exhibit’s particular goals is to examine Hans Hofmann before the backdrop of his European tradition in his role as an important artist and teacher of 20th century American modernism. Additionally, the show weighs his exploration of his experiences and influences in his chosen homeland of America, while simultaneously emphasizing his theories and work, which made him an especially significant artistic mediator between the continents. Despite his fundamental importance to the development of modern art in America—where prominent exhibitions were devoted to him during his lifetime—Hofmann remains less well known in Germany and Europe as a member of the Modernist avant-garde.

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Brian Alfred at 11RArtists in Conversation: Douglas Melini, Brian Alfred & Daniel S. Palmer

6 November 2016

Sunday 6 November, 4 PM

195 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002

Please join 11R for a conversation between artists Douglas Melini and Brian Alfred with curator Daniel S. Palmer, on the occasion of Melini's current exhibition at the gallery, You Have To Peer Into The Sky To See The Stars.

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Liat Yossifor at PATRON, Chicago, ILA Body of Water

5 November 2016 - 14 January 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday 5 November, 4-7pm

PATRON is proud to present our first solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Liat Yossifor, titled A Body of Water. The exhibition will be on view from 5 November through January with an opening reception on Saturday, 5 November, from 4 to 7PM.

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Wolf Kahn at ACME Fine Art, Boston, MAThe Boston Globe, When much goes on beneath the surface

27 October 2016

by Cate McQuaid

We know painter Wolf Kahn for radiant colors and landscapes that are more about formal and tonal relationships than they are about place. But in the 1960s, Kahn dwelt in the shadows. His paintings from that period make up the last exhibition at modernist gallery ACME Fine Art, closing its doors after 15 years. Owners Jim Bennette and David Cowan will continue their art-consulting business.

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Markus Linnenbrink at 75 Rockefeller Plaza

Early 2017

Markus Linnenbrink to install a 7 x 90 foot epoxy resin painting in the Concourse Lobby of 75 Rockefeller Plaza in New York, New York in early 2017.

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Iva Gueorguieva artist talk at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

10 September 2016

Iva Gueorguieva in conversation with Dona Nelson at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

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John Sonsini at the Whitney Museum of American ArtHuman Interest: Portraits from the Whitney's Collection

27 April 2016 - 12 February 2017

We are pleased to announce that a work by John Sonsini—Byron & Ramiro, 2008, Acrylic on canvas—is presently installed in Human Interest: Portraits from the Whitney's Collection, on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art through 12 February 2017.

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Patrick Lee at the Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WVThe Herald-Dispatch, Famed California photorealistic artist Patrick Lee doing Gropius workshop, speech at HMA

11 October 2016

As a Hollywood special effects artist, Patrick Lee has worked on such films as "Armageddon" and "Day Before Tomorrow."

But perhaps his greatest illusion is when Lee picks up a graphite pencil and draws a face.

You can see Lee's mind-blowing photo-realistic portraits in the "Deadly Friends" exhibit now up at the Huntington Museum of Art as the internationally known and shown L.A.-based Lee is the Walter Gropius Master Artist in October.

The fortysomething Montana-born, and Minneapolis College of Art & Design educated artist speaks about his work during a free public presentation at 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 13.

Lee will stay up on the hill this weekend to present a three-day workshop at HMA titled "Drawing Realism" from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday through Sunday, Oct. 14-16. Visit or call 304-529-2701 for workshop fee information or to register.

An exhibit of work by Lee continues on view at the Huntington Museum of Art through Dec. 30.

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Franklin Evans at Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MAStark Naked: Uncovering Bodies, Objects, and the Futility of Desire

16 October 2016, 7 - 10pm

Stark Naked: Uncovering Bodies, Objects, and the Futility of Desire
Curated by Robert Moeller
Pop-up exhibit showing 37 artists in 6 curated spaces

With curated spaces by:
J.R. Uretsky
Franklin Evans
Lillian P.H. Kology
Sam Toabe
Gabriel Sosa

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Brian Alfred at EDDYSROOM, Brooklyn, NYRoom With a View

October - November 2016

EDDYSROOM is pleased to announce the opening of its eleventh show: Room With A View. Room With A View is a group show of landscape/nature-themed works. We are excited to include the works of Erik Parker, Hein Koh, Shara Hughes, Cody Hudson, Kevin McNamee-Tweed, Hilary Baldwin, and Brian Alfred in the exhibition.

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders: InterviewSLICE Ann Arbor

4 October 2016

Isca is our seventh subject in a new SLICE Special Guest Series which introduces our readers to extraordinary, creative people ⎯ wherever we may find them.

Isca Greenfield-Sanders is an artist based in New York City. Her large scale mixed media oil paintings are found in the public collections of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum; Brooklyn Museum; Museum of Fine Arts (Houston); Victoria and Albert Museum (London); and Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco. Isca’s solo exhibitions include Haunch of Venison, New York and London; John Berggruen Gallery, San Francisco; Galerie Klüser, Munich; and Baldwin Gallery, Aspen. Her upcoming solo show will be at Ameringer Mcenery Yohe, New York in 2017. Isca has been featured in a wide range of publications, including Artsy, Art in Print, Modern Painters, Huffington Post, Artnet Magazine, ARTnews, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, ARTFORUM, and Time Out New York. She graduated from Brown University with a double major in fine arts and mathematics. In 2001 Isca was a visiting artist at the American Academy in Rome. When she’s not working, you can find her with her husband, the painter Sebastian Blanck, and their two sons. Isca lives and works in New York City’s East Village.

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Hans Hofmann at the Berkeley Art Museum and Film ArchivePush and Pull: Hans Hofmann

21 August - 11 December 2016

Hans Hofmann’s famous phrase “push and pull” is most often associated with his signature works of the 1950s and 1960s, in which bold color planes emerge from and recede into energetic surfaces of intersecting and overlapping shapes. The ideas and impulses behind this enduring term, however, took shape decades earlier, in his teachings, writings, and in his own paintings. In the late 1930s, in a series of widely attended lectures in Greenwich Village, Hofmann demonstrated how to “push a plane in the surface or to pull it from the surface” to create pictorial space. “We must create pictorial space,” he declared to audiences of avid young artists and critics, including Arshile Gorky, Clement Greenberg, and Harold Rosenberg. Hofmann would later refine his definition of push and pull as “expanding and contracting forces...the picture plane reacts automatically in the opposite direction to the stimulus received; thus action continues as long as it receives stimulus in the creative process. Push answers with pull and pull with push.”

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Franklin Evans at Crossroads Art Show, London, Englandreadingroomincolor

6 - 9 October 2016

“readingroomincolor” – a site-specific installation by Franklin Evans

American artist Franklin Evans will present a site-specific installation at CROSSROADS. His work is influenced by the architecture of the space, inspiring the form and space that he, in turn, will present to the viewer to engage with. Evans, who trained as a painter, is interested in materiality and incorporating paintings into an environment. His immersive works are built from amassed art supplies and materials found in his studio space—including artists’ tape adhered to the walls, floor and ceiling, bubble wrap, old newsprint, un-stretched canvases and press releases from gallery exhibitions.

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Bo Bartlett on John Dalton's "gently does it..." podcastBo Bartlett working with the breath of life

28 September 2016

I had a great conversation with American figurative artist Bo Bartlett. Bo’s paintings have a deep emotional and spiritual impact. He’s been painting for the last 40 years and it shows. Bo is highly revered and his work is collected around the world in private collections and museums.  This is a long conversation and as we got deeper into it Bo talked about his experience of life and death and the underlying philosophy of his work and life.



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Guy Yanai in London group showWhat's Up 2.0, curated by Lawrence van Hagen

30 September - 23 October 2016

The breakthrough success of Lawrence van Hagen’s What’s Up, held in London earlier this year, underlined for its young curator the need for more global surveys of emerging and established contemporary artists.

What’s Up 2.0, the second of Lawrence’s ambitious series of shows, opens a week before Frieze Art Fair. With the kind support of House of the Nobleman, Susanne van Hagen, and Amazon property, What’s Up 2.0 will exhibit its dynamic range of artists to collectors from the capital, as well as art aficionados from all over the world.


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Nuno de Campos at the studio of Björn Meyer-EbrechtOpen Space

1 - 2 October 2016

Rachel Beach, Lisa Beck, Nuno De Campos, Stacy Fisher, Rob Fischer, Sophia Flood, Halsey Hathaway, Andrew Prayzner, Oliver Jones, Matthias Neumann, Carolyn Salas, David Schafer, Greg Simsic, Richard Tinkler, Austin Thomas

Curated by Björn Meyer-Ebrecht

Opening Reception: Thursday, 29 September 2016, 7 - 10pm

Open during Bushwick Open Studios 2016:
Saturday / Sunday, 1 - 2 October 2016, 12 - 7pm
and by appointment

Björn Meyer-Ebrecht's Studio
1182 Flushing Avenue, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY 1123

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Amy Bennett at Richard Heller GalleryLos Angeles Times, Review: Are those model buildings or a painting? For artist Amy Bennett, the answer is both

27 September 2016

by Leah Ollman

Amy Bennett makes paintings that call little attention to the elaborate process of their creation, but what may seem like conventional landscapes come with a back story that gives us far more to absorb and ponder than what’s visible on the wall.

For "Small Changes Every Day," her recent series at Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica, Bennett started with an 8-by-8-foot hunk of plastic foam and built a model of an undisturbed patch of verdant terrain. She painted a portrait of the land as seen from above, a handsome Eden dotted with ponds and etched with streams.

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Julio Larraz at Ascaso Gallery, Miami, FLMade in USA

7 October - 30 November 2016

Three currents merge and reconfigure in Julio Larraz’s work—as do the waters of rivers, clouds, and ice he often paints—and these are: still-life turned into theater, theater seizing the moment in rebellion against plot, and character defying its persona. The three currents together articulate this great artist’s enduring primary concern: the representation of mystery escaping resolution to become the hedonist’s enigma, an inexhaustible, celebratory insistence on the imagination’s life in the luminous moment.

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Patrick Lee at the Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WVWalter Gropius Master Artist Series Presents: Patrick Lee

24 September - 30 December 2016

WORKSHOP: 9am to 4pm, 14 Oct. – 16 Oct. 2016
PUBLIC PRESENTATION: Thursday, 13 Oct. 2016, 7pm
EXHIBITION: 24 Sep. – 30 Dec. 2016

"Drawing Realism"

During this workshop, Patrick Lee will share the specific techniques he uses to achieve a photorealistic look in the portraits he creates. He will teach other artists who are looking to accurately capture an individual or an object how to use pencil (graphite). Lee will explain his process, from approaching individuals on the street and photographing them to editing images and choosing what will hopefully be a compelling composition. In addition he will tell the stories behind his drawings in the gallery and help participants focus on how to pick subjects to draw. Drawings will be based on photographs the participants provide and will take shape over the three days of the workshop.

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Vesuvio PlaygroundDNAinfo, Downtown Artist Collaborates With 200 Children For Playground Murals

23 September 2016

by Danielle Tcholakian

SOHO — Vesuvio Playground will double as an art gallery for the month of October, featuring a mural project by downtown-based artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders — and the help of more than 200 local kids.

The installation, entitled "Playground Parachutes," includes four large-scale murals that Greenfield-Sanders gridded into 72 square tiles printed in four basic colors: blue, pink, yellow and black.

Teaching artists at the Children's Music of the Arts (CMA) in Hudson Square took the tiles and helped more than 200 children fill them in with colored pencils, before returning them to Greenfield-Sanders so she could reassemble into four parachute images.

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Amy Bennett at Richard Heller GallerySmall Changes Every Day

10 September - 15 October 2016

Amy Bennett's current exhibition at Richard Heller Gallery, entitled "Small Changes Every Day," is her first solo exhibition in four years. Featuring all new works, Bennett's dreamlike scenes depict a miniaturized world playing at reality.

Bennett designs and paints from miniature 3D models, allowing her total creative control of the scenes she imagines. She is able to manipulate composition, light, and vantage point, often in an attempt to simulate the inadequacies of memory, dreams, and the imagination.

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Wolf Kahn at ACME Fine Art, Boston, MAWolf Kahn: Early Work

30 September - 26 November 2016

ACME Fine Art is proud to announce the gallery’s Fall exhibition: WOLF KAHN: EARLY WORK.  The exhibition will focus on a single decade of Kahn’s early career, the 1960s. This was an important decade in which Kahn’s work garnered the critical acclaim that helped establish his trajectory towards becoming one of America’s favorite contemporary landscape painters. The exhibition will feature fifteen works—fourteen oil paintings and one pastel—that demonstrate Kahn’s artistic arc during this pivotal decade. Many of the canvases have not been exhibited since the year that they were created. The show will open on Friday, 30 September, and run through 26 November, with an opening reception held Friday, 7 October from 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening.

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Amy Bennett at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe and Richard Heller GalleryModern Painters, Amy Bennett Builds a Miniature World

5 September 2016

by Juliet Helmke

If not for rapidly rising Brooklyn rents, Amy Bennett’s last series of paintings might never have come to fruition. “Space- and money-wise, my husband and I felt pushed out,” the artist, who earned her MFA at the New York Academy of Art in 2002, explains. Hunting for a new place to call home, the painter found herself spending hours “just image-searching specific towns and looking down at them in Google maps.” By the time the couple and their young son decided on Cold Spring, in Upstate New York, she “had the impulse to build my own town.” But for Bennett, that meant doing so at 1:500 scale, or what she calls “Monopoly size.”

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Vesuvio PlaygroundPlayground Parachutes

1 October 2016

Green Below 14 and SmartSpaces present Isca Greenfield-Sanders’ Playground Parachutes, in partnership with the Children’s Museum of the Arts (“CMA”) and NYC Parks, opening at 10:30 a.m. on October 1, 2016 at Vesuvio Playground in SoHo (corner of Spring and Thompson Streets).

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Reynolds GalleryBalance Point

9 September - 28 October 2016

The New York-based artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders transforms old slides by scanning and gridding them, and then applying multiple layers of watercolor,
colored pencil, or oil paint. The resulting painting blends photographic and painted elements to reimagine scenes of beach vacations or Nantucket outings. With fuzzy
figures and muddled blues, her painted imagery evokes a nostalgic air that tugs at the viewer’s memory and perception. Balance Point will be Greenfield-Sanders first solo
show at Reynolds Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.

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Bo Bartlett at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheHyperallergic, Between Fantasy and Realism, Bo Bartlett Unmoors His Visions from the Everyday

9 August 2016

On the same block where Bo Bartlett’s first solo exhibition in New York opened 35 years ago, Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe is giving audiences a sneak peek into the much anticipated Bo Bartlett Center, set to open in Columbus, Georgia next fall. Journals, preparatory drawings, and palettes piled high with miniature cliffs of oil paint are just a glimpse of what Bartlett has donated to his center. The mid-career retrospective also features his latest work, along with his cache of props and ephemera, many of which are dutifully rendered in the works themselves. These freshly executed pieces hold fast to Bartlett’s endearing style of Realism with a curious twist. He proudly carries on the American lineage of Winslow Homer, Thomas Eakins, and Norman Rockwell, but there is an oddity about his works that creates psychological pause within the viewer, and sets him apart from the Realist tradition. In response, the term Magic Realism is being revived.

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Bo Bartlett at Ameringer | McEnery |Yohe

31 July 2016

Bo Bartlett at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe by John Thornton

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Bo Bartlett at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheThe Wall Street Journal, Art of Awareness, A Realist Painter And 'Urban Forms'

July 2016

By Peter Plagens

What’s a realist painter to do? The skill of rendering on a flat canvas convincing portrayals of three-dimensional space containing objects and human figures is fairly common, especially in an age when photographic and digital aids are not only readily available, but—at least since the advent of Photorealist painting in the 1960s—immune from accusations of “cheating.” The problem for the hard-core figurative painter is how to stand out from the herd—how to give the viewer something more than the feeling of, “Wow, that looks so real.”

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Yunhee Min artist talk at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

21 June 2016

Yunhee Min in conversation with Thierry de Duve at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

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Hans Hofmann at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheThe New Yorker, Goings On About Town

7 July - 12 August 2016

In 1934, a year after Hitler’s accession to power, the exiled German painter established his Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts, on Fifty-seventh Street. It went on to become the clearinghouse of the first internationally successful generation of American painters. In the five succulent early works here, painted in Provincetown and predating Hofmann’s more familiar paintings of solid blocks of color, you can see him infusing his European inheritance (specifically, the jarring non-local color of Fauvism) with American verve. A studio interior, from 1936, has the bright blues and violets of Matisse, but the orange pigment of a chest of drawers bleeds past its contours, onto the wall and the floor, prefiguring a combustible abstraction of 1944, whose uncontainable splatters offered a new model of creation.

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Guy Yanai at David Achenbach ProjectsTHE TIES THAT BIND

10 September - 2 October 2016

Guy Yanai to be featured in group show, THE TIES THAT BIND, at David Achenbach Projects outside of Düsseldorf, Germany.

Artists list: Georg Baselitz, Sam Francis, Gotthard Graubner, Daniel Heidkamp, Alex Katz, Rosy Keyser, A.R. Penck, Jon Pilkington, Kasper Sonne, Chris Succo, Norbert Tadeusz, Anke Weyer, Guy Yanai

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Hans Hofmann at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheARTnews: 9 Art Events to Attend in NYC This Week

5 July 2016

Opening: Hans Hofmann at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

In a season dominated by group shows, here's a nice solo show of Hans Hofmann's work. Hofmann, the German-born and later New York-based artist, is best known for his abastract paintings that feature layered geometrical forms against non-figurative backgrounds. Having been one of Harold Rosenberg's favorites, he quickly achieved fame and went on to inspire many more. This show should be a nice, light survery of a big-name artist at a time when many other galleries have turned over their spaces to lesser-known artists.

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, 525 West 22nd Street, 6-8 p.m.

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Liat YossiforPáramo Galeria

24 June - 13 August 2016

Páramo is pleased to present “The Stand”; our first exhibition with Liat Yossifor (Israel, 1974). Yossifor’s paintings are lush and highly tactile. Composed by hand and painting knives, each stroke relays a rhythmic action that draws in the viewer to engage and react to every movement. The artist becomes absorbed; she physically responds to the canvas, creating a visceral and intuitive dialogue.

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Markus Linnenbrink paints mural in Miamidesignboom, markus linnenbrink's massive drippy mural wraps miami building façade

19 June 2016

By Nina Azzarello

artist markus linnenbrink has installed a vibrant 40,000 square foot mural across the façade of miami‘s soon-to-be completed SLS brickell hotel and residences. best known for his signature ‘drip painting’ technique, linnenbrink has enlivened downtown’s monochromatic urban area with a colossal, chromatic landscape. commissioned by jorge m. pérez with the goal of giving the district a burst of color, the installation wraps the exterior of the architecture and sees vibrant stripes span from ground floor, to the building’s uppermost levels.

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Bo Bartlett at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheThe Huffington Post, Bo Bartlett: The Intermediary

18 June 2016

By John Seed

In early 1991, art critic Roberta Smith looked over Bo Bartlett’s painting God—a sweeping image of a black man, poised in front of a sweeping coastal horizon, wrapped in a quilt—and came slightly unglued. In her New York Times review of the exhibition she later wrote of the piece: “As consciousness raising, this is fairly simple-minded. As history painting, it’s idiotic.”

In the same column, Smith also dings Bartlett for his “conservative” artistic style (realism), dismissing his paintings as being “more trendy than timeless.” Smith’s comments, which generated a domino effect of subsequent negative reviews—by Peter Schjeldahl, Michael Kimmelman and others—re-shaped the arc of Bartlett’s career.

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Bo Bartlett at Delaware Art MuseumDelaware Art Museum Presents Truth & Vision: 21st Century Realism

22 October 2016 - 22 January 2017

The Delaware Art Museum is pleased to present Truth & Vision: 21st Century Realism. On view October 22, 2016 – January 22, 2017, this exhibition surveys the state of representational painting at the beginning of the 21st century and features approximately 40 works by 20 contemporary realist artists from throughout the United States and Canada.

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Franklin Evans at Cara GalleryRELEVANT NOTES

23 June - 30 July 2016

New York - Cara Gallery is pleased to present Relevant Notes, a collective exhibition that presents a dialogue between the work of 11 artists to explore the boundaries of disciplines among installation art, land art and architecture. Exhibiting in a wide variety of medias including installation, drawing, photography, painting and sculpture – each created over the past five decades - act as relevant notes to the testimony of the artists’ interpretation of the concept of human intervention. Studying their sustainability in the natural environment, these artists take the location and materials of their work into careful consideration using cultural, political and environmental histories to create art as a catalyst for change.

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Bo Bartlett at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheAmerican Art Collector, Encounters with the Great Mystery

By John O’Hern

Andrew Wyeth wrote, “Art to me, is seeing. I think you have got to use your eyes, as well as your emotion, and one without the other just doesn’t work. That’s my art.” Writing about Wyeth just after his death, Bo Bartlett called his friend “…a Zen master. He was a contemplative. Regarding the patience it takes to discover a painting, he would sit for hours looking; he said, ‘If you sit long enough, the life will appear.” He has called Wyeth’s ability to see “a lost art. We’re scared of seeing. If we were to see the mystery of what all this is…it’s very overwhelming for our little brain.” He suggests that if we could slow down, and look, “we could, perhaps, if we’re lucky, tap into the great mystery.”


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Julio Larraz at Contini Galleria d'ArteOmaggio a an Homage

18 June - 23 October 2016

An exhibition, Omaggio a an Homage, of works by Julio Larraz at Contini Galleria d'Arte in Venice, Italy is on view from 18 June - 23 October 2016.

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Brian Alfred on Japan's Genbi ShinkansenBLOUIN ARTINFO, Inside the World's Fastest Art Gallery in a Bullet Train

30 May 2016

By Low Lai Chow

Now this is art that truly takes you places. Touted as "the world’s fastest art experience," the high-speed Genbi Shinkansen opened last month on the Jōetsu Shinkansen railway line.

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Bo Bartlett paints portrait of former U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo UrbinaLedger-Enquirer, Bo Bartlett portrait of federal judge unveiled in Washington, D.C.

3 June 2016

By Chuck Williams

A portrait of a federal judge that Columbus artist Bo Bartlett worked on for almost two years was unveiled Thursday night in a Washington courtroom.

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Rod Penner at Musee d'IxellesPHOTOREALISM. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting

30 June - 25 September 2016

Following the success of the 2014 exhibition dedicated to the American hyperrealist sculptor Duane Hanson, the Museum of Ixelles presents PHOTOREALISM. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting. This exhibition highlights the generation of hyperrealist painters after the Second World War. In the aftermath of Pop Art, the hyperrealists portrayed and criticized the American consumer society in a fascinating semi-photographic style.

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Markus Linnenbrink paints mural in MiamiCBS Miami, Major Mural Adds Pop Of Color To Brickell

26 May 2016

By Vanessa Borge

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It’s about a bold burst of color in Brickell!

World famous artist Markus Linnenbrink is working on his largest mural ever in Brickell’s South Miami Avenue.

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Southampton Arts CenterWATER | BODIES

24 June - 31 July 2016

Presented by the New York Academy of Art, “WATER|BODIES” is co-curated by artist Eric Fischl and Academy President David Kratz. Generously sponsored by Cadogan Tate, “WATER|BODIES” presents paintings, photographs and sculptures by established and emerging artists with connections to both the East End and the New York Academy of Art. Life on the South Fork of Long Island is based on and intrinsically connected to the water, and this show explores water, bodies and the inevitable meeting of the two. The works in this exhibition depict the sea, the shore, the pool, sunbathers and the nude as a lively and expressive genre that interweaves themes of natural beauty and the nature of pleasure.

Over 30 artists are featured in the show, with works from newly minted Academy MFAs hanging alongside pieces by artists such as Ross Bleckner, Patrick Demarchelier, Eric Fischl, Ralph Gibson, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, April Gornik, Michael Halsband, Enoc Perez, and David Salle.

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Yunhee Min at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheCURATOR, Interview: Yunhee Min

May 2016

By Dan Golden

Yunhee Min is an artist based in Los Angeles. She is interested in painting as foremost a studio practice, where hands-on engagement with the material and the activity of making take priority. Although she has explored the cultural, social, and historical dimensions of signification of color in her previous work, she is currently interested in the potentialities of color as pure sensation.

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Liat Yossifor, release of artist's first monographDoppelHouse Press

May 2016

Movements: Liat Yossifor

Liat Yossifor’s first artist monograph focuses on a series of ever-evolving grey paintings she produced from 2011-2016. Employing a time-based process to create these works, she continuously scrapes, sculpts, and re-works the paint until it hardens on the surface. Of the works here, Yossifor has said, “The grey is so much more for me. The grey is the result of color being consumed, of constant editing. The grey is the result of a thousand paintings that got destroyed in the process of making a single one.” Yossifor was recently profiled by Modern Painters as an artist to watch for 2016 and this year has exhibitions in New York; Frankfurt, Germany; Guadalajara and Chicago. The book includes essays by Karen Lang, Christopher Michno, Stella Rollig and Ed Schad and was designed by award-winning Vienna-based graphic artist Peter Duniecki.

Limited edition.

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Yunhee Min at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheArtsy, Master Colorist Yunhee Min Brings her “Movements” to Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

25 May 2016

By Bridget Gleeson

Yunhee Min is a master colorist whose signature works—often featuring geometric color blocks in rainbow hues—have graced museums and galleries across the country. Her latest paintings continue that exploration of color, this time for a solo show at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, the New York gallery now representing the Korean-born artist.

Min refers to these new paintings as “movements.” Musical terminology is certainly appropriate, since her works are ethereal and fluid, even rhythmic, like variations on a theme.

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Eric Green at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheHi-Fructose: Eric Green's Colored Pencil Interiors Illustrate the Passage of Time

By Caro

Eric Green’s meticulously detailed drawings replicate life beautifully- but there is something off about them. “When you really begin to understand life, everything changes completely all the time. Nothing is ever the same again,” he says. Working primarily in colored pencil, Green draws images that are meant to change our perceptions by illustrating the subtleties between moments as light changes and objects are mysteriously moved by unseen occupants.

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Liat Yossifor in fabrikfabrik, Contemporary Art & Design//Issue 31; Fresh Faces in Art: Artists You Should Know

Liat Yossifor’s abstract paintings are artifacts of pre-determined and timed performative actions where the bodily action, following the internal logic of a figurative base, allow her to transform the surface via the palette knife, to a record of reworked movement and time. Shades of gray (a little sexual, yes) with small hints of colors, concentrate the attention of the viewer onto the folds and smears of the lush materiality of the paint, drawing our attention to the shifting surfaces, with a surprisingly vibrant near-monochrome. They act as a form of memory storage for the here and now, tracking the allotted time and focused attention, her identity contained in the struggle between meaning, aesthetics and the personal.

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Eric Green at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheThe Creators Project: These Gorgeous Colored Pencil Drawings Will Make You Question Reality

13 May 2016

It's not impossible to master space and time, apparently. If you're artist Eric Green, all you need is some graphite and a nice set of colored pencils. Green's stunning Time Diptych and Mirrored Room series, on display at AMERINGER | McENERY | YOHE Gallery through May 21, distort the rooms in his house in a scrupilous interrigation of his own reality.

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Hans Hofmann in Traveling Exhibition

In cooperation with the University of California Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Kunsthalle Bielefeld will present the exhibition Creation in Form and Color, dealing with the work of the German-born painter, Hans Hofmann. The exhibition opens at Kunsthalle Bielefeld on 5 Novemer 2016 and remains on view through 26 February 2017. It will travel to the Musee National d'histoire et d'art - Luxembourg and be on view from 28 September 2017 through 14 January 2018. A third venue for the exhibition will be announced. 

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Guy Yanai at Praz DelavalladeCause the Grass Don't Grow and The Sky Ain't Blue

7 July - 10 September 2016

Curated by Clemence Duchon & Flavie Loizon

Artists list : Mustafah Abdulaziz, Pierre Ardouvin, Tauba Auerbach, Rana Begum, Mohamed Bourouissa, Kadar Brock, Micky Clément, Petra Collins, Gregory Crewdson, Yanis Dadoum, Sam Durant, Antoine Espinasseau, Matias Faldbakken, Harry Gruyaert, Nils Guadagnin, Ren Hang, Laurent Kronental, Ulrich Lebeuf, Thomas Lélu, Thomas Mailaender, Ari Mar- copoulos, John Miller, Robert Montgomery, François Morellet, Julien Nédélec, Amanda Ross-Ho, Viviane Sassen, Taryn Simon, Tony Stamolis, Thomas Struth, Mika Tajima, Juergen Teller, Ed Templeton, Joep van Lieshout, Thomas Vergne, Adrien Vescovi, Johannes Wohnseifer, Guy Yanai

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Brian Alfred on Japan's Genbi ShinkansenHYPERALLERGIC, In France and Japan, Trains Now Bring the Art to You

11 May 2016

By Claire Voon

Japan’s major passenger railway company JR East has just launched what officials call “the world’s fastest art experience” with a traveling art gallery aboard one of its bullet trains, or shinkansen. Zipping at speeds up to 200 miles per hour, a train named “Genbi Shinkansen” on the Jōetsu Shinkansen line now holds a group exhibition of contemporary works by six Japanese artists, the Japanese collective Paramodel, and New York-based artist Brian Alfred.

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John Sonsini on Telemundo 52

May 2016

Click on "Read More" to view John Sonsini interviewed on Telemundo 52

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Eric Green at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheSame Old Art; Eric Green: Mirrors, Windows and Doubles

2 May 2016

Eric Green’s current exhibition at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe consists of six works all of which are colored pencil drawings on board. The most striking moments occur in the mirrored works: each panel contains two identical renditions of the same space with the upper half (the first drawing) in an upright orientation while the lower part (second drawing) is rotated by 180 degrees to form a mirrored counterpart to the upper half. 

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Eric Green at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheThe Paris Review: Time Diptychs, Mirrored Rooms

25 April 2016

By Dan Piepenbring

Eric Green has a new exhibition at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe through May 21. Green’s two series, Time Diptych and Mirrored Room, use graphite grisaille layered with colored pencil and varnish to depict the almost imperceptible passage of time in various rooms in his home in Maine. “It is the amalgamation or comparison of the two images that creates the specific emotion, not each individual panel,” he wrote. “Gauging and balancing this convergence is everything.”

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Franklin Evans at 101/EXHIBIT, Los AngelesArtsy, In L.A., Four New York Artists Take Control of Their Own Group Show

29 April 2016

By Bridget Gleeson

Compared to solo exhibitions, group shows can seem unfocused—the artists arbitrarily arranged, their works adhering, however loosely, to a central theme. Not so with “Dynamic Pictorial Models,” at 101/Exhibit in Los Angeles. The show, featuring pieces by four artists, was specifically and intentionally planned down to the last detail.

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Guy Yanai at Galerie DerouillonBisou Magique, curated by Yundler Brondino Verlag

19 May - 25 June 2016

Guy Yanai featured in a group show, Bisou Magique, at Galerie Derouillon and curated by Yundler Brondino Verlag, Guy Yanai and Aurore Chauve's publishing house.

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Esteban Vicente at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheArt & Antiques, Color Visions

May 2016

The Spanish-born artist Esteban Vicente, whose career spanned eight decades, seemingly did it all. Arriving in the U.S. in 1936, the artist was part of the first generation of the New York School Abstract Expressionists, held a teaching gig at Black Mountain College, and counted Willem de Kooning as a floor mate at his Tenth Street studio space.

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Nuno de Campos at the Museum of Goa, IndiaHeraldo, The Voice of Goa since 1900, Portraits of Goan Writings


By Patricia Ann Alvares

New York-based Portuguese artist Nuno de Campos created a series of portraits based on short stories and novels originating in Goa. This graphite on paper, titled, ‘Goans,’ currently on exhibit at MOG, represents one or more characters from each story. He recounts his fascinating discoveries to Café. 

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Guy Yanai at Rod Barton, BrusselsFox Hill Road

19 April - 28 May 2016

A solo exhibition, Fox Hill Road, of recent works by Guy Yanai will open at Rod Barton, Brussels on 19 April and be on view through 28 May 2016.

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David Allan Peters at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheArtsy, Carved, California-Inspired Neon Psychedelia from David Allan Peters

1 April 2016

David Allan Peters’ hallucinogenic paintings have a vibrant quality that is distinctly Californian. Inspired by the natural beauty of his West Coast home, the Cupertino native renders the area’s flora and neon haze into radiant, fractal-like patterns. At first, his midsized paintings on wood panels might appear to be composed of simple brushstrokes, but the reality of Peters’ process is much more complex.

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Yunhee Min at Equitable Life Building, Los Angeles, CAARTFORUM Review

March 2016

By Alexander Keefe

One’s initial impression of Yunhee Min’s new work, an intervention of poured paint and fluorescent light onto two long, normally transparent vitrines installed in the lobby of the Equitable Life Building—an iconic if somewhat long-in-the-tooth skyscraper in Koreatown—depended a great deal on how (or when) one first came across it. If the lights happened to be switched off (as they were at regularly timed intervals), Luminaire Delirium (Equitable Life or soft machine), 2015, displayed a milky, matte opacity, obstructing or deflecting one’s view of the vitrines’ interiors with turbulent, tainted whites, shadowed by hints of darker, more vivid colors swimming just behind. But if the cases’ hidden fluorescent tubes were set aglow, those same soured, opaque whites blazed into translucency, revealing brilliant layers of liquid color, and transforming this patch of corporate interior into a minor phantasmagoria of stained glass: Viscous, chemical yellows bled into inky blue-blacks and absinthe green; shades of red suggested a continuum between maraschino syrup and stage blood.

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Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin at Delaware Art MuseumTruth & Vision: 21st Century Realism

22 October 2016 - 22 January 2017

Inspired by Robert C. Jackson’s 2014 publication, Behind the Easel: The Unique Voices of 20 Contemporary Representational Painters, this exhibition surveys the state of realistic painting at the start of the 21st century. Indicative of this moment are two trends in representational painting–the depiction of the natural world and the creation of fantastic imaginings. Featuring artists from throughout the United States and Canada, including Steven Assael, Bo Bartlett, Debra Bermingham, Margaret Bowland, Paul Fenniak, Scott Fraser, Woody Gwyn, F. Scott Hess, Laurie Hogin, Robert C. Jackson, Alan Magee, Janet Monafo, John Moore, Charles Pfahl, Scott Prior, Stone Roberts, Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin, Daniel Sprick, Will Wilson, and Jerome Witkin, Truth & Vision: 21st Century Realism reveals the contemporary developments in a mode of painting historically tied to the greater Brandywine Valley.

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Franklin Evans at 101/EXHIBITDynamic Pictorial Models

12 March - 7 May 2016

101/EXHIBIT proudly presents Dynamic Pictorial Models, an exhibition featuring gallery artist Pedro Barbeito in collaboration with artists Lydia Dona, Fabian Marcaccio, and Franklin Evans. The opening will be held from 6-9pm on Saturday, March 12th at 8920 Melrose Ave, located on the corner of North Almont Drive, one block south of Santa Monica Blvd. A full-color catalog with essay entitled “New Models, Strange Tools” by New York-based poet and art critic Raphael Rubinstein will accompany the exhibition.

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Rod Penner at George Adams GalleryDiffering Views: Rackstraw Downes, Richard Estes, Yvonne Jacquette, Andrew Lenaghan and Rod Penner

1 March - 30 April 2016

During March and April the George Adams Gallery will present “Differing Views,” a group exhibition featuring the work of five notable realist painters: Rackstraw Downes, Richard Estes, Yvonne Jacquette, Andrew Lenaghan, and Rod Penner. Each artist will be represented by multiple paintings including a new series of tondos by Lenaghan and four pastels by Jacquette.

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Guy Yanai at Brand New Gallery, Milan, ItalyIMAGINE

2 March - 2 April 2016

Guy Yanai to participate in a group exhibition, IMAGINE, at Brand New Gallery in Milan, Italy from 2 March - 2 April 2016.

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Julio Larraz in ARTE FUSEFreedom and Ambiguity: An Interview with Julio Larraz

21 February 2016

By Graham McLean

With an ease and precision that comes only from a lifelong dedication to one’s craft, it is no wonder why so many consider Cuban born artist Julio Larraz to be one of the most important Latin American artists working today. Larraz creates monumental works of art that are majestic and refined, but still somehow accessible. His works, though painted naturalistically, are often highly imaginative, and this duality is what draws the viewer in.

Larraz has had an impressive career dating back to the 1960s when he drew political caricatures for the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Vogue Magazine, and other publications. He is the recipient of an award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and his work can be found in museums, galleries, and private collections all across the globe. I had the great honor of speaking with Larraz about his work and what he thinks his art means.

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Liat Yossifor at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheThe Huffington Post, Artist Interview: Liat Yossifor

19 February 2016

Liat Yossifor is presenting a solo exhibition from February 11 to March 12 at Ameringer McEnery Yohe Gallery. Liat Yossifor's calm yet dynamic grey works convey the very language of painting through every decision, hesitation and fearless swipe, scrape or whisper-soft marking.

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Rod Penner at Kumu Art MuseumPhotorealism. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting

18 March - 12 June 2016

Rod Penner's paintings to be featured in "Photorealism. 50 Years of Hyperrealistic Painting" at the Kumu Art Museum in Estonia.

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John Sonsini at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheThe Huffington Post, Arts & Culture, Artist Pays Latino Day Workers Hourly Wage To Sit For A Portrait

11 February 2016

By Priscilla Frank

When John Sonsini began painting Latino day laborers in Los Angeles, California, around 2001, his intentions weren't quite political. They were practical. The subjects were available and abundant.

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John Sonsini at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheOBSERVER, 12 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before February 12

8 February 2016

By Paul Laster

Opening: “John Sonsini” at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

A Los Angeles-based artist best known for his portraits of Latino day laborers, John Sonsini adds a conceptual twist to his portraiture by paying his subjects their normal hourly working wages to sit as his painting models. Working with rough, lively brushstrokes, the artist renders the faces and figures of men seeking daily employment on the streets of L.A., while also capturing the realistic likeness and realities of immigrants in work clothes and cowboy hats that are burdened with all of their belongings in bags. New to his compelling oeuvre is a group of still lifes, which focus on tender and heart-wrenching details of these men’s difficult lives.

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, 525 West 22 Street, New York, 6-8 p.m.

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Iva Gueorguieva at Fredric SnitzerNew Work : Painting and Sculpture

5 February - 14 March 2016

A solo exhibition featuring new paintings and sculptures by Iva Gueorguieva opens 5 February 2016 and is on view through 14 March 2016. The opening reception is 5 February 2016 from 7:30 - 9 pm.

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Brian Alfred at Denver Art MuseumAudacious: Contemporary Artists Speak Out

21 February 2016 - February 2017

Brian Alfred's City Sunrise, 2004, will be on exhibition in the Denver Art Museum's reinstallation of the Modern & Contemporary galleries. Audacious: Contemporary Artists Speak Out officially opens to the public February 21, 2016 and will be on view through February 2017.

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Isca Greenfield-Sanders at Wetterling GalleryAll Roads in My Mind

19 February - 2 April 2016

Isca Greenfield-Sanders has with her oil paintings spellbound a large audience in the US. Her paintings in the exhibition All Roads in My Mind depict scenes that most of us are familiar with: a boat trip or a summer day on the beach, and you can almost feel the wind in your hair, touch the sand and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Isca Greenfield-Sanders utilizes private photo slides found on eBay and from the chosen photographs she arranges parts and details into her work. The people she portraits are anonymous to her but also to the viewer by the way they are depicted, often from a distance and without any distinct characters. Her use of color and at times abstract fields in her paintings bring to mind painters like Claude Monet, Winslow Homer as well as the Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Hill.

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Stephen Dean at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheArtnet, David Ebony's Top 10 New York Gallery Shows This Winter

29 January 2016

7. Stephen Dean at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, through February 6.

Labor intensive doesn't begin to describe the technique New York-based artist Stephen Dean uses to create the large-scale “Crossword" watercolor compositions featured in this exhibition of recent works. Each square of the hundreds of crossword puzzles from newspapers and magazines, mounted on archival Tycore, is tinted with a drop of watercolor, estimated at 100,000 drops per panel. The process of creating these works must be as rigorous and contemplative as the resulting images, which are at once visually arresting and psychically soothing. The fluid color counters the rigid geometric patterns of the crossword sections in each work, instigating a luminous, pulsating surface. The overall feeling must certainly correspond to that of finishing a particularly complex puzzle.

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Stephen Dean at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheArtsy, Stephen Dean Talks Watercolor-as-Microbe and 17th-Century Abstract Stained Glass

28 January 2016


As Stephen Dean was on his way back to the studio after a quick stop at the Outsider Art Fair last week, Artsy caught up with the artist to hear about his current show at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe—comprised of a series of huge crossword puzzles, dotted meticulously with color. These works are counterposed to a set of smaller drawings on Chinese calligraphy paper, where glass-head pins punctuate evenly spaced intersections. In his sculptures, videos, and works on paper, Dean often approaches color with a scientific perspective. But what’s clear from our conversation is that the psychological and spiritual histories of color weigh equally in his mind as he works. Using the tools of the laboratory and drawing inspiration from the microscopic to the prehistoric, Dean’s work celebrates the relationship between saturated color, transparency, and light.

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Tam Van Tran at MCA Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara Independent, 'Aikido Dream' Emphasizes Intuition, Process

21 January 2016

In Aikido Dream, his new solo exhibition at MCA Santa Barbara, the Los Angeles–based artist Tam Van Tran slips sideways through the gaps separating painting, drawing, and sculpture, using multiple procedures and unusual materials (chlorophyll and spirulina but also Wite-Out and staples) to create densely layered objects, some of them quite beautiful.

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Yunhee Min at Equitable Life Building, Los Angeles, CA

16 December - 26 February 2016

Opening Reception: Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Equitable Vitrines is pleased to announce a new exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Yunhee Min in its namesake headquarters, two vitrines in the lobby of Koreatown’s Equitable Life Building.

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Nuno de Campos at the Museum of Goa, IndiaMorphology of Archive

12 February - 2 May 2016

Nuno de Campos to exhibit drawings at the Museum of Goa, India, 12 February - 2 May 2016.

Morphology of Archive, an international exhibition featuring the work of thirty three artists curated by Sabitha TP and Lina Vincent, is conceptualised around connected migrant histories of Goa. Goa’s position as a significant port of trade and travel creates a unique cosmopolitan archive from which the various agents of history emerge. Goa has been an active site of trade and conquest from the 350 years of medieval Kadamba rule to the more recent 450 years under the Portuguese, profoundly shaping its architecture, music, cuisine, customs, and morphing identities. It is this deep cosmopolitanism in the internal and external landscape of Goa that this exhibition reflects. Morphology of Archive is a multimedia artistic engagement with the archive of transoceanic associations with Goa, its memories of other places, other peoples, other visual and tactile cultures that have all gone into the making of its diverse identity.

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Guy Yanai at Appartement, Paris, FranceGuy Yanai and Kaye Donachie

15 January - 30 January 2016

Guy Yanai to partipate in a duo show with Kaye Donachie at Appartement in Paris, France on view from 15 January - 30 January 2016.

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Guy Yanai at Haifa Museum of Art, IsraelOrdinary Things

12 December 2015 - 4 May 2016

Guy Yanai's solo exhibition, Ordinary Things, at Haifa Museum of Art in Israel on view from 12 December 2015 - 4 May 2016.

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Wolf Kahn and Guy Yanai, Is Landscape Painting Still Relevant?Rhino Horn Artists

2 December 2015

In a recent review of Maureen Gallace’s current exhibition at 303 Gallery by Barry Schwabsky, the subject of whether painting a landscape is relevant in today’s era was brought up. Gallace’s landscapes are certainly an example of how a landscape can be far more than just an aesthetic rendering of a natural scene. They present moments in time that exhibit specific natural and subconscious occurrences. In a way, her handling of light and movement of natural elements makes her a contemporary Impressionist painter.

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Franklin Evans at P3Studio, The Cosmopolitan of Las VegasShelf Life

9 December 2015 - 3 January 2016

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, in partnership with Art Production Fund, is pleased to announce P3Studio artists-in-residence Kate Gilmore and Franklin Evans. Through their interactive project, “Shelf Life,” Gilmore and Evans will use the activity of shared art making to explore Las Vegas. By juxtaposing the absurd with the logical, the project’s collection of curated and transformed material objects will reflect the principles that underlie the artists’ broader portfolios.

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Liat Yossifor at the Margulies Collection at the WarehouseNew Works

28 October 2015 - 30 April 2016

Liat Yossifor's Movement (Tall Figure with Blue Edges) is included in a group exhibition, New Works, at the Margulies Collection at the Warehouse on view from 28 October 2015 through 30 April 2016.

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Guy Yanai, Artnet: The 50 Most Exciting Artists in Europe Today: Part Two

25 November 2015

By Amah-Rose Abrams

It has been an exciting year for contemporary art, with a young generation of artists pushing the boundaries both in terms of materials and subject matters. But with so much going on it's easy to miss out. In an effort to capture the moment, we at artnet News have put together a directory of the most exciting artists showing, living, and working in Europe at the moment. Here's Part Two of our list, continuing yesterday's Part One.

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Radiant Skies and Golden Meadows Inspire Luminous New Works by Celebrated Painter Wolf KahnArtsy

23 November 2015

Octogenarian painter Wolf Kahn—who was among the second generation of the New York School artists—continues to paint every day. Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe celebrates his recent work with a solo exhibition, featuring the luminous scenes of barns, rivers, meadows, and wooded New England landscapes for which the much-lauded artist is known.

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Todd Hebert at Tiger Strikes Asteroid's Artist-Run at The Satellite Show MiamiART IN AMERICA, Artists working in 50 states + Puerto Rico

1- 6 December 2015

Artists working in 50 states + Puerto Rico
Curated by Julie Torres
Featured in Tiger Strikes Asteroid’s Artist-Run at The Satellite Show Miami
December 1-6, 2015


Todd Hebert
Hoop with Iceberg, 2014
Acrylic and pastel on paper
10 x 7 inches

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Tam Van Tran at Museum of Contemporary Art Santa BarbaraAikido Dream

Artist talk: Tam Van Tran and Michael DeLucia, 14 November 2015

Please join us for the opening reception of Los Angeles-based media artist Tam Van Tran's solo exhibition, Aikido Dream. There will be an artist talk with Tam Van Tran and Michael DeLucia on Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 6 pm.

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running through 22 December 2015

Stephen Dean in ARQUITECTURAS Y ESPACIOS EN LA COLECCIÓN RAC at the Centro Cibeles in Madrid which runs through 22 December 2015.

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Guy Yanai in Boat MagazineGuy Yanai’s Sad Things in Happy Colors

Interview by Erin Spens

Guy Yanai is an Israeli painter living and working in Tel Aviv. His work often depicts everyday objects and places using vibrant colors and simple shapes. Like snapshots of memories, the paintings feel familiar and yet detached from reality, bridging a wonderful divide between then and now.

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Julio Larraz at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheCuban Art News, Julio Larraz: "This is the golden time for Cuban art"

10 November 2015

The artist on daydreams, storytelling, and his "pretexts to paint"

On the eve of his recent gallery opening in Chelsea, Julio Larraz met with Cuban Art News publisher Howard Farber for a second, wide-ranging conversation following their earlier interview. On the agenda: art, collecting, sources of inspiration, and the “imaginative, powerful, awe-inspiring” work of contemporary Cuban artists. 

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Julio Larraz at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheCRAVE, Exhibit | Julio Larraz: Epic Daydreams

10 November 2015

Simple reality seamlessly blends with beautiful imagination.

Julio Larraz describes the vivid images that he paints as visions that come to him as dreams he sees during the day. These images may come on and off over the years, though some, Larraz reveals, “are recent ones, other are long-time friends. There is a mixture of it. I don’t like to do theme works. I prefer to take something and see it from fresh eyes, rather than see it forever.”

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Guy Yanai at Rod Barton Gallery, Londonfeaturing furniture by Rafe Mullarkey

13 November - 12 December 2015

Guy Yanai at Rod Barton Gallery in London featuring furniture by Rafe Mullarkey from 13 November - 12 December 2015.

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Guy Yanai at the launch of Rod Barton Gallery, Brussels

19 November 2015, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Works on display by:

Lauren Elder
Chris Hood
Bas van den Hurk
Guy Yanai

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Tam Van Tran at Museum of Contemporary Art Santa BarbaraMuseum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara Announces Winter Exhibitions

22 October 2015

Beginning in November, 2015, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara (MCASB) presents a solo exhibition of Los Angeles-based mixed media artist Tam Van Tran.

The latest iteration of Bloom Projects, which will go on view the same day, debuts a newly commissioned site-specific installation by Brooklyn-based artist Michael DeLucia, whose work addresses the condition of sculpture and spatial relationships in the technological age.

An opening reception for both exhibits will be held from 6–8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015. They will be on view from Nov. 15, 2015 to Feb. 21, 2016.

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David Allan Peters at Royale Projects Contemporary Art, Los AngelesLos Angeles Times, Artist David Allan Peters brings order to the abstract

23 October 2015

You could say that L.A. artist David Allan Peters has an affinity for rules — though it's hardly apparent when first viewing his work.

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Monique van Genderen at Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman UniversityStray Edge

28 September - 6 November 2015

Monique van Genderen to partipate in four artist show, Stray Edge, at Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman University.

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Monique van Genderen organized an Artist Talk by Shila Khatami at UC San DiegoExperimental Drawing Studio

29 October 2015, 6 - 7 PM

Shila Khatami (b. 1976) is a visual artist who studied at the Fine Arts Akademie of Munchen and the Fine Arts Akademie of Dusseldorf, where she graduated in 2004.

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Julio Larraz at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheNewsweek, Cuban-Born Artist Julio Larraz Opens Solo Show at Chelsea Gallery

17 October 2015

Smartly dressed gallerygoers spilled out of brightly lit spaces all in a row Thursday, on what seemed like an evening of openings. Past a whiff of wine from the makeshift bar flanking the entrance to Ameringer McEnery Yohe, a loud din filled the warm room, ceasing for a moment only when a glass shattered on the floor. The lively reception celebrated the opening of Julio Larraz’s first solo show with the gallery since he joined in 2014.

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Julio Larraz at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheHuffington Post, Julio Larraz: Creator of Dreams

15 October 2015

Julio Larraz may not have started an actual salmon club like his mother suggested, but he did become and continues to be an essential and illustrious figure in the art world. The work of Larraz belongs in no recognized genre. His paintings, all saturated with striking colors and sharp light reveal a world of metaphor and pre-meditated dreams inspired by Julio's past, present days and his small, poetic daily observations.

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Julio Larraz at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheCuban Art News, In Conversation: Julio Larraz

15 October 2015

Preparing for his new solo show in New York, the artist talked withCuban Art News publisher Howard Farber.

Tonight, Julio Larraz opens his first solo exhibition at the Chelsea gallery Ameringer McEnery Yohe. In a conversation with Cuban Art News publisher Howard Farber, he spoke about his art, his influences, and what he’d like viewers to take away from their encounter with his images.

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Julio Larraz at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheCuban Art News, Cuba in Chelsea: A Guide for October, This month, an unprecedented number of New York gallery shows spotlight Cuban artists

6 October 2015

In diplomatic circles, the thaw in Cuba-U.S. relations may be happening mostly behind the scenes. But the same cannot be said for the art world. The past few months have seen several major gallery shows of contemporary Cuban and Cuban-American artists—and nowhere more than New York City, where no fewer than seven solo and group shows will be on view this month. Here’s a quick guide to where to find Cuban contemporary art in Chelsea in October.

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LOS ANGELES TIMES, Tam Van Tran at Craft & Folk Art MuseumTo celebrate 50th anniversary of Craft & Folk Art Museum, cutting-edge artistry on display in 'Paperworks'

9 October 2015

The jungle is a magical one, dense with dangling vines and voluminous blossoms awash in green and gold glitter. The foliage sways in the breeze, casting glimmering shadows that dance on a nearby wall to the chorus of crickets chirping, leaves rustling and crows cawing.

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Guy Yanai at Galerie Torri, Paris, FranceA House Without Rooms

22 October - 21 November 2015

A group exhibition, A House Without Rooms, organized by Guy Yanai at Galerie Torri, Paris, France is on view from 22 October to 21 November 2015. Other artists participating in the show are Linus Bill & Adrien Horni, Luc Fuller, Alex Katz, Ridley Howard, and Alistair Frost.

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Stephen Dean at Danese CoreyThe Museum Imagined, curated by Lilly Wei

15 October - 14 November 2015

Stephen Dean to participate in a group exhibition, The Museum Imagined, curated by Lilly Wei at Danese Corey, New York, NY.

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Tam Van Tran at Craft & Folk Art MuseumPaperworks

27 September 2015 - 3 January 2016

LOS ANGELES — The Craft & Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) presents Paperworks, an exhibition that examines the range of work by fifteen contemporary artists with strong ties to Los Angeles who use paper as their primary medium. Their art comprises two- dimensional cut-outs and collages; free-standing sculptures; and large-scale installations that engage the architecture of the museum’s gallery space. Many of the works are created newly for this presentation. Paperworks, organized for the Craft & Folk Art Museum by independent curator Howard N. Fox, is on view from September 27, 2015 through January 3, 2016. An illustrated catalogue including texts on each artist will accompany the exhibition.

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Liat Yossifor at The Contemporary Art Museum St. LouisThe Visual Art Quarterly of St. Louis, Review, Liat Yossifor: Pre-Verbal Painting

3 July - 16 August 2015

Liat Yossifor: Pre-Verbal Painting at the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM) highlighted new work by the Israeli-born and now California based artist. Ranging from almost pocket-sized painting to the attention demanding large-scale, 60 x 62 inch canvases, Yossifor’s abstract, gestural paintings show thickly applied paint, worked across the canvas in sometimes long, sometimes short strokes. The six canvases that make up Pre-Verbal Painting share a monochromatic color palette, mostly consisting of a light gray, almost white, with hints of blues, yellows, reds, or greens showing through.

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Franklin Evans at Prosjektrom Normannsspreadsheetspace

25 September - 9 October 2015

Spreadsheetspace is a new installation by Franklin Evans using the grid and organizational format of the Excel spreadsheet to construct a three-dimensional painting space. The installation shows the how and what of painting, memory, and the construction and navigation of studio practice and the art world. Digital prints, paint, process notes, residual painter’s tape, and images combine to suggest both the interior of three-dimensional painting and the brain of an artist organizing information. The images and information include: (i) the artist’s Haugan family from Morgedal, Norway whose great-grandfather (Olaf Haugan, the ski jump world record holder, 1879) immigrated to the United States, (ii) contemporary art and art history, (iii) art world logistics, and (iv) the process logistics for spreadsheetspace.

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Michael Reafsnyder at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheOut There, Michael Reafsnyder's Very Own Abstract Expressionism

22 September 2015

Paraphrasing Dave Hickey, who wrote a great essay that accompanies Michael Reafsnyder's latest catalog for his solo show at Ameringer, McEnery and Yohe, Michael is considered a radical, not so much because of how we look at his paintings, but more because he is concerned with how we look at paintings in general. He is a radical who for many years has revived Abstract Expressionism painterly traditions, in his own way.

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Iva Gueorguieva at ACME.Los Angeles Times, Iva Gueorguieva's paintings exude simultaneity and sensuality at ACME.

23 September 2015

Iva Gueorguieva's paintings are tighter than ever -- and just as loose as they have always been.

Gueorguieva collages, dyes, draws and paints fervently across every inch of each canvas or cardboard surface, playing every instrument in the orchestra and acting as the conductor as well. Her new work at ACME is riveting.

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Stephen Dean at Grand Rapids Art MuseumNature/Nurture

17 September - 11 October 2015

ArtPrize Seven at GRAM will bring another thematic exhibition of work by artists from across the globe to West Michigan. This exhibition will address this theme in its broadest sense, serving as a framework for exhibiting and interpreting a wide range of different works of art. Nature/Nurture will explore the circumstances of every-day life and the complex character of identity. Are we a product of our DNA or of our environment? The classic construct of nature versus nurture as debated by philosophers and scientists will be only one dimension of this multi-faceted exhibition. Nature/Nurture will also investigate the numerous ways in which artists address the themes of nature and nurture separate from one another.

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Markus Linnenbrink at Wasserman Projects

25 September 2015

Detroit, MI-- Wasserman Projects, an independent, interdisciplinary arts space, will open its doors on September 25th, during Detroit Design Festival. Located in the historic Eastern Market, the new space will launch with two exhibitions featuring large-scale interactive installations by Markus Linnenbrink / Nick Gelpi and Jon Brumit. Opening reception: Friday, September 25, 6-10 pm.

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Hans Hofmann at The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum FIUWalls of Color: The Murals of Hans Hofmann

10 October 2015 - 3 January 2016

Walls of Color: The Murals of Hans Hofmann opens October 10, 2015 and will headline the museum's Art Basel season, on view through January 3, 2016. The exhibition focuses on the artist's public mural projects, and also includes several key later paintings. It features nine oil studies (each seven feet tall) for the redesign of the Peruvian city of Chimbote (Hofmann's visionary collaboration in 1950 with Catalan architect Jose Luis Sert that was never realized).

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Tam Van Tran at Long Beach City College Art GalleryBreathing

3 September - 1 October 2015

Tam Van Tran's solo exhibition, Breathing, is on view at Long Beach City College Art Gallery 3 September - 1 October 2015.

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Michael Reafsnyder on ArtsySplatters, Smears, and Smileys Collide in Michael Reafsnyder's New Paintings

8 September 2015

The canvases of California-based painter Michael Reafsnyder pulsate with energy. Layers of abstract marks bear the traces of their making as paint is directly applied from the tube, weaving together to create dense, intricate topographies. It’s not always easy to enter the work: one must follow multiple strands of color before a narrative opens up and the viewer is absorbed by the sensual space Reafsnyder offers.

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Guy Yanai at LES GENS HEUREUX, Copenhagen, DenmarkFRESH FRUIT

12 September - 23 October 2015

From Peter Shire´s eclectic and playful vocabulary, over Guy Yanai´s light and colour infused scenes, to Matthew Feyld´s minimalistic patterns, all three artists echo extracts of everyday life into intriguing visual compositions. The exhibition brings together new paintings by Guy Yanai and Matthew Feyld, and ceramics and sculpture by Peter Shire.

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Guy Yanai on ArtspaceCollector Carole Server's Picks From EXPO CHICAGO 2015

8 September 2015

One of New York's most energetic patrons of emerging artists, Carole Server has been collecting up a storm with her huband Oliver Frankel ever since they caught the art bug half a decade ago—helped by a keen eye and voracious visual appetite, in particular for paintings in all forms. Here, Server, who is also a trustee at the Bronx Museum, shares her picks from EXPO CHICAGO.

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12 September - 10 October 2015

ACME. is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Los Angeles based artist Iva Gueorguieva. Included in the exhibition is a new monumental painting that consists of 5 panels that wrap around a corner of the room, with one panel on the left wall and the other 4 panels continuing to the right wall forming an L-shape. Included with Gueorguieva's new paintings will be three new sculptural works that she produced during her ongoing residencies at Graphicstudio in Tampa, FL. 

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Stephen Dean at Zurich AirportHow Far Is Red

Stephen Dean is a French-American artist based in New York City whose work summons the mesmerizing physiological and cultural qualities of color. He employs a visual language that explores the saturated edge of the color spectrum through large-scale celebratory videos, sculptures and works on paper.

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Liat Yossifor at Pitzer Art Galleries, Nichols GalleryTime Turning Paint

12 September - 11 December 2015

Although Liat Yossifor’s large-scale monochromatic paintings reference the tradition of Abstract Expressionism through their formal language, they have an entirely different agenda. As such, the exhibition, Liat Yossifor: Time Turning Paint, will explore abstraction as a political form and question the efficacy of both the medium and the genre as well as its relationship to artistic practice in the twenty-first century.

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Yunhee Min at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projectsmovements

5 September - 10 October 2015

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to announce, movements, Yunhee Mins fifth solo exhibition at the gallery. In her new work, Min continues to explore the sensorial potential of color, light, and gesture. Movements refers both to literal and suggested motion and change: her gestures on the canvas, the viscosity of her paint, and the way these actions combine to produce a shifting spatiality within her compositions. These paintings neither suggest infinite depth nor firmly reinforce the flatness of the support; instead there is continuous expansion of space generated by the relationship of each movement to the next.

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Franklin Evans at University of Hawaii at ManoaNEW NEW YORK: ABSTRACT PAINTING IN THE 21ST CENTURY

4 October - 4 December 2015

A work, futuredpast, by Franklin Evans is included in a group exhibition, NEW NEW YORK: ABSTRACT PAINTING IN THE 21ST CENTURY, at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

A renaissance of abstraction has recently surfaced cross New York. The sine qua non of modern art, abstraction fell out of favor in the late twentieth century with the emergence of postmodernism and its concepts of paradox, pastiche and deconstruction. But at the beginning of the twenty-first century, abstraction has arisen from the ashes of its professed death with a power and potency rivaling its inception. This phenomenon and the reasons for its resurgence are considered in NEW NEW YORK: Abstract Painting in the 21st Century.

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Iva Gueorguieva at University of South Florida's GraphicstudioArtist Constructs Cityscapes at USF's Graphicstudio

12 August 2015

TAMPA, Fla. (Aug. 12, 2015) - As Iva Gueorguieva looks intently at the seven sculptures coming to life, she speaks about the synergistic relationship that she has developed over the past few years with University of South Florida’s Graphicstudio and how it has elevated and transformed the way she constructs her artwork.

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Monique van Genderen at SCHAUWERK SindelfingenLADIES FIRST!

26 October 2014 - 30 August 2015

In a unique survey exhibition that SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen shows exclusively works by artists from the collection Schaufler. More than 30 well-known women of contemporary art, including Sylvie Fleury, Isa Genzken, Katharina Grosse, Roni Horn, Barbara Kruger, Sherrie Levine, Jessica Stockholder and Rosemarie Trockel, are entitled LADIES FIRST! united. The approximately 100 works presented include photography, video, painting and installation. At the same time illustrate the different approaches, such as taking artists who sometimes still male-dominated art scene for themselves.

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Words Without Letters: Ted Gahl, Avner Ben-Gal, Ridley Howard, Gideon Rubin, and Guy YanaiAlon Segev Gallery, Tel Aviv

3 September - 16 October 2015

Does the sea have a door?, is there a house with no room?, are there words without letters?

These are some of the questions that my son Romy asks me. He has no idea how much his thinking influences me, a thinking that is not yet rooted in the limited possibilities that life inflicts on us, even the most poetic of us.

Letters without words, yes, of course. James Joyce took the furthest right? Finnegans Wake, an unreadable book that has stretched works and letters to the fullest. But words without letters? A form with no structure? Just the question as a thought is enough for me.

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Brian Alfred at Hotel des Arts in Toulon, ItalyVILLISSIMA. Des artistes et des villes

4 July - 27 September 2015

From 4 July to 27 September, at Hotel des Arts in Toulon, you can visit the exhibition VILLISSIMA. Des artistes et des villes which will exhibit some works by the artist Brian Alfred and Hema Upadhyay. The exhibition, curated by Guillaume Monsaingeon, becomes a point of reflection on how contemporary cities have evolved through contemporary art.

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Michael Reafsnyder at Guggenheim Gallery, Chapman UniversityPaths and Edges: Celebrating the Five-Year Anniversary of the Escalette Collection

20 July - 18 September 2015

Michael Reafsnyder's Floating is exhibited in "Paths and Edges: Celebrating the Five-Year Anniversary of the Escalette Collection" at the Guggenheim Gallery in conjunction with Chapman University. A catalogue accompanies the exhibition.

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Michael Reafsnyder at Barrick Museum, University of NevadaRecent Acquisitions

19 June - 19 September 2015

This exhibition brings together recently acquired works to the Barrick Museum and Las Vegas Art Museum collections. Many of the artists included in Recent Acquisitions have ties to the greater Las Vegas valley, helping to form the foundation of a heritage collection of works created in and inspired by the Southern Nevada region. As a cross section of the diverse practices pursued by contemporary artists this exhibition reaffirms the Barrick’s commitment to collecting art of the present. The vast majority of the works will be on display for the first time since entering the Museum’s collections.

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Hans Hofmann at the Bruce MuseumThe New York Times, Hans Hofmann’s Murals Add a Blast of Color to a Muted Legacy

30 July 2015

By Roberta Smith

GREENWICH, Conn. — You have to love Hans Hofmann for his exuberant late-blooming paintings, and for his eponymous art school, which formed one of the foundations of Abstract Expressionism. His paintings are, fittingly, usually seen as part of that heroic art movement, even though they replace its existential undercurrents with a stylistic capriciousness that sifts through European modernism with abandon.

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Kevin Appel at MoMAEndless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture

27 June 2015 - 6 March 2016

Two works by Kevin Appel, House - South Rotation Red: 4 West and Houses and Timbers I, are included in a group exhibition, Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture, at MoMA from 27 June 2015 - 6 March 2016.


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Guy Yanai at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheART REPORT, Guy Yanai’s Pixelated Style Brings Classic Painting Into The Modern Age

29 July 2015

By Liz Von Klemperer

Guy Yanai’s pieces fuse the placid landscapes and still lives of traditional painting with a pixilated style inspired by retro computer graphics.  His solo show Ancienne Rive at the Ameringer McEnery Yohe gallery features fifteen new paintings in which Yanai uses fragmented stripes of color to demonstrate the interplay between the past, present, and future of art, as well as his own sense of displacement.

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Guy Yanai at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheCOOL HUNTING, Interview: Artist Guy Yanai, Exploring the painter's processes and travel-driven inspirations

27 July 2015

By Ari Samuel

Artist Guy Yanai straddles the fine line between classical painter and contemporary hyphenate. The 35-year-old, Tel Aviv-based artist’s works often depict the whimsical trots of his globe: sailing in the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Italy, bunkering down in the French countryside amidst sun-drenched fauna and terra cotta-roofed houses; or simply harnessing a keen observation and infatuation with the small moments of life that we tend to neglect, but can influence us in a big and prominent way. All of these influences, and more, are deftly enveloped into an original and signature style for which Yanai is known—a style that has garnered the attention of some of the world’s leading art galleries, collectors and fashion brands.

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Franklin Evans awarded NYFA Painting FellowshipNYFA announces recipients and finalists for 2015 Artists' Fellowship Program

22 July 2015

The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) has announced the recipients and finalists of its Artists’ Fellowship Program. The organization has awarded a total of $642,000 to 95 artists (including four collaborations) throughout New York State in the following disciplines: fiction, folk/traditional arts, interdisciplinary work, painting, and video/film. Fifteen finalists (three per discipline), who do not receive a cash award, but benefit from a range of other NYFA services, were also announced. A complete list of the Fellows and finalists follows.

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Guy YanaiMousse Magazine

23 July 2015

Guy Yanai's fragmented stripes are paralleled by thick, vivid colors and banal subjects. "Ancienne Rive," meaning ancient river, calls upon ideas of history, authenticity, and something with deep roots, which contradicts the artist's self proclaimed feelings of loneliness, foreign alienation and the notion of being both nowhere and everywhere. 

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Guy Yanai at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheArtsy, Contemporary Concerns, Prehistoric Medium: A Conversation with Israeli Painter Guy Yanai

16 July 2015

Hours before he was to board a plane home to Tel Aviv, I sat with Guy Yanai in the middle of Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in Chelsea, encircled by a selection of his light-infused paintings. Each of the pieces consists of stacked, horizontal stripes of pigment, as if their scenes were viewed from behind a subtle scrim of blinds. Although he’d been in New York for less than a week, for the successful opening of “Ancienne Rive,” the solo show of new paintings that surrounded us, Yanai told me he was ready to return to his studio and to painting—to the work that most fulfills him.

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Guy Yanai at Coburn Projects, Mayfair, LondonREFIGURING

13 July - 5 September 2015




13 July - 5 September 2015
Viewings by appointment

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Stephen Dean at Les Rencontres de la Photographie, ArlesEnsembles, La Photographie

6 July - 30 August 2015

Stephen Dean's video installation, GRAND PRIX, 2005, is included in a group exhibition, Ensembles, La Photographie, at Les Rencontres de la Photographie, Arles.

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Wolf Kahn at El Paso Museum of ArtAMPLIFIED ABSTRACTION

12 July - 11 October 2015

Wolf Kahn's River, 1983, is included in a group exhibition, AMPLIFIED ABSTRACTION, at El Paso Museum of Art.

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Guy YanaiExhibition A

Guy Yanai created an edition of 50 archival pigment print's for Boat With No Sailors.

Guy Yanai abstracts mundane objects, landscapes, and architecture through decisive brush strokes applied in measured, horizontal stripes–the result: brightly colored compositions that remind us of Jonas Wood and David Hockney. In Boat With No Sailors, Yanai imposes geometric order on a familiar subject to create a succinct and pleasing representation of a sailboat gliding on water. Guy Yanai's solo exhibition Ancienne Rive opens Thursday, July 9 from 6-8pm at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe Gallery in Chelsea.

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Guy Yanai at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, The New York Times Style MagazineGuy Yanai's Thoroughly Modern Ancient Paintings

8 July 2015

The young Israeli artist Guy Yanai is obsessed with borders — the way the paint touches the edge of a canvas; the liminal spaces between people and between people and places. “The show is really about edges between many things,” he says of his solo exhibition “Ancienne Rive,” which opens tomorrow at the Chelsea gallery Ameringer McEnery Yohe. Like much of his previous work, the 15 new paintings Yanai created for this show convey the everyday: sailboats, the sea, plants, a quiet lawn and a horseback rider are meticulously painted in vibrant horizontal stripes. “It’s not really clear where they are, or what space they are,” says Yanai. “They’re nowhere, and in that sense it’s really a very synthetic kind of work.”

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Patrick WilsonArtsy: Contemplating the Layered Abstraction of Patrick Wilson

1 July 2015

Patrick Wilson’s paintings—a number of which are now on view at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York—benefit from a slow, prolonged, and introspective viewing. Precise compositions of squares and a considered rhythm of colors beckon the viewer past the painting’s surface and into a space that grows more and more palpable. Like some of life’s greatest pleasures, the appeal is visceral: “I want the paintings to be seductive like a really good meal and really good wine,” he recently told Artsy.

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Liat YossiforContemporary Art Museum St. Louis

3 July - 16 August 2015

Pre-Verbal Painting is the first Midwestern solo museum exhibition of Israeli-born, Los Angeles-based artist Liat Yossifor—featuring all new work made specifically for CAM. Visually recalling the aesthetics of cave painting and the child-like act of finger painting, Yossifor’s work is abstract, yet viewers may discern recognizable symbols within it. Her gestural approach produces an impasto surface that records her physical act of art-making.

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Hans Hofmann at the Bruce MuseumNYC-Arts News Reporter Christina Ha reports from the Bruce Museum

July 2015

July 2 at 8 pm NYC-Arts News on THIRTEEN will be hosted from the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT  featuring "Walls of Color, the Murals of Hans Hoffman."

Broadcast encores as follows:
Sunday, July 5 at 12 noon on THIRTEEN
Friday, July 3 at 7pm and Sunday, July 5 at 3pm on WLIW
Sunday, July 5 at 8:30 pm on NJTV


July 9 at 8 pm NYC-Arts News on THIRTEEN will be hosted from the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT  featuring "Walls of Color, the Murals of Hans Hoffman."

Broadcast encores as follows:
Sunday, July 12 at 12 noon on THIRTEEN
Friday, July 10 at 7pm and Sunday, July 12 at 3pm on WLIW
Sunday, July 12 at 8:30 pm on NJTV

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Franklin Evans at Mykonos Biennale

2 July - 30 August 2015

Work by Franklin Evans is being presented at Mykonos Biennale.

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Hans Hofmann at the Bruce MuseumArtistic Collaboration: Hans Hofmann and José Luis Sert

19 June 2015

I would like to let you know about a very special opportunity happening at the Bruce next week.

On Thursday evening, June 25, Dr. Mary McLeod, our final guest lecturer in the 2015 Bob and Pam Goergen Lecture Series, will present:

Hans Hofmann and José Luis Sert: An Experiment in Artistic Collaboration 

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Cognitive Dissonance: Studio Visit with Guy Yanai

19 June 2015

By Tara Lange

Guy Yanai‘s 2015 work highlights his creative evolution and newfound confidence as an artist. The Israeli born painter currently lives and works in Tel Aviv, and the colorful palate of his surroundings as well as the vibrant, live-life-in-the-moment energy of his city shines through in his pieces.

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Franklin Evans at Icastica 2015, Arezzo

28 June – 27 September 2015

Cultivating Culture
28 June–27 September 2015
Press preview: 27 June

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Guy Yanai at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheWallpaper Magazine, On the edge: Guy Yanai to showcase new extraordinary paintings of the ordinary everyday at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York

9 July - 14 August 2015

By Ali Morris

Appearing like pixilated images, brightly coloured weavings or even needlepoint, Guy Yanai’s oil on linen paintings depict simplified interpretations of the everyday painted in meticulously applied strokes of colour. From pot plants to sail boats, the artist paints ordinary still life subjects and sun-soaked landscapes but in a way that makes them current, gliding the brush across the canvas, one line at a time.

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John Sonsini at the Pizzuti CollectionUs is Them

18 September 2015 - 2 April 2016

A work by John Sonsini, Gabriel and Fernando, 2004, will be included in a group exhibition, Us is Them, at the Pizzuti Collection in Columbus, Ohio.

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John Sonsini at Autry National Center of the American West, Los Angeles, CAArt of the West

June 2013 - June 2016

Art of the West showcases the dynamic and evolving world of art that springs from the cultural practices of some of the many peoples who have shaped the American West. This exhibition is the first of its kind to explore how shared values and interests have inspired artists from different cultures and times to create distinctive, powerful works that speak to their experience of the West as both a destination and a home.

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John Sonsini at Norton Museum of Art, FloridaThe Triumph of Love: Beth Rudin DeWoody Collects

8 February - 3 May 2015

The distinguished and distinctive art collection of New York and West Palm Beach resident and generous patron of the arts, Beth Rudin DeWoody, will be celebrated at the Norton Museum in Spring 2015.  Well known internationally for her knowledgeable choices and awareness of the new and emerging genres of art and artists her passion for collecting has never subsided since acquiring her first drawing in the 1970s. With a collection that is still very much in progress, this exhibition will reflect areas of emphasis over the four decades she has been seriously engaged in looking at art. It will also reveal her connoisseurship and openness to new ideas.

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Todd Hebert at Hå gamle prestegard, Stavanger, NorwayContemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life

6 June - 30 August 2015


Nature Morte: Contemporary Artists Reinvigorate the Still Life

Nature Morte – the exhibition – is based on Michael Petry’s recent book of the same name for Thames & Hudson. It brings together historic still-life paintings and contemporary art works that use the language of the past for modern concerns. The show seeks to illustrate how leading artists of the 21st century are reinvigorating the still life, a genre previously synonymous with the sixteenth- and seventeenth century Old Masters.

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Todd Hebert at Devin Borden Gallery, Houston, TXMixed Doubles

8 May - 20 June 2015

Todd Hebert is in a group show, Mixed Doubles, at Devin Borden Gallery in Houston, Texas this summer. 

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Patrick Wilson, Artsy OnSite Event

27 May 2015

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe and Artsy held a private preview and walk-through of Patrick Wilson's exhibition, 28 May - 3 July 2015, with the artist.

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John Sonsini at Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, New YorkThe Human Touch: Selections from the RBC Wealth Management Art Collection

26 April - 28 June 2015

Over the past two decades, RBC Wealth Management has collected more than 400 works of art that reflect the diversity of the society in which we live and work.

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Franklin Evans at Storefront Ten EyckRe / Post, curated by Ian Cofre

6 June - 28 June 2015

Opening Saturday, 6 June 2015 from 6-9PM at Storefront Ten Eyck, 324 Ten Eyck Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206, during Bushwick Open Studio weekend.


Image: Franklin Evans, from1989houstonstreetstudioto2015, 2015, Mixed media installation

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Monique van Genderen at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles ProjectsArtReview

21 February - 4 April 2015

By Ed Schad

It is worth pausing, at least for a moment, to think of the differences between Monique van Genderen’s four super-large paintings in the opening gallery of Susanne Vielmetter and the paintings of the era about which van Genderen is pointedly thinking: the broad and massively scaled canvases of Abstract Expressionism. Notably, the limitations of the studio set parameters of van Genderen’s paintings. The canvases are so large that she was forced to work on them both on the floor and on the wall, not knowing what they would look like when stretched and extended at Vielmetter.

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Iva Gueorguieva at ACME. Gallery, Los Angeles, art ltd. magazine

May 2015

By Shana Nys Dambrot

Artist Iva Gueorguieva arrived in the US as a teenager 26 years ago, somewhat accidentally. Her family urgently emigrated from their native Bulgaria in the wake of Communism's fall, but their flight to Canada was diverted to Washington, DC, by a freak storm—so they settled in Baltimore instead. "People see a violence in my work that they think references life in Europe, but honestly, Baltimore in the 1990s was pretty intense!" She attended art school in Philadelphia and lived for a long while in New Orleans, before settling in LA about ten years ago. She had left New Orleans two months before Katrina, and she knows that the perception of violence comes partly from that, too—though in fact, it is a violence done to art historical conventions and complacent iconography rather than to characters in settings. Her post-Katrina series was called Talisman Debris, hearkening to witchcraft, reliquary, and destruction. On a personal level, this represented a reconciliation of her "survivor's guilt" for escaping Katrina, which resonated deeply with her experience leaving Europe as well. All of this and more she still carries with her.

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Patrick Wilson"A Lesson in Geometry," WhereTraveler, New York City

27 May 2015

A Lesson in Geometry
By Jean Cohen

Listen to Patrick Wilson, see his new paintings in Chelsea (at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe) and take away some art history. What Wilson has done for 20 years—works of elegant color, flatness and right angles—may seem, at first, the offspring of other art born out of geometry since the mid-20th century. But paintings by Wilson look like no one else's.

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Iva Gueorguieva at Crosstown Arts, The Commercial Appeal MemphisArt Review: Sublime exhibit of abstraction hits right ‘Between the Eyes' at Crosstown Arts

5 May 2015

By Fredric Koeppel

I rarely visit an exhibition from which I wish I could take every piece home, but that’s the case with “Between the Eyes,” a show featuring work by six artists of the abstract at Crosstown Arts. That fantasy leaves aside considerations of cost — prohibitive — and of wall space, which is precious at our house. Curated by Laurel Sucsy, who includes two of her paintings, the show, spare in size and arrangement yet generous in result, will be displayed through May 16.

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Iva Gueorguieva at Crosstown Arts, Memphis Flyer"Between the Eyes" at Crosstown Arts

30 April 2015

By Eileen Townsend

I once took an art history class for which we were required to buy a textbook called Living With Art. The teacher joked that it made art sound like a terminal disease, like the cultural equivalent of Living With Heart Failure. It was funny and unfortunately apt: Critical and curatorial discussion around art too often feels like people whispering at a funeral. It is a task to not get sucked into all the morbidity.


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Iva Gueorguieva at Crosstown Arts, Structure and ImageryBetween the Eyes @ Crosstown Arts in Memphis, TN

7 May 2015

By Paul Behnke

From the Press Release:

Crosstown Arts is pleased to present "Between the Eyes," a group show about contemporary abstract painting and how we see it.

Just as the relationships of pitch and duration can express emotion in music, the formal relationships of hue, value, shape, and placement can collect to create meaning in abstract painting. Featuring the work of six painters exploring distinct modes of abstraction, the exhibition examines the way each artist uses deliberate choices to engage us in the experience of looking. Formal cues such as gesture, color and the use of found objects prompt us to recognize patterns and attribute meaning to certain behaviors. Physicality contends with the pictorial as we both decipher and project meaning into the space of abstract forms.

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Yunhee Min at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

23 May 2015

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AMERINGER | McENERY | YOHE is pleased to announce its representation of artist, Yunhee Min. An exhibition of new works will open in Spring 2016.

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John Sonsini at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

15 May 2015

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – AMERINGER | McENERY | YOHE is pleased to announce that John Sonsini is now represented by the gallery. An exhibition of new works will open in Spring 2016.

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Hans Hofmann at the Bruce MuseumNEW YORK TIMES: A Connecticut Exhibit Highlights the Murals of Hans Hofmann

13 May 2015


By David W. Dunlap

GREENWICH, Conn. — There are several ways to appreciate the work ofHans Hofmann, an exuberant Abstract Expressionist who influenced generations of artists.

You could bid on a Hofmann at Christie’s. Just be sure to come with tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You could pick up a monograph, at no small cost. The Met has a number of Hofmanns on display, but the museum will suggest that you pay $25 to get in.

Alternately, you can take a stroll down West 49th Street in Manhattan, between Ninth and 10th Avenues, any day. Free.

There, along the ground-floor facade of the former High School of Printing, is a boldly scintillating 64-by-11½-foot mosaic mural designed by Mr. Hofmann and executed brilliantly in 1958 by L. Vincent Foscato of Long Island City, Queens.

New York’s treasury of public and semipublic artwork is so rich that it sometimes takes an out-of-town institution to remind us what we’ve got. In this case, it is the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Conn., which has opened an exhibition called “Walls of Color: The Murals of Hans Hofmann,” curated by Professor Kenneth E. Silver of New York University.

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Suzanne Caporael

Summer 2015

Suzanne Caporael to produce new work at Tandem Press, University of Wisconsin-Madison in Summer 2015 as well as at Tamarind Institute, University of New Mexico in Summer 2015.

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Markus Linnenbrink at Taubert ContemporaryWHENTHEPASTWASPRESENTSOWILLBENOW

2 May - 1 August 2015

The colours emerge from the depth of the image.

One of the great stories of the modern painting is about the liberation of the colour from the object represented, and the development of its own materiality. This story had its heyday in Europe in the mid-20th century. Back then, Jean Dubuffet, Jean Fautrier and Emil Schumacher mixed colours with sand, plaster and other compact materials, and in USA, Jackson Pollock and Morris Louis let the paint drip onto and run down the canvas.

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Tam Van Tran at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles ProjectsArtillery Magazine by Eve Wood

16 April 2015

Tam Van Tran’s newest exhibition “Exodus” at Susanne Vielmetter represents a meditation on duality wherein forces in nature collide with our own human frailties. These paintings accelerate our sensibilities as colors push forward and break apart, yet it is the tension between materials that is most compelling. The small, fragile ceramic vessels that reference military and funerary formations, “the family units of historical figures in Vietnam,” stand in sharp contrast to the energy and movement of the large-scale paintings. The past conflates with the present and intimates the future much like the Buddhist deity Kala, who embodies the elements of time and death within a feminine form, suggesting rebirth. 

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Iva Gueorguieva: Cosm in SculpturesWidewalls

20 April 2015

One of the main advantages of sculpture is its possibility to express multi-dimensionality. Of course, there are techniques in painting aiming to represent multiple dimensions. Iva Gueorguieva is a contemporary artist whose paintings are characterized by extraordinary techniques with the goal to represent variable-dimension worlds. She experiments with cutting and collaging the surfaces of her paintings in order to explore the shallow yet real space produced by the cut and the glued edge. Working with sculpture was a natural step in the practice of Iva Guoeorguieva, deeply involved with the productive tension between the materiality of paint and support, and the possibility of illusory or “only-perceived” space. Finding ways for expressing the “materiality” in space is inherently related with sculptures. One of the main features of sculptures is its three-dimensionality that largely eases the positioning of subject-matter in space and time. The latest series of paintings and sculptures by Bulgarian-born artist Iva Gueorguieva will be exhibited at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York.

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Franklin Evans at FL Gallery in Milan, Italyheadandhandinhand

22 April - 4 September 2015

FL GALLERY opens its new space with a solo exhibition by Franklin Evans.

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Stephen Dean at Museu de Arte do RioRio - Uma Paixao Francesa/Rio - A French Passion

14 April - 9 August 2015

Without attempting to exhaust the theme, this exhibition reveals treasures that have been preciously guarded in French institutions since the end of the 19th century. The photographic relationship between Brazil and France becomes even more intense nowadays, as proven by the important collection of contemporary Brazilian photography at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, represented here by a few examples which have Rio as a theme.

Rio, certainly a French passion, but also a passion of photographers from all around the world, and one that FotoRio and MAR are proud to share.

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Brian AlfredDallas Art Fair Film Series

9 - 13 April 2015

Screening animations at the Dallas Art Fair organized by Gretchen L. Wagner, Artistic Director and Chief Curator, Oklahoma Contemporary and Marfa Contemporary. 

Participating artists include Brian Alfred, JJ Peet, Raphael Montanez Ortiz, Tomislav Gotovac, Desiree Holman, Sundblad/ Granat Films and Pul Kos, among others. 

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David Allan Peters at Ameringer | McEnery | YoheHuffington Post, By John Seed

10 April 2015

John Seed Interviews David Allan Peters:

David Allan Peters, whose work is on view at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe through April 19th, has been building heavily layered paintings that he carves into to reveal rich stratigraphies of color. Kaleidoscopic in their intensity, Peters' works are both intuitive excavations and explorations of pattern.

I recently spoke to David Allan Peters and asked him about his background, his education and his methods.

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Tam Van Tran at Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles ProjectsExodus

11 April - 23 May 2015

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to announce our 6th solo exhibition with Tam Van Tran in Galleries 1 and 2. Dense rows of precious ceramic bottles surround Tran’s chaotic new paintings that explore the natural world and oppositional forces such as silence and noise, order and rupture.

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Liat YossiforArtsy: Liat Yossifor’s “Eight Movements” Applies the Logic of Music to Paint

19 March 2015

If you think “Eight Movements,” the title of Liat Yossifor’s latest exhibition of paintings, sounds more like the title of a Philip Glass recording or the latest release by Steve Reich, you’re already onto the idea behind the Israeli artist’s stark and highly textural abstract works.

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Kevin AppelChristopher Grimes Gallery: Kaleidoscope: abstraction in architecture

21 March - 16 May 2015

Kaleidoscope: abstraction in architecture
Kevin Appel, Carlos Bunga, Gianfranco Foschino,
Veronika Kellndorfer, and Lucia Koch

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 21, 2015, 6-8PM

Christopher Grimes Gallery is pleased announce its forthcoming exhibition Kaleidoscope: abstraction in architecture. This exhibition brings together artists from different backgrounds that engage with the languages of abstraction and architecture through multiple media to achieve distinctly varied results. Included in the exhibition are works by Kevin Appel, Carlos Bunga, Gianfranco Foschino, Veronika Kellndorfer and Lucia Koch.

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Iva Gueorguieva and Michael ReafsnyderACME. Works of Paper II

21 March - 18 April 2015

Works of Paper II

opening reception: Saturday, March 21, 6-8pm

Dawn Clements, Doug Crocco, Daniel Cummings, Tomory Dodge, Natalie Frank, Gregor Gleiwitz, Iva Gueorguieva, Roger Herman, Anne McCaddon, Aaron Morse, Michael Norton, Demetrius Oliver, Yuval Pudik, Michael Reafsnyder, Dario Robleto, Brion Nuda Rosch, Adam Ross, Lisa Sanditz, Aili Schmeltz, Fran Siegel, Stephanie Washburn, Eric Yahnker

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Franklin EvansWeatherspoon Art Museum: Rock, Paper, Scissors, and String

21 February - 24 May 2015

This exhibition will explore connections between a range of modern and contemporary artworks that employ innovative materials and approaches to image-making.  The show’s title Rock, Paper, Scissors, and String both recalls the familiar childhood game of chance and reflects the exhibition’s focus on the inventive use of artmaking materials, compositions, or techniques to create each work. 

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Stephen DeanArchitectural Digest

March 2015


In their penthouse high above Central Park, jewelry designer Kara Ross and developer Stephen Ross cultivate an air of warmth, glamour, and sophistication

Text by David Colman | Photography by William Waldron | Produced by Carlos Mota

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Liat YossiforArtillery Magazine

3 March 2015

Propped against the wall of her second-story Hollywood Boulevard studio, three of Liat Yossifor’s gray paintings—each about seven feet by five feet—in various stages of completion sit perched on low wood supports. Yossifor’s high-ceilinged studio feels spacious, if rather austere; other than her paintings, supplies, a table with tools, and an old paint-stained leather sofa, there is little else. 

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Monique van GenderenSusanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

21 February - 4 April 2015

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to announce Manufactured Paintings, an exhibition of works by Monique van Genderen.

The exhibition opens on 21 February and will be on view through 4 April 2015.

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Kevin AppelXL: Large-Scale Paintings from the Permanent Collection

The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College

The ever-expanding measurments of paintings has been a topic of interest since the mid-twentieth century when New York School painters first pushed the boundaries of museum walls to ehir limits.  In 1947, at the height of the Abstract Expressionist era, the Museum of Modern Art mounted an exhibition called Large-Scale Modern Paintings; to qualify for inclusion, paintings had to measure at least six feet in one direction.  Today, a similar set of criteria has been applied to the Art Center's permanent collection to arrive at a group of monumental paintings that are at once impressive and daunting.  These larger-thank-life canvases invite an extraordinary visual experience in which the viewer is immersed in the field of painting.  XL, which includes work by Kevin Appel, Roger Brown, Nancy Graves, Joyce Kozloff, Alfred Leslie, Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell, and Jules Olitski, is a testament to the enduring visual power of mural-sized painting.

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Brian AlfredAce Hotel

February 2015

For Atelier Ace Issue, our series of limited edition art prints, we asked Brian Alfred, a multimedia artist originally from Steel City, USA, to envision an exclusive print for us and for you. With hard-edges, flat geometric forms and imagery borrowed from Circuit of the Americas in Travis County, Texas, Alfred uses speed, car racing and rituals of spectacle as avenues to explore contemporary ways of seeing.

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David Allan PetersBLOUIN ARTINFO Feature

28 August 2014

Collector Profile: Harry and Margaret Anderson

When Hunk Anderson was a senior at Hobart College in Geneva, New York, in 1948, he and two enterprising classmates started providing meals for students who were hungry after dining-hall hours. Initially investing $500 each, the three partners grew Saga, their grassroots business, into the nation’s largest college food-service contractor. In 1962 they moved their headquarters to Menlo Park, California, adjacent to Stanford University.

As pioneering West Coast art collectors, Harry W. Anderson, who still goes by his beefy nickname, and his wife, Mary Margaret, known as Moo, have shown the same sort of American pluck and ingenuity that made Saga so successful. “We were absolute novices,” says Hunk, recalling a 1964 visit to the Louvre. “On our way home from Paris, we decided to see if we could become knowledgeable about art and put together a dozen paintings and sculptures.” They began a process of self-education that blossomed into a passion around which they have structured their lives for 50 years. The result: one of the most significant private collections of postwar American art in the world, with more than 800 works displayed throughout their ranch-style home in the Northern California Bay Area—built in 1969 with art installation in mind—and a nearby nine-building office campus designed in 1964. (Saga was sold to Marriott in 1986, but Hunk retained his office and continues to exhibit art throughout the hilltop complex, renamed Quadrus.)

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Brian AlfredArtsy Feature

4 February 2015

Postcards from the End of the World: Brian Alfred’s Colorful, Cautionary Tales

Painter and digital artist Brian Alfred presents the world as a series of flattened fragments. Working from photographs, the Brooklyn-based artist digitally creates compressed, simplified images that capture the energy and anxieties of the modern world. Highway overpasses, empty offices, cityscapes, and even public figures’ faces are reduced into planes of flat color, which the artist carefully paints in taped-off portions, creating crisp images that sit somewhere between the handmade art of paintings, cartoon-like animation, and mass-produced perfection. His latest series, on view in a new show at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, takes automobile racing as its point of departure.

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Brian AlfredWidewalls

3 February 2015


The New York based gallery Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe has announced a forthcoming solo exhibition by the Brooklyn based artist Brian Alfred which will present recent works under the title It Takes A Million Years To Become Diamonds So Let’s All Just Burn Like Coal Until The Sky Is Black. The solo exhibition will feature new images by Brian Alfred based around the exploration of automobile racing, his cropped abstract works capturing everything from the excitement of the cars and racing through to the global investment elements of companies that contribute the money to the races by including representations of oil slogans in his images. The exhibition at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, who last year presented a show of work by Wolf Kahn (see more in this video), sees Brian Alfred capturing small slices of time that aim to capture the emotions of watching the races.

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Franklin EvansInterview with 'Contemporary Art Stavanger'


Last month, Norwegian artist Margrethe Aanestad spoke with fellow artist Franklin Evans about his artistic practice and an upcoming exhibition he is organizing for the Prosjektrom Normanns in Stavanger. Below, Aanestad talks with Evans about his past projects, current work, and plans for coming to Stavanger.


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Monique van GenderenBlouin Art & Auction Magazine

January 2015, Page 75

The Canadian-born, Los Angeles-based painter is a master colorist who fetishizes the brushstroke to striking effect. For this exhibition of recent paintings she opted for a kind of reverse working method. Instead of creating sketches and studies for a larger painting, Van Genderen made the large work first and endeavored, on six smaller canvases, to recreate sections of that painterly abstraction that were as true to the original painting as possible. The small-scale “copies” could theoretically be reassembled to ape the original piece. 

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Todd HebertPlains Art Museum

11 January 2015

FARGO – Todd Hebert’s techniques are making the art world take a second look at his work.

The Grand Forks painter has been creating a stir in gallery circles for years, but area art patrons are seeing for themselves what all the buzz is about. The North Dakota native’s show, “Todd Hebert: Selected Works 1999-2014” opened at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo in October and remains on display through March 21.

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Bo BartlettLedger-Enquirer

3 January 2015

The "Summer of '14" is now a work of art. It is also a work in progress by Columbus artist Bo Bartlett. In the painting, two teenage girls are riding a bike oblivious to the cloud of smoke behind them. It was that kind of summer for Bartlett, who worked on the painting in his second-floor studio in the old Swift textile mill on Sixth Avenue. Things seemed to be going well, but he says he sensed impending doom. It struck when his 27-year-old son, Eliot, died suddenly. Recently, Bartlett sat down with Ledger-Enquirer reporter Chuck Williams to discuss his life, his work and his difficult summer.

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George McNeil at Steven Kasher Gallery12 Painters: The Studio School, 1974/2014

20 November 2014 – 10 January 2015

This fall, on the occasion of the New York Studio School’s 50th Anniversary, Steven Kasher Gallery is pleased to present 12 Painters: The Studio School, 1974/2014. This dynamic exhibition brings together painting by six artists who studied at the New York Studio School in the early 1970s: Andrea Belag, Robert Bordo, Joyce Pensato, David Reed, Adam Simon, and Christopher Wool; and six Studio School teachers who influenced them:Nicolas Carone, Philip Guston, Mercedes Matter, George McNeil, Steven Sloman, and Jack Tworkov.  The exhibition will be on view from November 20th, 2014 through January 10th, 2015 at Steven Kasher Gallery, exploring the connections/dissonances of artists from the Studio School across generations.

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Franklin EvansArt Fuse Presents the Best in Show of 2014

29 December 2014

It has been a year of variety and surprises as to the range of shows we’ve covered. Any singular thing does not quantify the degree of how a show leaves a deep impression as it can be one tiny detail or a grand statement. Such trivial thoughts are best left to the wind as we have pinned down the Best of 2014 for all of our loyal and still growing readers. We raise a glass to 2014 for the year that was and here’s looking forward as AF keeps an eye always to the future. 

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Brian AlfredDots and Dashes

December 2014

A slight variation on a theme this one, although as the title to this AV collaboration between Brooklyn-based abstract pop artist Brian Alfred and longstanding Battles serviceman Ian Williams suggests, there’s Beauty In Danger. There’s danger in beauty too, but as precisionist blocks of automobile-themed pastel dart across the screen this one’s indubitably a question of the outwardly beautiful residing deep within the dangers of modern-day locomotion. The volatile flickering of restive traffic lights; the neon smear of speeding cars; the immoderate regard paid to the music booming from the tinny in-car stereo. In this instance, we’d implore you pay the most intimate of attentions to the music in question, for Williams has composed an electronically affected piece that’s as stark as Alfred’s itself engaging visual element: efficient and in certain respects rather Germanic, it correlates perfectly with his collaborator’s Autobahn-obligated auxiliary stimulant to make for a sensorial masterwork that’s racy as it is incontrovertibly well executed.

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Markus LinnenbrinkDesignboom Top 10 Art Exhibitions of 2014

22 December 2014

The art world boomed this year, with some of the most renowned, international creatives in the field exhibiting their new works around the globe. The artworks and installations shown have each immersed audiences in an impactful and significant experiential context — monumental in scale, discipline, and material. From Olafur Eliasson’s expansive and multi-faceted exhibition in paris’ gehry-designed fondation louis vuitton to the esteemed photojournalistic imagery of Steve McCurry, 2014′s presentations blew us away. take a look below at designboom’s most popular articles this year about exhibitions.Markus Linnenbrink: Off the Wall


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Todd HebertPlains Art Museum

17 October 2014 - 22 March 2015

Todd Hebert: Selected Works 1999-2014

Xcel Energy Gallery, General Exhibition

In Todd Hebert: Selected Works 1999–2014, Plains Art Museum presents a 15 year survey of paintings and works on paper made by native North Dakotan Todd Hebert, who teaches in the Department of Art and Design at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks.


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Todd HebertMuseum of Fine Arts Houston

4 March 2014- 3 May 2015

Selections from the Museum's Collection: Modern and Contemporary Art 

Selections from the Museum's Collection: Modern and Contemporary Art is part of a series highlighting the Museum’s exceptional holdings and showcasing works new to Houston audiences. This installation comprises major paintings and sculptures that span the early 20th century to the present. 

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Markus Linnenbrink

23 November 2014

Visitors to a Markus Linnenbrink exhibition will find it hard to believe that the German-born artist, now a resident of Brooklyn, once favoured black and white and shunned anything chromatic – even to the point of allegedly expressing a fear of color.


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Brian AlfredGalerija Galzenica

27 November- 23 December 2014

Mercury Retrograde: Animated Realities

Brian Alfred, Aline Bouvy, Cliff Evans, eteam (Franziska Lamprecht, Hajoe Moderegger), Scott Gelber, John Gillis, Jan Nalevka, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky

Curated by Željka Himbele and William Heath

Three or four times a year, the planet Mercury appears to move backward in its orbit when seen from Earth. This optical illusion is referred to as Mercury retrograde. In popular astrology, Mercury retrograde marks intense periods when things go awry, signaling the need for reflection and revision of our lives. This is a time for veering away from the past and taking cautious steps forward. Mercury’s cycle has been speculated as the cause of major course corrections for society; it gives us a chance to grow as humans, to raise critical awareness, and possibly make a movement towards radical change.

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Esteban VicenteArtsy Feature

16 December 2014

New Exhibition Brings Abstract Expressionist Esteban Vicente’s Signature Touch to Light:

In the hallowed canon of American abstract expressionists, the name Esteban Vicente is rarely included. And yet the Spanish-born artist—who moved to New York in 1936—put down roots in this country amidst the members of the New York School, participating in their seminal exhibitions at the Samuel Kootz, Sidney Janis, and Charles Egan Galleries, earning representation by ab-ex patron Leo Castelli, and later going on to found the New York Studio School, where he taught for 36 years.

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Brian AlfredFilm: Art | Basel | Miami | Beach

6 December 2014

“There’s a lot of product going on here,” I heard a woman say into her cell phone at the mega-art fair Art Basel Miami Beach 2014.

Still, even in the context of the vast amount of money changing hands at the Miami Beach Convention Center, where the main fair is taking place, there are pockets of resistantly antimaterialist art, and outside its walls some performance and film are to be found.

Some of the films were made available to me for advance viewing, and among them were many worth watching. Tabor Robak’s 20XX (2013) (Team Gallery) features a lush, unthreatening cityscape overrun by neon and Klieg lights and advertisements for media and game brands on the fantasy buildings. The resurgent Babette Mangolte’s Water Motor (1978) (Broadway 1602/Sikkema Jenkins) elegantly documents Trisha Brown’s loose-limbed dancing, with a seductive repetition of the sequence in slow motion. Leo Gabin’s Oh Baby (2013) (Elizabeth Dee/Peres Projects) is a low-tech, low-production value music video with some fun editing choices. Brian Alfred’s Under Thunder and Fluorescent Lights (2104) (Ameringer McEnery Yohe) is an animation involving allusions to landscape and architecture and a mutating, colored sun.

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Julio LarrazThe Palm Beach Daily News

4 December 2014

Wednesday was the day for the privileged few — relatively speaking — at Art Basel Miami Beach.

The fair thinned the crowd this year by limiting the guest list. “It’s been lovely,” Palm Beach collector Dale Anderson said about three hours into the preview. “I don’t think it’s frenetic.”
As for the art, “I’ve seen some very interesting things, but the prices. They seem to have added zeroes,” she said.

Ameringer McEnery Yohe is showing dream-like narrative paintings by Miami-based Julio Larraz. The paintings of ships, fortresses, and sheer white cliffs falling into aquamarine seas are influenced by his Caribbean heritage. The artist’s family fled Cuba in 1961, when he was 16.

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Julio Larraz at Art Basel Miami Beach

4 December 2014


Miami artist Julio Larraz, 70, is having a busy year. The Cuban born painter, whose work sells for upward of a quarter of a million dollars, is one of few artists with a solo gallery showing at the convention center for Art Basel. His work is also featured in a new major motion picture, Same Kind Of Different Than Me, starring a brunette Renee Zellweger and Greg Kinnear and currently filming in Mississippi.

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Brian AlfredPenn State News

2 December 2014

Brian Alfred, assistant professor of art, will exhibit his new animation "Under Thunder And Florescent Lights" on the 7,000-square-foot outdoor projection wall of the Frank Gehry-designed New World Center as part of Art Basel, in Miami Beach, Florida, Dec. 4 to 7. Art Basel stages the world's premier modern and contemporary art shows annually in Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach; and Hong Kong. This is the second consecutive year Alfred has been selected for the Art Basel Miami Film program.

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Markus Linnenbrink at Max Estrella GalleryTHEGRASSISALWAYSGREENER

15 November 2014 - 17 January 2015

THEGRASSISALWAYSGREENER is the title of the exhibition of Linnenbrink´s most recent works at Max Estrella Gallery (the second in this space).

Colors move us. Very few people are capable of viewing the colors that surround them with indifference. They may stimulate or pacify; they can trigger unpleasant states of mind or pleasant sensations. For Goethe, seeing colors was an experience based on reciprocal energies between nature and the observer. It was a phenomenon that did something to the observer, something linking a man´s innermost being to the world around him via the detour of the seeing eye.

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Franklin Evans'Matisse Etc. (part 2)' by Raphael Rubenstein

1 December 2014

Matisse Etc. (part 2)

(Amy Feldman, Stanley Whitney, Bernard Piffaretti, Laura Owens, Michael Krebber, Matt Connors, Rebecca Morris, Patricia Treib, Lori Ellison, Franklin Evans)

How is it that someone who dreamed of “an art of balance, of purity, of serenity, devoid of troubling and depressing subject matter” became a source of relentless innovation and provided a map for the deconstruction (with Supports/Surfaces, Pattern & Decoration and artists as diverse as Simon Hantaï, Al Loving and Jessica Stockholder) of the very medium through which he hoped to achieve serenity? French scholar Rémi Labrusse has described Matisse’s “radical decoration” as the result of his staged confrontation between Western mimesis and Eastern decoration. Clement Greenberg, who dreamed of an avant-garde pastoral, attributed Matisse’s impact to “the paint, the disinterested paint.”

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Brian AlfredArt | Basel | Miami Beach: Film Program

6 December 2014

Selected by David Gryn, Director of Artprojx, the Film sector includes over 80 works by some of today's most exciting artists from Latin America, the United States, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Film presents works in both the outdoor setting of New World Center's SoundScape Park and on six touch-screen monitors within the newly designed Film Library at Art Basel's show.

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Stephen DeanArt | Basel | Miami Beach: Film Program

Selected by David Gryn, Director of Artprojx, the Film sector includes over 80 works by some of today's most exciting artists from Latin America, the United States, Europe, Asia and beyond.

Film presents works in both the outdoor setting of New World Center's SoundScape Park and on six touch-screen monitors within the newly designed Film Library at Art Basel's show.

Stephen Dean's film, OLE, will screen at the Film Library (Miami Beach Convention Center, Show Floor, Hall C).  

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Intense, Immersive, and Intimate: Patrick Wilson's Abstract PaintingsArtsy

28 November 2014

In the paintings of Los Angeles-based artist Patrick Wilson, layered squares of color attain unbelievable levels of transparency and rich density. Wilson uses humble tools: he applies acrylic paint with a drywall knife or house paint roller to geometric areas of canvas edged by masking tape. Yet, in both large-scale canvases and smaller works on panel, the works’ spatial constraints seem only to distill and enhance the pigment. 

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David Allan PetersElle Décor

December 2014 Issue

For this Los Angeles artist, the process of painting is highly physical, building up layers of color and then cutting away.

From a distance, David Allan Peter’s small-scale abstract paintings appear to buzz with dashes of vibrant color.  These kaleidoscopic patterns may radiate over the entire panel in starburst formations, as in Untitled #13, or abutting triangles, as in Untitled #7, both made this year. But when seen up close, what look like Impressionistic brushstrokes reveal themselves to be tiny but precise indentations, carved into surfaces that have been built up with dozens of shimmering layers of acrylic paint. 

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Patrick LeeSelected for Amy Phelan's 'My Highlights from Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014'


Many of the artists I have selected are ones whom I already collect and admire. When I look at works to buy, I approach them with an open mind and go with instinct. Buy what you love and can’t live without! 


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Patrick WilsonBurnAway

20 November 2014

The Moss Arts Center at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University just celebrated its one-year anniversary in October. Designed by the Norwegian firm Snøhetta, the 150,000-square-foot building has a distinct glass facade comprising numerous hexagonal panels, a recurring geometric motif that shaped the theme of “Evolving Geometries: Line, Form, and Color,” curated by Margo Crutchfield.

The exhibition [September 25- November 20] features works that engage the building’s architecture by Patrick Wilson of Los Angeles, Odili Donald Odita of Philadelphia, and German-born, New York-based Manfred Mohr. (One could just as easily have selected examples by such female artists as Sarah Morris, Franziska Holstein, or Tomma Abts.)

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Tam Van TranSan Francisco Gate

21 November 2014

Few contemporary artists seem as able as Los Angeles-based Tam Van Tran to confirm Picasso’s definition, “A painting is a sum of destructions.” See the selection of his recent work at Anthony Meier’s.

Whether on the scale of a big canvas such as “Flower Offerings” (2014) or the small untitled one on view, Tran gives a convincing account of abstraction as free-wheeling performance, a possibility supposedly played out 60-odd years ago, certainly no later than the deaths of greats such as Joan Mitchell (1925-1992) and Nicholas Carone (1917-2010).

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Rosana Castrillo Díaz Manipulates Paper to Create Muted Yet Luminous FormsArtsy Editorial

20 November 2014

In her spare, monochromatic reliefs, collages, and sculptures, Spanish-born artist Rosana Castrillo Diaz conveys rich emotional and intellectual content. Testament to this is an exhibition of the San Francisco-based artist’s recent work, which is now on view at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York. Castrillo Diaz explains, “In this body of work there is a direct connection between memory, emotions, and the physical hand at work. Each mark is a feeling, a chord, each drawing a score witness to a moment in time, a mood, a place. In the silence and introspection engendered, the quietest gesture may very well be the loudest.” And indeed, her spare, all-white wall-mounted works are often contemplative, with moments of more riotous form.

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Marvelous 'Photorealism: The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection' exhibit at NOMAThe Times Picayune

6 November 2014

A mind-blowing painting exhibit titled "Photorealism:The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection" opens to the public Saturday (Nov. 8) at the New Orleans Museum of Art. Unlike many contemporary shows, it's not an exhibit that proffers a social concept or psychological sub-text.

It's an exhibit that's about painting the skin of a tangerine so perfectly that you can almost smell the tangy scent. It's about capturing those psychedelic landscapes that you see mirrored in the curves of a polished motorcycle. It's about the everyday "Through the Looking Glass" reflections in shop windows that seem to defy space and perspective. It's about the subtle allure of fluorescent lights, saltshakers and pinballs. It's about obsessive realism that's so real it's positively weird. 

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Review of 'Photorealism: The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection'The New Orleans Advocate

19 November 2014

Painting and photography have always had a complex relationship.

Conceived as an adjunct to painting in the earliest years of its development in the first decades of the 19th century, when many painters discovered how useful photographs could be in composing their canvases, photography quickly assumed an artistic presence and legitimacy of its own (albeit one that often still took its cues from traditional painterly modes of representation).

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Franklin EvansThe Boston Globe

18 November 2014

'With Artist Franklin Evans, An Immersive Experience,' by Cate McQuaid

Franklin Evans drops viewers into his own weird wonderland. Once you’re down the rabbit hole, you may be as awed and dismayed as Alice herself.

Evans has two shows up now, at Montserrat College of Art Gallery and Steven Zevitas Gallery. Walk into his installation at Montserrat, and it’s like stepping inside a painting. Colors and lines are everywhere: on walls, on the ceiling and floor; in corridors of vertical strips of colored tape. The same is true, on a more modest scale, at Zevitas.

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Davis Cone at the New Orleans Museum of ArtPhotorealism: The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection

8 November 2014 - 25 January 2015

New Orleans, LA— The New Orleans Museum of Art is pleased to present Photorealism: The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection, the most extensive presentation to-date of the Photorealist painting collection of Sydney and Walda Besthoff. Unveiled with the Odyssey Gala on Friday, November 7, this exhibition will highlight one of the finest photorealist collections in the United States, based in New Orleans, featuring over 75 works.

The Photorealist collection built by Sydney and Walda Besthoff includes many of the artists associated with the first wave of Photorealism in the late 1960s and early 1970s, such as the renowned Chuck Close, Richard Estes, and John DeAndrea, and also encompasses works by more recent generations who are pushing the boundaries of Photorealism. The collection also features a broad range of engaging subject matter, from detailed cityscapes and portraits, to convincingly real close-ups of objects such as motorcycles, cars, toys, fruit, and flowers.

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Rod Penner at New Orleans Museum of ArtPhotorealism: The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection

8 November 2014 - 25 January 2015

New Orleans, LA— The New Orleans Museum of Art is pleased to present Photorealism: The Sydney and Walda Besthoff Collection, the most extensive presentation to-date of the Photorealist painting collection of Sydney and Walda Besthoff. Unveiled with the Odyssey Gala on Friday, November 7, this exhibition will highlight one of the finest photorealist collections in the United States, based in New Orleans, featuring over 75 works.

The Photorealist collection built by Sydney and Walda Besthoff includes many of the artists associated with the first wave of Photorealism in the late 1960s and early 1970s, such as the renowned Chuck Close, Richard Estes, and John DeAndrea, and also encompasses works by more recent generations who are pushing the boundaries of Photorealism. The collection also features a broad range of engaging subject matter, from detailed cityscapes and portraits, to convincingly real close-ups of objects such as motorcycles, cars, toys, fruit, and flowers.

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Steven CharlesDay-Glo Fractal Visions Inspired By Alan Turing

26 May 2014

In the 1950s, Alan Turing, mathematician and computing pioneer, developed the Reaction-Diffusion Model, which deals with morphology—the study of how creatures take their biological forms. Using morphology in creating art isn't exactly new, but citing the visionary Turing as an influence might just be en vogue.


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Franklin Evans: juddpaintingsSteven Zevitas Gallery

24 October - 13 December 2014

Steven Zevitas Gallery is pleased to present juddpaintings, an exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Franklin Evans.  The exhibition will be on view from Friday 24 October through Saturday 13 December, 2014, with an opening reception Friday 7 November. 

In juddpaintings, Evans presents a new installation comprised of wall painting, collage, paintings, digital prints, tape, process notes, and laminations. The exhibition presents the decomposition of his installation practice to the primary object subject of his practice: Painting. Upon entering the exhibition, the viewer passes through a threshold of a floor to ceiling installation of paint, images and process and into a gallery of walls painted bands of the color spectrum that dissolves to white. Paintings are hung on the walls and move from varying degrees of contextual mediation to an uninterrupted object on a white wall. 

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Guy YanaiGalerie Derouillon

13 November - 20 December 2014

Galerie Derouillon is pleased to present Diary, an exhibition of new paintings by Guy Yanai.  The exhibition opens on Thursday 13 November and will remain on view through 20 December 2014. The exhibition is accompanied by a limited edition catalogue, which includes a conversation with Timothee Chaillou and an essay by Barbara Sirieix.

Guy Yanai was born in 1977 in Haifa, Israel, Guy Yanai currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. He attended Parsons School of Design and the New York Studio School, and received a BFA from Hampshire College, Amherst, MA.

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Franklin EvansLa Fondation Salomon

30 October- 14 December 2014

La Fondation Salomon is pleased to announce Abstraction, an exhibition of works by Sadie Benning, Pierrette Block, Angela Bulloch, Philippe Decrauzat, Franklin Evans, Pierre Ferrarini, Ceal Floyer, Bernard Frize, David Hominal, Steven Hull, Renée Levi, and François Morellet from the collection of Claudine and Jean-Marc Salomon. 

The exhibition opens on 30 October and will be on view through 14 December 2014.

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Franklin Evans: juddrulesArt New England: by Robert Moeller

17 September - 13 December 2014

Any combining, mixing, adding, diluting, exploiting, vulgarizing or popularizing of abstract art deprives art of its essence and depraves the artist's artistic consciousness. Art is free, but it is not a free-for-all. The one struggle in art is the struggle of artists against artists, of artist against artist, of the artist-as-artist within and against the artist-as-man, -animal or -vegetable. Artists who claim their artwork comes from nature, life, reality, earth or heaven, as “mirrors of the soul” or “reflections of conditions” or “instruments of the universe,” who cook up “new images of man”—figures and “nature-in-abstraction”—pictures, are subjectively and objectively, rascals or rustics.  -Donald Judd, American Dialog, Vol. 1-5

Donald Judd was an exquisite contrarian. Call him a minimalist and he’d say, no, he wasn’t. To be fair, the term itself was widely rejected by artists working at this narrow-end of the artistic spectrum, and so it was only natural that what started out as an explanation of the work, became the rules that governed both its wider understanding and presentation. Looking back, what’s become clear is that the dialogues that emerged from this era were as intrinsic to the work (from the artist’s perspective) as the work itself. In part, it was the apparatus of distinction—the breaking with old ideas that felt stale and over-used. It was a carving down to the essential nature of an object that interested Judd, but it required sensitivity to some rules-based order.

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Tam Van TranAnthony Meier Fine Arts

31 October - 5 December 2014

Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new work by Los Angeles-based artist Tam Van Tran.  Exhibiting at the gallery for the fourth time, Tran’s latest works mark a departure from the obsessive process of earlier series.  Embracing the collision of opposites - addition and subtraction, miniaturization and expansiveness, natural and manmade, tranquility and chaos - Tran continues past conversations with inspired force.

Throughout his career, each body of Tran’s work has abstractly reflected on moments in his own history.  In this new series, Tran shares elements of his experience of dislocation and struggle connected to his crossing by boat from Vietnam to the United States at the age of nine years.

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Franklin EvansMuseo d'Arte Contemporanea Lissone, Italy

25 October – 30 November 2014

From 25 October to 30 November, the MAC exhibits the works of the finalists of the 2014 LISSONE PRIZE, an international competition for young artists under 35. 

Among the practices that characterize the most current developments in painting has been inserted the "Expanded Painting," novelty item that distinguishes this year's edition. For the first time it was set up a Selection Committee which will complement the official jury in assigning the Grand Prize for painting, the Critics Award and many other awards purchase. In addition to the exhibition of selected, the newly renovated exhibition formula also includes two sections by invitation, at a national and international level, which is not eligible for prizes in money. Finally, a room will be reserved for an important teacher of the last century, as well as they used to in the sixties, with retrospective exhibitions devoted to Atanasio Soldati, Licini Osvaldo and Mario Sironi.

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Stephen DeanMAXXI National Museum of XXI Century Arts

23 October - 9 November 2014

Curated by Cristiana Perrella and Paola Ugolini

An opportunity for reflecting on sport, a subject of ever-increasing relevance in its anthropological, social, educational, economic and cultural aspects.

Determinant for physical wellbeing, sport is one of the most effective means of stimulating encounters, exchange, passion, enthusiasm and tension.

Via diverse media and with closer or more distant ties through the various historical periods, the relationship between sport and art can be seen throughout the development of western culture. Art now finds in the sporting disciplines a fertile source of cues for reflection on a number of aspects of modern society.

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Markus Linnenbrink Places Viewers Within A Psychedelic Color Canvas by Nina Azzarellodesignboom

19 October 2014

Uniting painting with architecture, New York based artist MarkusLinnenbrink has transformed two exhibition spaces at the kunsthalle, nürnberg into a walk-all-over canvas. The floors, walls and ceiling of the german site have been pigmented with vibrantly-hued parallel streaks, traversing through the gallery’s rooms.The specific arrangement of the tones and their linear movement sees the line between two-dimensionality dissolve, simultaneously suggesting the idea of an endlessly expanding space. This color adaptation, which linnenbrink has titled ‘wasserscheide(desireallputtogether)’, evokes a wild and psychedelic sense of mobility, with an intensity that the viewer’s eye can hardly follow.

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Giving Up One's Mark: Helen Frankenthaler In the 1960's and 1970sAlbright-Knox Art Gallery

9 November 2014 - 15 February 2015

Helen Frankenthaler (American, 1928–2011) had her first solo exhibition at Tibor de Nagy Gallery in 1951, an exhibition that synthesized the most radical aspects of works by Arshile Gorky, Willem de Kooning, and Jackson Pollock, with ambitious canvases of textured surfaces, pale color, and calligraphic drawing. The following year, with Mountains and Sea, 1952, she created another kind of painterly space by staining unprimed canvas with oil paint while allowing telltale signs of drawing to remain.

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Absorbing the Depths of Monique van Genderen's Constellation of Paintings by Amanda SarroffArtsy

16 October 2014

It was Heraclitus who proclaimed, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” This aphorism echoes through the work of Monique van Genderen. For her solo exhibition at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York, the artist has created the large-scale painting Untitled (2014), alongside six smaller paintings comprising extracts of the first. Together they form a body of work of continuous movement and endlessly shifting grounds.

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Markus Linnenbrink: This Vibrant Rainbow Room Is An Optical Illusion That Can Swallow You Up by Priscilla FrankHuffington Post

16 October 2014

Even just setting your eyes upon an optical illusion can be a disorienting experience. Just imagine what it would be like to be fully engulfed within one.

That's exactly what viewers find out upon entering Markus Linnenbrink's "WASSERSCHEIDE(DESIREALLPUTTOGETHER)," which recently showed at Germany's Kunsthalle Nuernberg. Bold streaks of fuchsia, navy blue, aquamarine and yellow swallow the entire windowless museum space, locking viewers in a mind-melting display of colors gone wild. The technicolor display, although rendered in acrylic paint covered in epoxy on resin, looks as if a box of super-sized Crayola crayons overheated and exploded all at once.

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Davis ConeBilbao Fine Arts Museum

7 October 2014 - 19 January 2015

The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is pleased to announce Hyperrealism 1967-2013, an exhibition with works by Davis Cone, among others.  The exhibition will open on 7 October 2014 and be on view through 19 January 2015.

In the late nineteen-sixties, a group of artists made a name for themselves in the United States by using photography as a basis for painting everyday scenes and objects with extraordinary realism. They gelled into what became known as the Hyperrealist movement, which took flight at the 1972 Kassel Documenta and remains airborne today.

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Julio Larraz: Rules of Engagement by Diego GiollitiHuffington Post

13 October 2014

Possessing a fascinating oeuvre that includes paintings, sculptors and caricatures, Julio Larraz is now recognised as one of the most important contemporary Latin American artists of our time. Born in Havana, Cuba in 1941, Larraz and his family found themselves politically exiled, and so fled to America. Here Larraz began his artistic career, drawing political caricatures that were featured in The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and Vogue, amongst other prominent American publications. Only some years later did Larraz assume his place as a full-time painter, and held a number of solo exhibitions across North America. Larraz was warmly received by the American art scene, and he too embraced American art; citing a number of New York artists as influences, particularly that of Burt Silverman.

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Wolf KahnThe Brattleboro Reformer

11 October 2014

Brattleboro, VT -- Wolf Kahn views himself as a liberator. The contemporary American artist said he aims to bring "landscape painting up to date" by liberating color, being free in his application and just generally trying to be "more modern than most landscape painters are."

And this message of free expression is the basis of a lecture titled "Control and Letting Go," which he plans to deliver at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center at 7 p.m. today. A book and memorabilia signing will follow. Kahn told the Reformer he typically gives a lecture at the museum once a year and always intends to give guests their money's worth. Reservations are $10 for the general public, $5 for BMAC members, and can be made by calling 802-257-0124, ext. 101, or visiting to reserve online.

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Ed Moses: Cross-SectionCurated by Kevin Appel & Juli Carson

11 October - 13 December 2014

The University Art Galleries (UAG) will mount a solo exhibition of paintings by Ed Moses, utilizing all three galleries and featuring works from the 1960s to the present. Cross-Section will trace the common thematic thread binding Moses’s prolific and continuous act of exploration. In so doing, the philosophical continuity of the artist’s disparate visual strategies will be framed, strategies the artist has repeated and contradicted, as his investigation into the painted form has changed direction or reversed course over the past five decades. The curatorial perspective, in turn, will provide a rhizomatic framework to Moses’s oeuvre – a genealogy of these strategies – in place of the conventional, chronological account typically used by institutions to situate an artist’s work within historical movements alone. An accompanying exhibition catalogue, featuring dynamic color plates of the work and scholarly essays by the curators as well as the legendary art historian Barbara Rose, provides the cultural context for Moses’s mutational practice.

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Stephen DeanArt=Text=Art: Private Languages/ Public Systems

20 September 2014 - 11 January 2015

Art=Text=Art: Private Languages / Public Systems has been re-curated for UB Anderson Gallery by graduate students Sarah JM Kolberg, Cat Dawson, and Maddie Phinney, under the direction of Jonathan D. Katz, Director of the Doctoral Program in Visual Studies at the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. This new presentation explores the advent of language in the visual arts in post-war America and the simultaneous emergence of concrete poetry. These practices embraced language’s ability to carry multiple, even contradictory meanings, thus creating a space for individual acts of anti-conformist thought. Through words in art, flirtations with ideas unauthorized by then-dominant socio-political realities were allowed expression, especially among an early generation of LGBTQ artists.

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Wolf KahnControl and Letting Go: A Lecture by Wolf Kahn at Battleboro Museum & Art Center

11 October 2014

Thanks to Wolf Kahn, the hills, forests, farms, and barns of southern Vermont may be seen in many of the world's finest art galleries, museums, and private collections. For nearly 50 years the beloved landscape painter, a leading figure in contemporary American art, has spent summers on a hillside farm in West Brattleboro. He has traveled the back roads and unmarked lanes of Windham County with pastels and sketchbook in tow, depicting the landscape in a signature style that hovers between abstraction and figuration. On Saturday, October 11 at 7 p.m., a week after his 87th birthday, Kahn will give a talk entitled "Control and Letting Go" at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC). Reservations are $10 for the general public, $5 for BMAC members. Call 802-257-0124, ext. 101 or visit to reserve online. A book and memorabilia signing will follow.

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Rod PennerBilbao Fine Arts Museum

7 October 2014 - 19 January 2015

The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum is pleased to announce Hyperrealism 1967-2013, an exhibition with works by Rod Penner, among others.  The exhibition will open on 7 October 2014 and be on view through 19 January 2015.

In the late nineteen-sixties, a group of artists made a name for themselves in the United States by using photography as a basis for painting everyday scenes and objects with extraordinary realism. They gelled into what became known as the Hyperrealist movement, which took flight at the 1972 Kassel Documenta and remains airborne today.

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Sandra Mendelsohn RubinHuffington Post

30 September 2014

5 Artists on the Enduring Qualities of Representational Painting

Tucked away in her secluded Northern California home and studio, Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin has plenty of time to think about the importance of what she does on this planet:

"From the beginning of human history, making marks depicting the physical world has been a constant. Our ability to question the meaning and purpose of our existence is what differentiates us from other animal species. Representation in painting touches on this core human truth. It is as much a part of our existence as storytelling and poetry. No matter the subject or content - how complex or how minimal - representational painting incorporates the gift of a narrative. That being said, representation cannot stand alone. The true poetry lies in the orchestration of a good composition combined with the skillful use of paint and color, all driven by sensory perception, intuition and memory. No matter the time in history, when done masterfully, it is timeless. In daily life, we 'look' but we do not always 'see'. We are physical beings in a tactile three dimensional world. Representation makes us pay attention to our surroundings as well as to ideas and relationships. We all have a story to tell. It is my firm belief that representational painting will always be new no matter the trends or curatorial leanings of the times."

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Iva GueorguievaUSF Contemporary Art Museum

27 September - 12 December 2014

Tampa, September 5, 2014 – The USF Contemporary Art Museum is pleased to present the exhibition Making Sense: Rochelle Feinstein, Deborah Grant, Iva Gueorguieva, Dona Nelson open September 27 through December 12, 2014.

Making Sense brings together four artists who make distinctive contributions to contemporary painting. Through a range of approaches, they explore painting as a medium, a set of techniques, an historical institution and a framework for making sense. Inspired by WWII-era Enigma decoding machines, Rochelle Feinstein takes on puzzling figures of speech, inscrutable ideas and encrypted social codes as challenges for painterly representation. Using a method she calls “Random Select,” Deborah Grant creates imagined, non-linear narrative encounters between historical artists, interwoven with her own varied humanistic interests from literature to religion. Iva Gueorguieva adapts the visual language of modern abstraction to create tumultuous, energetic spaces on canvas; her process of building up paintings by layering torn cloth with pigment and color washes produces spontaneous, dynamic compositions rooted in personal stories. Dona Nelson’s two-sided paintings, stained and layered with strands of cheesecloth, invite viewers to encounter them as freestanding forms. Making Sense includes new works produced by Feinstein and Gueorguieva at Graphicstudio, the 45-year-old collaborative printmaking and sculpture atelier of the USF Institute for Research In Art. Curated by Margaret Miller, Director, USF Institute for Research in Art, and Megan Voeller, Associate Curator of Education, USF Contemporary Art Museum; organized by USF Contemporary Art Museum.

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Floor Flowers, curated by David PagelPeggy Phelps Gallery, Claremont Graduate University

2 September - 19 September 2014

Roy Dowell, Iva Guerorguieva, Julia Haft-Candell, Rachel Lachowicz, Michael Reafsnyder, Jim Richards, Steve Roden, Tessie Whitmore

Opening Reception: Tuesday September 2, 6-9PM
Claremont Graduate University
251 E. Tenth Street, Claremont, CA 91711
Gallery Hours: Monday- Friday 10am - 5pm

Patrick WilsonEvolving Geometries: Line, Form, and Color at the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech

25 September - 20 November 2014

Building on the rich tradition of geometric abstraction, three one-person exhibitions take the visual language of line, form, and color in compelling directions. In the first part of the 20th century, artists such as Wassily Kandinksky (1866-1944), Kasimir Malevich (1878-1935), and Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) explored a vocabulary of simple geometric forms—rectangles, triangles, squares, and line—in abstract compositions that addressed universal truths and utopian ideas. This tradition, carried forth, expanded, and transformed over the course of the 20th century, continues into the present with innovative approaches to the genre by:

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Markus LinnenbrinkEXPO Projects at EXPO CHICAGO

13 September 2014

EXPO Projects
IN/SITU provides exhibiting galleries the opportunity to showcase large-scale installations and site-specific works by leading artists during EXPO CHICAGO. Curated by Renaud Proch, Executive Director of Independent Curators International (ICI), the 2014 edition of the program is a reflection on artistic practice in Chicago, and on the intense exchange of ideas that the city generates.

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Franklin EvansArtist Talk at Montserrat College of Art

12 September 2014

Franklin Evans’ site-specific, all-encompassing environments include unstretched canvases, wall paintings, photos, sound and theoretical texts. Celebrating connections over divisions, Evans’s work brings images and ideas together through indexing, cataloguing and mapping. 

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Franklin Evansjuddrules at Monserrat Gallery

17 September – 14 December 2014

Montserrat College of Art is proud to present juddrules featuring New York-based artist Franklin Evans. While Evans considers himself first and foremost a painter his works are process-based physical environments, surrounded by the very source materials that conceptually inform his paintings. “It’s like walking into a painting,” describes Evans, anticipating how Montserrat Gallery will evolve into a ‘landscape’ of ephemeral and factual materials over the course of his three week residency.

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Monique van GenderenBright star: Monique van Genderen's abstract paintings by Michael Abatemarco, Santa Fe New Mexican

8 August 2014

The paintings of Monique van Genderen are something to move into: spaces defined by shape, color, depth, and motion. Van Genderen, a self-described nonobjective abstractionist, is hard to pin down to a particular genre or art movement, although her work touches on quite a few — including Abstract Expressionism, color-field painting, and Abstract Illusionism — while remaining in a class by itself. “I am working with a lot of elements of illusion, specifically conceptual illusions, playing with people’s expectations of what they’re looking at,” she told Pasatiempo. “Sometimes I landed in the color-field genre because I was making more reduced paintings with shapes I collaged together. But I’m really attempting to make every painting pretty different.” With notable, well-received exhibits on both coasts under her belt, van Genderen, a Los Angeles-based artist, comes to Santa Fe for her inaugural show at TAI Modern.

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Franklin EvansNew Acquisitions

Roanoke College, 5 September - 5 October 2014

This exhibition of new acquisitions brings together recent gifts to the Roanoke College's Permanent Art Collection that augments the strengths of the College's diverse holdings. Works represent internationally and nationally known artists: Derrick Adam, Ricky Allman, Michelle Arcilia, Dennis Ashbaugh, Pattie Lee Becker, Alex Brown, N. Dash, Franklin Evans, Clare Gill, Tatsuro Kiuchi, Mike Montero, Carrie Marill, Gary Peterson, Valerie Roybal, Mark Uriksen, and Firooz Zahedi.

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Franklin EvansModel as Mayhem by Matthew Farina

Artcritical, 5 August 2014

Entering Ameringer McEnery & Yohe, those who have followed Franklin Evans’s work over the last 10 years will recognize the artist’s application of readily accessible, process-spun materials to the gallery walls and floor. Materials that might otherwise be pulled from a painter’s trashcan, including paint-scuffed masking tape, clippings from photo albums and incomplete works on paper, are positioned in bursts of action that may at first seem disorganized. The solo exhibition, “paintingassupermodel,” is Evans’s first at Ameringer and succeeds as a personal rumination on Yve Alain Bois’s 1990 bookPainting as Model. Celebrated abstract paintings by Matisse, Mondrian and Newman, which Bois discusses in his book, make appearances in the exhibition.

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Hans HofmannHans Hofmann: Artist's works to be shown at Cal museum by Julian Guthrie

SF Gate, 31 July 2014

German American Abstract ExpressionistHans Hofmann credited his time teaching painting at UC Berkeley in the early 1930s for his "start in America as a teacher and artist."

Hofmann thanked the university with a gift of nearly 50 paintings representing the breadth of his life work, from Surrealist-influenced compositions to more physical and abstract images. The paintings are on display at the UC Berkeley Art Museum through Dec. 21 and represent the largest collection of the noted painter's work in any museum.

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Patrick WilsonNOW-ism: Abstraction Today

Pizzuti Collection, 6 September 2014 – 20 June 2015

A thought-provoking exhibition of twenty-first century painting, sculpture, video and furnishings representing the newest abstract work from today’s best artists. NOW-ISM features international emerging stars like Sarah Cain, Diana Al-Hadid and Florian Meisenberg and established artists including Columbus’ own art star Ann Hamilton, Jim Hodges, Teresita Fernández, Jason Middlebrook, Carrie Moyer and Pia Fries. The show will include more than 100 works spanning all three floors of the space.

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Thomas BurkeNOW-ism: Abstraction Today

Pizzuti Collection, 6 September 2014 – 20 June 2015

A thought-provoking exhibition of twenty-first century painting, sculpture, video and furnishings representing the newest abstract work from today’s best artists. NOW-ISM features international emerging stars like Sarah Cain, Diana Al-Hadid and Florian Meisenberg and established artists including Columbus’ own art star Ann Hamilton, Jim Hodges, Teresita Fernández, Jason Middlebrook, Carrie Moyer and Pia Fries. The show will include more than 100 works spanning all three floors of the space.

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Franklin Evans5 Must-See Gallery Shows by Scott Indrisek

Blouin Artinfo, 18 July 2014

Franklin Evans, “paintingassupermodel,” at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe through August 1

Understated and subtle are two adjectives that will never be applied to Evans’s work. For his debut at this gallery, he cannibalizes the entire space — including the floors — creating a massively dense, referential installation that’s terrifically entertaining to get lost within. Paint-spattered tape, computer print-outs, enlarged-and-stretched digital photos, and architectural schematics cover the walls; Plexi vitrines hold photographs and tiny sculptural odds-and-ends.

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Iva GueorguievaVariations: Conversations in and Around Abstract Painting

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 24 August 2014 – 22 March 2015

In an attention-compromised age when images are instant and prevalent, abstract painting serves as a contradiction, acting as a conduit for the mark of the original, individual artist. While most of the work in the exhibition has been recently created and acquired, additional paintings culled from LACMA’s collection illustrate how artists have reanimated techniques and forms using other sources that are appropriated from popular culture, photography, and collage, essentially creating a new variation of abstract painting.

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Markus LinnenbrinkThe Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

11 July 2014

A time-lapse video of Markus Linnenbrink painting the installation THERIDENEVERENDS. The painting was completed over the course of seven days in June, 2014.



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Franklin EvansBlake Gopnik's Latest Sightings

Blouin Artinfo, 14 July 2014

Daily Pic: Franklin Evans Shows Us Painting Today

This is a view into a manic installation called “paintingassupermodel,” by Franklin Evans. It’s now filling the Ameringer McEnery Yohe gallery in New York. The title is a clever updating of “Painting as Model,” the name of a famous 1993 book by art historian Yve-Alain Bois, sped up to the pace of the 21st century. There’s not even time for a break between words.

Evan’s installation does a pretty good job conjuring the feel of art as it is now experienced, as a ceaseless barrage of image and information and commerce that we’re supposed to take as-is, without too much processing or doubt. “Paintingassupermodel” levels the playing field between Matisse and Photoshop. What I couldn’t decide, as I took in the piece, was whether its frantic complexities acted as an invitation to dig deep to figure them out, or to skim along across their surfaces.

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Stephen DeanLight3 by Kelly Robbins

Fridman Gallery, 12 June - 11 July 2014

Light3 at the Fridman Gallery in New York, curated by Lilly Wei, is a must-see for anyone interested in the multiple ways in which light challenges our perception of colour, form and structure. The exhibition features the work of Stephen Dean, Jan Tichy and Ethan Ryman, three artists with very different sensibilities, who employ light as a means of defamiliarising what we see. Studio International had the opportunity to speak with Dean and Tichy about their work at the gallery. Ryman answered our questions via email.

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Franklin EvansPainting as Model by Patrick Neal

Hyperallergic, 9 July 2014

Yve-Alain Bois’s book Painting as Model was written twenty-odd years ago and continues to be an important text, providing conceptual fodder for many contemporary art practices. A case in point is the current exhibition of painting and installation by the artist Franklin Evans where a physical copy of Painting as Modelsits up front and center on the gallery floor while material unleashed from the book orbits about the space.


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Markus LinnenbrinkOFF THE WALL!

The Kunsthalle Nürnberg, 17 July - 10 December 2014

With installations of Cornelia Baltes, Benjamin Houlihan, Markus Linnenbrink, Claudia & Julia Müller, Christine Streuli and Alexander Wolff

Traditionally, based on two-dimensional painting, and can only reflect the image of a three-dimensional space. The group exhibition  Off the Wall! Image spaces and space forming but r presents positions of contemporary painting that make these classic two-dimensional self-conscious questioning. The invited artists expand the painting, by not restricting their works on the flat image carrier, but include the external architectural surroundings with. Her painting is the volume way up, expands and reaches into the third dimension. It occupies the exhibition space, for example through sculptural and installation-process or by the exhibition space - including the walls and floors - is at an all-over painting. "! Off the Wall" The exhibition title is always ambiguous to understand: In its literal translation it means as much as, but at the same time is in the English language for "unorthodox" or "" Off the Wall "" Off the Wall! " unconventional ".

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Markus LinnenbrinkThe Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

23 June 2014

If you walk by Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts' Hamilton Building this week, you’ll be greeted by a colorful new surprise. 

The legendary fine arts institution has commissioned German-born, New York-based contemporary artist Markus Linnenbrink to create a 118-foot vibrant masterpiece in the entrance hall. He is well known for his abstract, layered, colorful works.


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Franklin EvansSuper Sized Pastiche Royale by Oscar Laluyan

ARTE FUSE, 6 June 2014

The studio is where it's at - that's ground zero where the artist's thought process and experimentation explode into fruition.  Now what if you take that investigation into the gallery interior and set it free all over?  AF walked into the solo exhibition of Franklin Evans for paintingsassupermodel last week to witness the full color explosion come to life.  Maybe there was no Gisele Bundchen or Chanel Iman aka Super Models present but art was definitely making itself known in Super Sized doses. 

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George McNeilArt & Antiques

June 2014, By Carter Ratcliff

The contemporary New York art world has a backstory, rarely consulted, that begins in the optimistic 1920s and moves on to the bleak 1930s, a decade of Depression and institutional indifference to such local figures as Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko. Then came the 1940s, with its succession of astonishing breakthroughs, followed by the ’50s, which trained the spotlights of critical recognition and market success on so many of the pioneers, who by that time had been gathered under the Abstract Expressionist label. As the ’60s began, even some of the second-generation practitioners of AbEx—Alfred Leslie, Joan Mitchell—were acquiring high profiles. But not George McNeil, even though he belonged to the first generation.

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Franklin Evans: paintingassupermodelby James Kalm

Painters' Table

James Kalm visits the exhibition Franklin Evans: paintingassupermodel at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, New York, on view through 1 August 2014. 

Kalm notes: "Franklin Evans has been receiving much critical attention for his blurring of painting, the studio and installation.  Using the rubbish of his studio practice, particularly used masking tape and paint stained cloths, the artist fills the gallery top to bottom with colorful remnants, wall paintings and enlarged photos from previous installations, thereby presenting these projects as accumulations not only of materials, but also of memories.

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Stephen DeanFútbol: The Beautiful Game, LACMA

2 February - 20 July 2014

The exhibition examines football - nicknamed "the beautiful game" by one sports commentator - and its significance in societies around the world.  As a subject, football touches on issues of nationalism and identity, globalism and mass spectacle, as well as the common human experience shared by spectators from many cultures.  Celebrating the sport on the eve of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, the exhibition includes approximately thirty artists from around the world who work in video, photography, painting and sculpture.  Two room-sized video, photography, painting and sculpture.  Two room-sized video installations - Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, by the artists Philippe Parreno and Douglas Gordon, and Volta by Stephen Dean - anchor the exhibition.  Other works by artists including Miguel Calderon (whose 2004 video Mexico v. Brasil represents a 17-0 victory for Mexico). Robin Rhode, Kehinde Wiley, and Andy Warhol provide a sense of the miraculous possibilities of the sport as universal conversation piece. 

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Stephen DeanLIGHT3

Fridman Gallery, 12 June - 12 July 2014

While light has long been associated with the spiritual and metaphysical, Stephen Dean, Ethan Ryman and Jan Tichy emphasize its more phenomenal and psychological qualities. In their work, it is treated analytically—although not without a sense of the poetic—as a means to comprehend and engage with the world.


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Markus LinnenbrinkMorrison & Foerster’s New York Office Anchors Innovative Manhattan High-rise

Morrison & Foerster New York, 3 June 2014

As part of the launch of its new office, Morrison & Foerster commissioned prominent New York artist Markus Linnenbrink to produce eight original 9-X-42-foot paintings for the space. Each of the oversized works will adorn one of the firm’s eight elevator lobby areas. The paintings reflect Linnenbrink’s trademark style of using the medium of acrylic and a myriad of pigments to form a full spectrum of colors on wood panels.



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Julio Larraz: 200 Years of PowerGaleria Arteconsult, Panama

11 June 2014

The title 200 Years in Power represents both the name of the show and the painting on the cover.  Julio has always wanted the viewer to establish a narrative based on their own imagination.  The characters in the painting should also be left for the viewer to contemplate and determine for themselves, but the simple meaning of the title and the work is the "usurpation of power, or the abuse of power".  Julio's characters are hand picked and may not relate directly to the subject matter at all.  Other times, there is a crystal clear connection that forces ones imagination in a certain direction.

Julio's inspiration is often unique and distant.  In The Mind's Eye he discusses how images come to him as if in a dream and his constant attempt to capture them before they disappear.  His works are generally combinations of visual images that come to him mixed with philosophical questions that he is contemplating internally.  Julio prefers to not discuss too much of the visions and complexity within his imagination, as he prefers to allow the work to be a question, provoking thought and investigation within ones own imagination.

Markus Linnenbrink: The Skull ShowThe Bedford Gallery at Lesher Center for the Arts

12 June - 31 August 2014

Closing their season, the Bedford Gallery will narrow its focus to the physical and historical world of the skull. The Skull Show examines the role that skulls have played in the historical register, as memento mori, traditional religious icons, and vanitas themes in still life paintings. The Skull Show will also highlight the role the skull has played in the contemporary arts, exploring its appearance in counter cultures such as skate, surf, tattoo, as well as urban graffiti projects. 


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Markus Linnenbrink

Odetta Gallery, 30 May - 29 June 2014

Markus Linnenbrink will be exhibiting in his neighborhood of Bushwick for the first time, showing his large-­‐scale painting MEINWILDEHERZ and other recent work. MEINWILDEHERZ embodies layers of emotion, memory and a passion for the gestural abstraction of the mid-­‐20th century Abstract Expressionists.

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Iva GueorguievaGueorguieva's collaged paintings at Samson by Cate McQuaid

Boston Globe, 13 May 2014

There’s nothing soothing about Iva Gueorguieva’s dense, elastic, collaged paintings at Samson. Many of them have the look of a city imploding. Lines tangle, planes twist and bend; forms shatter. With colors, collisions, and veering angles, she sends a viewer’s eye ricocheting.

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Julio Larraz in "Caribbean: Crossroads of the World"

Pérez Art Museum Miami, 18 April - 17 August 2014

Caribbean: Crossroads of the World will highlight over two centuries of rarely seen works—from paintings and sculptures to prints, photographs, installations, films, and videos—dating from the Haitian Revolution to the present. This exhibition employs an inter-disciplinary approach to advance our understanding of the Caribbean and its artistic heritage and contemporary practices. It focuses on four central themes: Fluid Motions, Counterpoints, Shades of History, and Kingdoms of this World. These interconnected frameworks allow insight into the complex context from which the vital and varied artistic production of the region has emerged, illuminating the multiple histories of the region.

Julio Larraz's featured work from 2013 is titled Traffic.

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Triangle Cloud by Brian AlfredArt | Basel | Hong Kong: Film Program

15 - 18 May 2014

Curated by Li Zhenhua, director and founder of Beijing Art Lab, the Film sector presents an exciting program of films by and about artists. 

Screenings take place in the agnès b. cinema at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

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Six Decades in Wolf Kahn's Landscapeby John Seed

Hyperallergic, 30 April 2014

The earliest painting on view in Wolf Kahn: Six Decades is a large landscape-derived abstraction from 1960 titled “Into a Clearing.” It features a loose, pulsing welter of brushstrokes that coalesce into lush zones of breathing, blooming color. “Weaving Gray and Yellow,” another oil on canvas completed fifty-four years later, and also on display in “Six Decades” shows a similar gestural approach but with added notes of linearity and a little less painterly vapor.  Consistently in love with landscape — and the idea of landscape as an abstraction — Wolf Kahn has lovingly built a very vivid and beautiful oeuvre since first exhibiting his paintings at the Hansa Gallery, one of New York’s first co-op galleries, nearly sixty years ago.

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Wolf KahnWolf Kahn and Six Decades of Color by Scott Indrisek

Blouin Artinfo, 28 April 2014

At 86, Wolf Kahn is still a firecracker. The painter — who has spent the majority of his life in New York, and who is known for vibrantly colored landscapes and nature scenes — is the subject of a six-decade retrospective on view at Ameringer McEnery Yohe through May 31. “The earlier the painting is, the better it seems to me to be,” Kahn deadpanned, thinking back to some of the canvases he produced in the early ’60s. “I think I’ve gone downhill ever since.” On a more serious note, he’s proud of himself for not resting on his laurels: “Here I am, still trying to do things that I don’t know how to do, strike out in new directions. I think that’s very healthy, and I consider myself fortunate.”

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Brian AlfredNew Animations

Hezi Cohen Gallery, 24 April - 31 May 2014

The work of New York-based artist Brian Alfred examines the relations between the media and the real, underscoring the gap between reportage and first-person experience.  Alfred's sources of reference range from news items, which aspire to etch their images in the consciousness of all, to sights taken by Alfred himself while traveling.  Two primary means to his work - fragmentation and abstraction - take us back in their directness to the experimental works of early modernism.  Alfred uses the fragment to claim the viewer's alertness, but as opposed to the avant-garde artists, the world from which he reports appears to be already saturated with and inured to sensations. 

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Iva GueorguievaSamson

18 April - 31 May 2014

Don't be fooled: they're not pretty.  They might be harmonic, but dissonance dominates.  And while they're birthed in a series of personal reveries, every time in the outcome they're social.  I recall Adorno thought Schoenberg was valid because his meticulously-fractured, mathematically-battered structures perfectly mapped the world from which they withdrew.  And later it was: yes to poetry after Auschwitz...provided it's a scream.  You might think this too heavy given the living color and the hypnotic-magnetic allure of Iva's toppling geometries.  But that's why I start with a warning.  Don't look away; trust the nauseous corner of your eye.  Three out of four paintings are mean and the fourth one is an apocalypse.  

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Sandra Mendelsohn RubinInterview by John Seed

Huffington Post, 16 April 2014

For nearly 35 years, while the art world has hemmed and hawed, painter Sandra Mendelsohn Rubin has steered a steady course. As Rubin's subject matter has progressed -- most recently Rubin has been painting aerial views -- her technique has remained consistently spellbinding. Rubin builds up the surfaces of her work with undiluted, unglazed layers of oil paint applied with uncanny precision. The resulting paintings, which are often small in scale, demonstrate the artist's deeply felt exploration of her surroundings and also her sense of their underlying energies.

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Patrick LeeNew Drawings

Western Project, 29 March - 3 May 2014

Western Project is proud to present the third solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist, Patrick Lee. For over ten years Lee has worked on his series Deadly Friends; an investigation into the lives of men on the streets of America. Looking to understand the subtle and often forceful appearances of men the artist has created a body of work this time inspired by the environs around LA City Jail and the nearby Union Station.

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Franklin EvansA word with the artist: Franklin Evans

RENO Magazine, 20 March 2014

Timepaths, a process-based multi-media installation by Reno-born artist Franklin Evans, served as the inspiration and the backdrop for RENO Magazine’s spring fashion spread. The installation, housed at the Nevada Museum of Art through April 20, investigates the complex paths Evans has taken as a contemporary artist.

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Kevin AppelKevin Appel Answers the Perennial Question: New York or Los Angeles?, 17 March 2014

Many words have been spilled recently, by artists in particular, over the perennial question: New York or Los Angeles? On the occasion of Kevin Appel’s first solo exhibition in NYC since 2009, and his first ever with Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe it seems we may have found one of the more levelheaded voices yet to enter the conversation. “Los Angeles has always had a bit of an identity crisis, partially due to the external view of L.A. as having this superficial mentality tied to the film industry,” explains the photographer-cum-painter, an Angeleno for all his life save for a brief stint studying in Manhattan. “It doesn’t have a long lineage of a canonical or intellectual history, as opposed to New York.”

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Franklin EvansFranklin Evans by Maria Calandra

Pencil in the Studio, 9 March 2014

Nearly 50 visits in and I finally made it across the river to draw, spending the day with Franklin Evans in his studio in the Lower East Side a couple of Saturdays ago. After making my way down Bowery, I looked up to see short neon strips of tape and painted pieces of paper that were missing their center squares, dangling from the inside of windows of a second floor apartment building. I knew I was in the right place. I had the overwhelming feeling of having been in this studio before when I walked in to his space. I soon realized I was thinking back to the strong impression his elaborate mixed-media exhibition at Sue Scott Gallery had on me in the spring of 2012. It was a memorable glimpse into the artist's mind, studio, and process. Evans was breaking the fourth wall with that exhibition and remembering it made me even more eager to begin my drawing.

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Franklin EvansMaterial Images curated by Nate Hitchcock

at Johannes Vogt Gallery 6 March - 5 April 2014

“Material Images” brings together 10 artists whose practices encompass a diverse range of formal and procedural strategies. Tying them together are their concerns with abstraction and issues of materialization surrounding the status of images today.

Kari Altmann, Trudy Benson, Petra Cortright, Franklin Evans, Lauren Luloff, Michael Manning, Jessica Sanders, Kate Steciw, Rebecca Ward and Jeff Zilm

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Iva GueorguievaIva Gueorguieva’s Surface-Effect By Nadiah Fellah

New American Paintings, 18 February 2014

Iva Gueorguieva’s (NAP #73) paintings, on view at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York, bring a breathe of California sun to our frigid New York winter. Working up the surfaces of her large canvases into almost a fetishized frenzy, the paintings are abstract, yet indicative of movement. By denying viewers the ability to rest their eyes on any one component for too long, her works are both mesmerizing and disconcerting, inducing frustration as one tries to pinpoint figures or structures within the compositions. Fractions, edges, and suggestions of such imagery exist, but are ungraspable as they dissolve into the chaos of each scene.

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Iva GueorguievaIva Gueorguieva's Projector Compressor by Sarah Bay Williams

ArtSlant, 9 February 2014

You think I’m describing your lover to you, exactly the night you met, twenty years ago. “But what about...” you begin, and think better of it, allowing me my impressions, limited and one-dimensional compared to yours—you, who sought and found all the ecstatic tickling flutters and sudden despairs of the heart, explored every hill and dale of their form, caught every nuance of manner and nervous tick.

But I’m not writing about your lover. This is about the paintings and sculpture of Iva Gueorguieva, the emotionally rife and viscerally electrifying works with which you, I, or anyone else, may become intimately acquainted in very personal and differing ways. You may see the small patch of blue that makes you want to cry; I, the red flutter of lines that burns magnetic like solar flares; someone else, the dark, dark lagoon harboring a gravitational pull like the center of the galaxy. Her marks and shapes feels more like moments in time – a millisecond in the midst of furious activity – than like areas of space filled with paint. If you really get to know Women and the Ocean (2013) or Suitor (2013), as you would a partner, you’ll find that these paintings have lives of their own.

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Iva GueorguievaInterview by Arthur Peña

ART HAPS, 8 February 2014

Arthur Peña: The role of history plays a big part in your work. This operates in two modes of objective history such as art historical content and the broader negotiation with our past and also the subjective history of your decisions that rest within the painting. How do you mediate between these two sets of history as content?

Iva Gueorguieva: I believe that we all carry within our flesh the memories, desires and traumas of the previous generations. There is a muscle memory that becomes alive in the act of painting and I feel it.

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Rod Penner and Suzanne CaporaelReview by Lilly Wei

ARTnews, February 2014

Rod Penner's small, meticulously painted landscapes of Texas and its environs, all from the last three years, pack a hefty amount of big sky and small town into their abbreviated formats. Penner pictures cafes (including a beautiful one showing a neon "Mexican Food" sign's reflection shimmering green on the rain-slicked surface of the parking lot), as well as convenience stores, laundromats, garages, houses along highways, nondescript main streets, and strip malls. Numerous gas stations are shown that might or might not be abandoned.

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Julio Larraz“Two Hundred Years in Power” Galeria Arteconsult, Panama city, Panama, in collaboration with Ascaso Gallery

November 2013 - February 2014

Julio Larraz was born in Havana, Cuba, 12 March 1944. The son of a newspaper editor, he began drawing at a very early age. In 1961 his whole family moved to Miami, Florida. In 1962 they moved to Washington, DC, and in 1964 to New York. There he began to draw political caricatures that were published by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune and Vogue magazine, among others.

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Patrick WilsonLA Times Review by David Pagel

Los Angeles Times, 23 January 2014

If Patrick Wilson tossed a pebble into a pond, the ripples that emanated from it would probably take the shape of perfectly formed squares or nicely proportioned rectangles. That is the image his exhibition, “Steak Night,” leaves the viewer: an impossible change to the laws of nature that brings you face to face with a world more beautiful that the real one. 

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Liat YossiforA Conversation with Liat Yossifor by Lilliana Rodrigues

The Nomadic Journal, 9 January 2014

Lilliana Rodrigues – I understand that your new work is done in three-days per painting. I am curious about this time constraint you impose on yourself. In the past, fresco painters had to deal with the properties of freshly laid wet plaster and pigments; thus, they were forced to paint quickly. What does it mean for you, as a contemporary painter, to set a time constraint on yourself?

Liat Yossifor – I have worked before with one layer of paint while it is still wet and moveable, and the duration of the piece was until the paint starts to dry, which for oil paint is on the fourth day. But in the past two years, I have switched over to large scale, which is when these short sessions began to matter. Now, regardless of the drying properties, I set the clock as a way to structure the process. I work fast, and in continuum – one three-day session to the next – and I feel like I am in a constant state of flux, in liquid, until the layer starts to oxidize and then I step out and go for the next run with the next painting.

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Hans HofmannHans Hofmann's Purple Modernism by Daniel Larkin

Hyperallergic, 21 January 2014

In the realm of high-modern abstract painting, the color purple rarely gets the spotlight. The hue doesn't have its own Picasso phase, like rose or blue. And let's face it: Jackson Pollock's "Lavender Mist" is light on the lavender and heavy on the black and white. So it's exciting to watch Hans Hofmann play with purple and give it center stage in a pair of works on view right now at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe.


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Patrick WilsonSteak Night

at Susanne Vielmetter, 11 January - 22 February 2014

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to announce the gallery's sixth solo exhibition for new work by Patrick Wilson. Wilson is known for creating finely calibrated, luminous abstract paintings composed of lines and quadrilaterals. He uses a simple and straightforward medium, paint on canvas, to build a richly layered composition of complex spatial dynamics. 

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Michael ReafsnyderSunday Best

at Susanne Vielmetter, 11 January - 22 February 2014

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to announce the gallery's first solo exhibition with Los Angeles-based painter, Michael Reafsnyder.

Inspired by the CoBrA movement and abstract expressionism, Reafsnyder's paintings are thick with paint, exuberant gestures, and vibrant color. He uses indulgent amounts of acrylic to build compositions that prioritize the surface of the canvas; proposing an experience of painting that is as tactile as it is visual. Concerned with pleasure, joy, and frivolity, his work galvinizes sensory experiences and challenges historical cliches of the artist's psychic self-expression and metaphysical drama. 

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Gene DavisReview by Donald Kuspit

Artforum, December 2013

Made between 1961 and 1985, the eight enormous acrylic-on-canvas paintings by Gene Davis in this show - all composed of vertical bands and stripes - testify to the artist's devotion to color. "To understand what my painting is all about," Davis once said, "look at my painting in terms of individual[ing] a specific color such as yellow or a lime green, and take the time to see how it operates across the painting." When one looks at Yellow Jacket, 1969, one notices yellow used in a variety of ways: On the right, narrow vertical lines of yellow are tightly interspersed with orange lines; on the left, blue and pink stripes are sandwiched between relatively wide bands of lemon; and in roughly the center, medium-size gold stripes emerge from within a broad swath of lime green. The result is a dazzling irregularity - the yellow takes on a variety of qualities, multiple personalities. Larger, toneless vertical lines on either side contain the painting more or less in half. The work's eccentric yet reasoned structure, coupled with the colors' various tones and intensities, makes for an ingeniously polyphonic musical painting.


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Brian AlfredArt | Basel | Miami Beach: Film Program

4 December 2013

Art Basel presents a premier program of films by and about artists, selected by David Gryn, Director of London's Artprojx, and Zurich collector This Brunner. Gryn's 2013 program presents over 70 film and video works drawn from the show's participating galleries. 

The third edition of David Gryn's selection for Art Basel's Miami Beach show explores the collaborative creative process via intersections between visual artists, composers, musicians, choreographers, dancers, and animators.

Suzanne Caporaelby Will Heinrich, 19 November 2013

There are worse things you could do with The New York Times than cut blocks of color out of its photos and advertisements and glue them together, as Suzanne Caporael does, into elegant, postcard-size, abstract collages. In 028 (like calculus), five superimposed sections make a neat white frame around a vertical bicolor of violet-black and pale blue. A golden yellow curver sinks down from the top toward a white square with a muddy purple corner folded in. A slightly muddled edge above the darker half, three round bumps at the bottom, faint white lines where the framing newsprint covers another piece's edge, some type on the verso just barely showing through, and the partial date - the piece was made this year, sometime after the 10th of a month ending in "y" - all pull together, as curated accidents and gracefully understated decisions.

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Brian Alfred100 Works for 100 Years: A Centennial Celebration

Montclair Art Museum, 15 January - 31 July 2014

On January 15, 2014, the Montclair Art Museum will celebrate its centennial. On view will be a collection-based exhibition throughout the Museum and its grounds, with 100 works reflecting its rich cultural history and legacy. 

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Franklin EvansConversation with Greg Lindquist

The Brooklyn Rail, 5 November 2013

In a series of conversations held over the past summer months and into a fall museum installation, artist Franklin Evans spoke with artist and Art Books in Review editor Greg Lindquist. The two discussed the relationships of Evans’s process-based painting installations to Internet media, digital technologies, and the related phenomena of discontinuous focus. Evans’s solo exhibition timepaths opened at the Nevada Museum of Art on October 5, 2013 and will remain on view until April 20, 2014.

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Rod PennerInterview by John Seed

Huffington Post, 25 October 2013

Rod Penner, a Texas-based photorealist, is currently showing a selection of his painstakingly crafted paintings of small town Texas at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe in New York. The exhibition – which New York Magazine hailed as “superb” – includes a suite of six inch square paintings that feature bravura depictions of tire stores, muddy roads and rutted asphalt.



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Brian AlfredRepresented by Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

New York, New York - Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe is pleased to announce that Brian Alfred is now represented by the gallery.


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Franklin Evanstimepaths

The Nevada Museum of Art, 5 October 2013 - 20 April 2014

timepaths is a process-based, multi-media installation by Reno-born artist Franklin Evans that investigates the complex paths he’s taken as a contemporary artist. Now living in New York and showing in galleries internationally, Evans first started painting at Stanford University as an undergraduate in 1987. At that time university art programs tended to maintain distinct boundaries between various media. Evans, however, sought a more complex visual language and began to explore the dissolution of distinct media through collaborations with choreographers, writers, and curators. His resulting installations take on the appearance of labyrinthine studio spaces where materials from diverse times and places in his life provide context and are given equal attention.

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Gene Davis

Wall Street Journal, 14 September 2013

"Look at the painting in terms of individual colors," said the Washington painter of vertical stripes, Gene Davis (1920-1985). "In other words, instead of simply glancing at the work, select a specific color such as yellow or a lime green, and take the time to see how it operates across the painting.... And then, you can understand what my painting is all about." Usually—at least with me—it's annoying for an artist to tell viewers how to look at his work. But with Mr. Davis, and this deliciously select show of a half-dozen large paintings from 1961 to 1980, the instructions are entirely tolerable.

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Franklin EvansRepresented by Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

New York, New York - Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe is pleased to announce that Franklin Evans is now represented by the gallery. Evans' inaugural exhibition with the gallery will open on Thursday 5 June 2014.

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Iva Gueorguievaat ACME., by Christopher Knight

L.A. Times, 13 September 2013

Chaos has been called a science of surprises, and Iva Gueorguieva's paintings, drawings and relief-sculptures are nothing if not a rigorous embrace of the chaotic. But the turbulence in her work also seems as bracingly orchestrated as it is random and haphazard.

Six recent paintings on linen or paper and three relief constructions at ACME are anchored in the front room by a big triptych nearly 10 feet high and 15 feet wide. Visually, “Man Hunt” reads from left to right. Splintered shapes and whiplash lines of force pick up density and speed as your eye travels across the surface, but unexpected detours crop up along the way.

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Iva Gueorguievaat ACME., by Julia Friedman

Artforum, September 2013

Iva Gueorguieva’s current exhibition is replete with symbolism. The year referenced in the title of her acrylic and oil stick collage "Seated Woman: 1974," 2013, points to the ultimate origin of the piece: The Los Angeles–based artist was born in 1974 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Yet the work points to its art-historical origins as well: Seated Woman owes a great deal to Pablo Picasso, Umberto Boccioni, and Giacomo Balla. The largest work on view is the sixteen-foot collage "Man Hunt," 2013, a triptych whose panels merge into a complex design full of semiotic nods to a bustling metropolis. The work features an illusionistic torn portal, which also brings to mind another art-historical predecessor: Ilya Kabakov and his "The Man Who Flew into Space from His Apartment," 1988, an installation centered around an empty makeshift sling, from which the protagonist had just catapulted into the cosmos leaving behind a prosaic Soviet apartment. In both cases the viewer is left to contemplate the scene cluttered with markings and objects but with the man hunted and the man who flew long gone.

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Kevin AppelThe Ghost of Architecture: Recent and Promised Gifts

Henry Art Gallery, Univ. of Wash. 13 July - 29 September 2013

The Ghost of Architecture celebrates the addition of important works of art to the Henry’s permanent collection in the last five years.

Curated from recent gifts and promised gifts to the collection, the exhibition focuses on contemporary works that invoke architecture without citing it directly. Architecture or the architectural dimension is referenced by the artists in the show, either as a displaced or isolated fragment, as fantasy or folly, as the site of ordinary or extraordinary events, or as memory or the missing context in larger narratives.

Installation photography R.J. Sánchez

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Kevin Appel

Christopher Grimes Gallery, 13 September - 2 November 2013

Christopher Grimes Gallery is pleased announce an exhibition of new work by Kevin Appel. This will be Appel’s first exhibition with the gallery. Kevin Appel’s paintings explore the relationship between architecture and the painted image. Using photographs as a ground on which to build his painting, he applies layers of paint that act as screens, compressing the perceived space. The act of looking through one element to another, or the blocking of one impenetrable layer by another has become a hallmark of his paintings.

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Kevin AppelLevity/Gravity

IN/SITU: EXPO CHICAGO, 19 - 22 September 2013

EXPO CHICAGO, The International Exposition of Contemporary and Modern Art, is proud to announce the following list of artists that will participate in IN/SITU. Curated by Shamim M. Momin, Director, Curator, and co-founder of LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division), IN/SITU is a key element of the exposition's innovative artistic programming, providing the opportunity for exhibitors to showcase large-scale installations, site-specific and performative works by select international artists. Under the title, “Levity/Gravity,” the program includes work from Diana Al-Hadid, Kevin Appel, Sanford Biggers, Jose Dávila, Dan Gunn, Karl Haendel, Glenn Kaino, Andreas Lolis, Michael Rakowitz, Shinique Smith and Alec Soth.

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Robert MotherwellThe Early Collages

The Guggenheim Museum, 27 September 2013 - 5 January 2014

Devoted exclusively to papier collés and related works on paper from the 1940s and early 1950s by Robert Motherwell, this exhibition features nearly sixty artworks and examines the American artist's origins and his engagement with collage. The exhibition also honors Peggy Guggenheim's early patronage of the artist. At her urging, and under the tutelage of émigré Surrealist artist Matta, Motherwell first experimented with the papier collé technique. He recalled years later: "I might never have done it otherwise, and it was here that I 'identity.'" By cutting, tearing, and layering pasted papers, Motherwell reflected the tumult and violence of the modern world, establishing him as an essential and original voice in postwar American art. Motherwell initially produced both figural and abstract collages, but by the early 1950s Surrealist influences prevalent in these first works had given way to his distinctive mature style, which was firmly rooted in Abstract Expressionism. "Robert Motherwell: Early Collages" will be presented at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, May 26 - September 8, 2013, before traveling to its second and final venue, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, September 27, 2013 - January 5, 2014.

This exhibition is organized by Susan Davidson, Senior Curator, Collections and Exhibitions, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

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Iva GueorguievaSpill / Frame

ACME., 6 September - 12 October 2013

ACME. is pleased to present "Spill / Frame," a solo exhibition of new paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Los Angeles based artist, Iva Gueorguieva. The exhibition will feature a new large-scale triptych painting titled "Man Hunt," as well as three additional paintings, three sculptural wall reliefs, and several works on paper. Whether working with painting, drawing or sculpture, Gueorguieva creates complex, frenetic environments by interweaving precise line drawings with strips of collage, textured rubbings of pigment, and large washes of color.

By physically and metaphorically cutting and bringing together disparate items and ideas in her paintings, drawings, and sculptures, Gueorguieva's works can be seen as assemblages of chaos and order, personal concerns and global issues. As the artist states, "to some extent we all do it, trying to make all this scattered matter fit."

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Iva GueorguievaIt's New, It's Now: Recent Gifts of Contemporary Prints and Drawings

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 14 July - 1 September 2013

It's New, It's Now. See iconic, eye-catching works by bold-faced names in the contemporary art world. Ranging in date from the 1960s to the present, this exhibition showcases more than 90 original works on paper.

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A Conversation with Kevin Appelby Julia Schwartz

Figure/Ground Communications, 28 June 2013

Kevin Appel was born in Los Angeles. He received his BFA from Parsons School of Design in 1990 and his MFA from the University of California in 1995. He is a Professor and Associate Chair of Graduate Studies at the University of California Irvine. His solo exhibitions include Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, Culver City (2012); ACME Gallery, Los Angeles (2009); Two Rooms Gallery, Auckland (2008); Wilkinson Gallery, London (2006); Angles Gallery, Santa Monica (2006, 2002, 1999, 1998); Museo Rufino Tamayo, Mexico City (2003); Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York (2001); and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (1999). His work is included in MOMA, LACMA, MOCA, and Portland Art Museum in Oregon. He has an upcoming show at Christopher Grimes Gallery in September 2013. Appel maintains a studio in Los Angeles. 

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Rod PennerHyper Real - More than pop!

The Saarland.Museum | Modern Gallery, 30 June - 13 October 2013

The Saarland.Museum | Modern Gallery presents the exhibition Hyper Real - More than pop! featuring paintings and sculptures from 1967 to 2012 focusing on the photo-realistic movement. The exhibition is developed by Meinrad Maria Grewenig with Otto Last and the Institute for Cultural Exchange in cooperation with the legendary Louis K. Meisel Gallery New York.


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Kevin AppelPainting Two: The thick of it

Two Rooms Gallery, Auckland, NZ, 19 April - 18 May 2013

Two Rooms presents an exhibition celebrating the power of a material once basic to the artist: paint. At times neglected in an era of video, installation and conceptual art, paint has not gone away. All the artists in this group have a strong engagement both with its physical properties and its transformative potential.

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Kevin AppelPainting in Place

Los Angeles Nomadic Division, 22 May - 31 July 2013

Painting in Place is a group exhibition of contemporary painting which will be presented in the historic Farmers and Merchants Bank in Downtown Los Angeles (401 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90013).

The exhibition will present a wide array of work from contemporary artists that tackle painting from various perspectives, using both traditional and unconventional techniques and media in their approach to the discipline. Exploring various ways sculpture, and installation: blurred, deconstructed, and refigured.

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Rod Penner

Museu del Tabac, 13 June - 20 October 2013

Rod Penner's hyperrealistic acrylic painting "Central Motel / Des Moines, NM" will be exhibited in a group show at the Museu del Tabac in Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra. The exhibition will open on 13 June and will remain on view through October 20th, 2013.

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Becoming Hans Hofmannby Karen Wilkin

Art & Antiques Magazine, May 2013

Known best as an inspiring teacher before coming to America, he continued to teach in the U.S. and to codify the principles of his teaching in his writings, exerting considerable influence. The alumni of Hofmann’s Eighth Street school include such notable figures as Michael Goldberg, Alfred Jensen, Wolf Kahn, Lee Krasner, Robert de Niro Sr., Red Grooms, Paul Resika and many more. Hofmann’s lectures on art had a profound effect on some of the most significant members of the New York cultural scene; Arshile Gorky attended them and the critic Clement Greenberg always said that hearing Hofmann’s talks in 1938-39 was vital to the formation of his own uncompromising aesthetic. Yet engaged as Hofmann continued to be by teaching and writing after leaving Germany, and influential as his instruction and theories were, the most notable aspect of his American years was his refinding of his original identity, not as a teacher and theorist, but as a deeply engaged maker of art and a master manipulator of color.

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Iva GueorguievaReinvigorating Prints

The Washington Post, 26 April 2013

“Reinvigorating” is a mild word for what Iva Gueorguieva does in her large works, which combine collage, drawing and painting with nearly a dozen printmaking techniques. Those were developed, of course, to make multiples copies of a single original. But “Reinvigorating Prints,” at George Washington University’s Luther W. Brady Gallery, features one-of-a-kind works. The L.A. artist’s pieces are not finished when pulled from the press; she adds scraps of paper or fabric and garnished freely with ink, watercolor and oil and vinyl paint.

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Iva GueorguievaReinvigorating Prints

Luther W. Brady Art Gallery, 27 March - 3 May 2013

Iva Gueorguieva: Reinvigorating Prints will feature several large multi-media prints, completed at Graphicstudio, University of South Florida, that adapt the complicated and spontaneous nature of the artist’s paintings. Gueorguieva’s prints have been described as “pushing printmaking past its usual comfort zone. Spatially mesmerizing, kinetic and gestural.”


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Kevin AppelQ + A by Jill Singer, 14 March 2013

Q+A with Kevin Appel, by Jill Singer

In the long list of ways that New York differs from Los Angeles, we’ve always been particularly fascinated by one: New York can be a very physically demanding place to live, but it is not a difficult city to understand on a psychological level. In Los Angeles, the living is easier, but there seems to be – especially among artists – a constant grappling to define and understand LA as a place. LA artist Kevin Appel explains it this way: “Los Angeles has always had a bit of an identity crisis partially due to the external view of LA as having this superficial mentality tied to the film industry. It doesn’t have a long lineage of a canonical or intellectual history, as opposed to New York.” He should know: Appel is a native Angeleno who has called the city home for almost his entire life – save for a brief stint at Parsons for his BFA – and he’s been steeped in the city’s history and vocabulary since birth. Growing up, his father was an architect and his mother an interior designer, so it makes sense that the city’s structures and surroundings would eventually become his subject matter.

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Robert MotherwellThe Early Collages

The Guggenheim Museum

Venice: 26 May - 8 September 2013

New York: 27 September 2013 - 5 January 2014

Devoted exclusively to papier collés and related works on paper from the 1940s and early 1950s by Robert Motherwell, this exhibition features nearly sixty artworks and examines the American artist's origins and his engagement with collage. The exhibition also honors Peggy Guggenheim's early patronage of the artist. At her urging, and under the tutelage of émigré Surrealist artist Matta, Motherwell first experimented with the papier collé technique. He recalled years later: "I might never have done it otherwise, and it was here that I 'identity.'" By cutting, tearing, and layering pasted papers, Motherwell reflected the tumult and violence of the modern world, establishing him as an essential and original voice in postwar American art. Motherwell initially produced both figural and abstract collages, but by the early 1950s Surrealist influences prevalent in these first works had given way to his distinctive mature style, which was firmly rooted in Abstract Expressionism. "Robert Motherwell: Early Collages" will be presented at the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, May 26 - September 8, 2013, before traveling to its second and final venue, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, September 27, 2013 - January 5, 2014.

This exhibition is organized by Susan Davidson, Senior Curator, Collections and Exhibitions, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.

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Helen FrankenthalerBeyond the Sea by Karen Wilkin

Art & Antiques Magazine, March 2013

The late Helen Frankenthaler famously "departed" from Jackson Pollock with her early stain paintings in the 1950s, but she kept on making departures for the rest of her long, innovative career.

When Helen Frankenthaler died in December 2011, two weeks after her 83rd birthday, most tributes to her invoked "Mountains and Sea," the delicately colored, luminous stain paintings that she made in 1952, as a precocious 23-year old, a work that has come to define her almost as narrowly as "The Scream" defines Edvard Munch. Just about every article recounted, as well, the story of the powerful effect "Mountains and Sea" had on Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland, when they saw the picture in Frankenthaler's studio on a 1953 visit to New York, almost everyone quoted Louis' description of the seminal painting's young author as "the bridge between Pollock and what was possible."

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Esteban VicenteReview by Donald Kuspit

Artforum, March 2013

Esteban Vicente died in 2001, having lived to the ripe age of ninety-seven and worked to the end. It was not a bitter end, as his last paintings – thirteen of which were on view in this exhibition – indicate. Made between 1998 and 2000, these bright, colorful abstractions were inspired by the artist’s garden in Bridgehampton, New York, where he lived and worked. Among the flowers he planted were phlox, helianthus, foxgloves, daisies, and morning glories, all apparently in great abundance and carefully cultivated. Registering the effect of sunlight hitting the blossoms, the paintings are a sort of tachistic patchwork of quietly lyrical, atmospheric hues, sometimes amorphously spreading, sometimes striking and concentrated, like the red patches that suddenly appear as spontaneous accents in "Untitled," 1999.

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Tam Van Tran: Leaves of OreThe Review Panel

National Academy Museum, 1 March 2013

The Review Panel: An Evening of Critical Conversation About Art

Ellie Bronson, Jonathan Goodman and John Yau join moderator David Cohen to discuss Tam Van Tran, Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe; Shinique Smith, James Cohan Gallery; Ragnar Kjartansson, Luhring Augustine; and Bernard Frize, Pace Gallery. National Academy Museum, 1083 Fifth Avenue at 89th Street, New York from 6:30 to 8:00 PM.

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Tam Van Tran: Leaves of Ore IIThe ADAA Art Show

6 - 10 March 2013

New York, New York - Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe is pleased to announce a solo booth of work by Tam Van Tran at The Art Show, organized by the Art Dealers Association of America (ADAA) at the Park Avenue Armory, Park Avenue at 67th Street, New York, from 6 - 10 March. Gala Preview on 5 March.

In "Leaves of Ore II," Tam Van Tran begins with fragments such as porcelain shards that evoke memories of ceramic jars his mother used in Vietnam to make fish sauce and copper sheets that lift with air currents like palm fronds in the California Santa Ana winds. The fragments include found objects, cardboard and palm leaves as well as natural materials, clay, paint and paper. The materials come together and embody Tran's recalled experiences of bombs floating onto shore, villagers fishing with grenades, and intermittent evacuations. Acutely aware of himself as a Vietnamese-American absorbing both Eastern and Western cultural influences, Tran is an artist who actively considers, explores, and expands painting concepts.

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Hans Hofmann: Magnum OpusMuseum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern

8 March - 16 June 2013

"Magnum Opus," an exhibition of works by Hans Hofmann, will open in Germany at the Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern on 8 March and will remain on view through 16 June 2013.

Hans Hofmann trained in Munich and Paris, where he met artists such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Juan Gris and George Rouault. The German-born Hofmann fully established himself as an artist in the United States in the 1930s. In 1930, Hofmann traveled to the United States, and until 1932 he taught at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. Hofmann moved to New York in 1932 and taught at the Art Students League before opening the Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts in 1933.

With highly successful art schools in New York and Provincetown, he exerted a lasting impact on an entire generation of American artists of the postwar period. Hofmann was the catalyst of the Abstract Expressionists and influenced painters such as Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, Lee Krasner, Philip Guston, Robert Motherwell and Barnett Newman.

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Michael Reafsnyder: The Happy MediumArt in America, by Leah Ollman

December 2012

Ceramics are undergoing a revolution in the contemporary art world - but nowhere more so than in Los Angeles, where clay has a particularly resonant history.

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Rod Penner: Hyperrealism: 1967 - 2012Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza

22 March - 9 June 2013

In the late 1960s, the USA saw the emergence of a new trend in painting that focused on the realistic representation of scenes and objects from everyday American life. The artists involved always used photography as preliminary documentation for their works. This movement achieved its first recognition when it was shown at Documenta in Kassel in 1972. The exhibition to be held at the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in 2013 will offer the first complete survey of Hyperrealism. It will start with the great American artists of the first generation such as Richard Estes, John Baeder, Robert Bechtle, Tom Blackwell, Chuck Close and Robert Cottingham, then move on to Hyperrealism in Europe and to artists of subsequent generations. Many of the works on display will be loaned from the collection of Louis K. Meisel, whose gallery has become the focal point of the movement. Meisel promoted Hyperrealism from its outset both within and outside the USA, supporting and discovering new artists. His gallery continues to be the key reference point for this trend today.

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Tam Van Tran: Pattern: Follow the RulesBroad Art Museum

22 March - 23 June 2013

Pattern is currently being reinvigorated as a significant space for artistic innovation. Each artist presented here begins with some system or set of rules, whether mechanical, technological, digital, or other, and, through rigorous repetitive action, creates objects that are equally rigorous in their optical repetition. With this comes a critical redefinition of pattern: These artists explore iterative generation of form, using a framework more akin to a mathematical pattern or a computer pattern than to a purely visual process focused on decoration or ornamentation. Yet the resulting compositions are highly decorative, visually dynamic, and spectacularly patterned in the traditional sense of the term. Importantly, in these works the limitation of artistic choice implied by following a set of rules does not lead to a limited or stripped down final effect. Rather, the reliance on a circumscribed mechanism of production often results in a sense of potential endlessness that forces us to examine our preconceptions about the distance between reality and visual illusion. Regardless of the mode of making or the content within the form, each work in the exhibition asks us to reevaluate the way we see and experience the spaces we are in, the objects we confront, and the relationship between vision and perception.

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Michael Reafsnyder: Into the LightThe Marjorie Barrick Museum

12 December 2012 - 31 January 2013

The Las Vegas Art Museum's Collections comes back "Into the Light"

So there it was. Amid the single-serving shrimp cocktails, bite-sized quiche, wine, hugs, polite conversations, photo-ops, artists, writers, gallerists and well-heeled art collectors, lived the one single truth: We've been given another chance.

Through careful negotiation, more that a year of planning and a major revamping of UNLV's Barrick Museum, the partnership between the Las Vegas Art Museum and the university's College of Fine Arts came to fruition Tuesday night at the reception for "Into the Light," featuring a large chunk of the Las Vegas Art Museum's permanent collection.

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Robert Motherwell on Art.syThe Dedalus Foundation: Printing a Catalogue Raisonné

In May of 2012, Jack Flam, Katy Rogers, and Tim Clifford traveled to Verona, Italy to complete their decade-long project of researching and publishing "Robert Motherwell Paintings and Collages: A Catalogue Raisonné, 1941-1991." Over the course of a month, the three authors worked with master printers at Trifolio, overseeing the printing process of the three-volume set. This video follows the finishing stages of production on the catalogue raisonné from proofing the color to binding the final product.

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Frederick Hammersley: The Computer Drawings 1969L.A. Louver

17 January - 23 February 2013

L.A. Louver is pleased to present an exhibition of computer drawings created in 1969 by Frederick Hammersley (1919-2009). Hammersley used early computer technology to make these drawings, a process that became pivotal to his artistic development.

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Rebecca Campbell: Don't Be Shy, Don't Hold BackThe Logan Collection at SFMOMA

8 December 2012 - 2 June 2013

Showcasing nearly 40 major works from the 1960s to the 1990s, this exhibition celebrates the 15th anniversary of a gift of contemporary art from renowned collectors Vicki and Kent Logan that took SFMOMA's collection in bold new directions. The presentation spotlights pieces by Chuck Close, Philip Guston, Anselm Kiefer, Bruce Nauman, Gerhard Richter, Ed Ruscha, and Andy Warhol that form the foundation of the Logan collection. It also brings together artists working in New York in the 1980's, such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Felix Gonzaelz-Torres, Jeff Koons, and Cady Noland; "Young British Artists" like Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst; and Chinese and Japanese artists including Gu Wenda and Takashi Murakami, for a gathering of late-20th-century art that is stellar in quality and distinctively international in perspective.

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Art After DeathThe Huffington Post, by Rebecca Campbell

16 January 2013

On January 13, 2012, Josephine Valentine and Andromeda Jane were born at 33 weeks and five days old. Thirty-three weeks isn’t very premature these days in the world of prematurity, so I expected they may spend a month in the NICU and then we would welcome them to our chaotic, happy home. That wasn’t our story.

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Suzanne CaporaelArt in America

20 December 2012

The Lookout: A Weekly Guide to Shows You Won't Want to Miss

With an ever-growing number of galleries scattered around New York, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Where to begin?

Here at A.i.A., we are always on the hunt for thought-provoking, clever and memorable shows that stand out in a crowded field. Below is a selection of current shows our team of editors can't stop talking about.

Suzanne Caporael at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe, through Dec. 22 The various ways we mediate our world have long been the concern of painter Suzanne Caporael, who can give the most esoteric taxonomies for processing nature, in particular, a lyrical twist. Her means are whatever it takes - be that abstraction or representation, leaving her "signature style" tricky to summarize. In her multifaceted show "Seeing Things," she considers the gap between perception and cognition in angular and gridded abstractions, delicate landscapes and veiled allusions to such masterpieces as Cezanne's portrait of his wife and Watteau's "Pierrot."

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Full Bluhm: Discovering Norman BluhmArt & Antiques Magazine, by John Dorfman

November 2012

Norman Bluhm is the greatest Abstract Expressionist painter you've never heard of. Or if you have heard of him, you're part of a select group of aficionados who appreciate the multifaceted, challenging work of a painter who refused to be pinned down to any one school or style and kept working regardless of the shifting tides of the market and art-critical opinion.

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Esteban Vicente: Portrait of the ArtistParrish Art Museum


Esteban Vicente’s death in 2001 at the age of 97 marked the passing of one of the last surviving members of the first generation of New York School painters. He arrived in America in 1936, schooled in the old world academic tradition of his native Spain and fresh from a sojourn in the heady milieu of 1920s Paris.

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Hans Hofmann Paints A PictureARTnews, by Elaine De Kooning

November 2012, originally appeared in February 1950

"Making a picture is almost a physical struggle," says Hans Hofmann, whose prodigious nervous energy is communicated in the expanding dimensions and exuberant colors of his abstractions. Working with astonishing speed, never sitting down, constantly in motion between his palette and his easel, applying his paint with broad, lunging gestures, Hofmann often finishes a painting in a few hours.

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Rosana Castrillo DiazAnthony Meier Fine Arts

16 November - 19 December 2012

Anthony Meier Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Rosana Castrillo Diaz. In her third solo show at the gallery, Castrillo Diaz debuts a series of three-dimensional wall works that continue parallel dialogues with light and shadow, visibility, surface and materials.

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Liat Yossifor's 'Thought Patterns' Trace The Image of Thinking And A Moment UndoneHuffington Post

10 November 2012

Imagine someone traced their finger in the snow, switching between communicating a secret message and showcasing seemingly random scribbles. Now replace snow with gobs of gray oil paints, and you have the work of Liat Yossifor.

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An Interview with Liat YossiforI Call It Oranges

21 October 2012

Liat Yossifor gets up very early and paints by natural light, details that gain significance once you know she works on Hollywood Blvd -- prone to late night revelry and not known for really anything natural at all. On her doorstep, as you wait to be buzzed in and up to her studio, you can have your picture photo-shopped into a picture with Lady Gaga in the adjacent bodega. Hotdogs rotate on a spit. On your right and left are the stars of Dennis Day and Cathy Downs, two names distant enough to be a lesson in how quickly fame fades. Downs was once Clementine in "My Darling Clementine," which I only know as the film that gets interrupted during an episode of M.A.S.H. It was Colonel Potter’s favorite movie. The star directly in front of Yossifor’s building is blank.

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Hans Hofmann Paints A PictureARTnews November 2012

by Elaine De Kooning, originally appeared in February 1950

...Hofmann has evolved no rules for the making of a picture. On the contrary, always on guard against intellectualism and virtuosity, he says: "At the time of making a picture, I want not to know what I'm doing; a picture should be made with feeling, not with knowing. The possibilities of the medium must be sensed. Anything can serve as a medium - kerosene, benzine, turpentine, linseed oil, beeswax...even beer," he adds jokingly.

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Judy PfaffRobischon Gallery

20 September - 22 December 2012

By Michael Paglia Now, on to the shows at hand. There's definitely been a buzz about "Judy Pfaff" at Robischon Gallery, a spectacular in-depth solo stretching into several of the exhibition rooms at the remarkably capacious venue. It is every bit as gorgeous as "El Anatsui" over at the DAM - and that's really saying something.

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City Of WomenReview of "To Be a Lady" by Thomas Micchelli

There is something ineffably comforting about "To Be a Lady," the exhibition curated by Jason Andrew and subtitled "Forty-Five Women in the Arts." The second time I visited the show, on a misty, autumnal afternoon, the light-filled bays at 1285 Avenue of the Americas seemed to lead back to a once intimate, now forgotten place.

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Oliver ArmsOrange County Museum of Art

7 October - 30 December 2012

As part of the museum's 50th anniversary celebrations, OC Collects presents curated selections from more than a dozen of the most important private collections in our community. Since the museum's founding in 1962, collectors in Orange County have been among the most supportive and adventurous champions of modern and contemporary art, although this is little known or acknowledged within the broader artworld. The exhibition will include major paintings, sculptures, photographs and videos ranging from classic modern works to emerging artists of the present moment.

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"Stone Gravy" in ARTnewsby Christopher French

October 2012

Los Angeles-based critic David Pagel grouped six painters and three sculptors from the West and East coasts inspired by the "Stone Soup" fable, titling it "Stone Gravy." Exhibiting the austerity of abstract formalism (represented by stone), leavened and enriched by sensory overloads of color, texture, and pattern (standing for the gravy), were the painters Brad Eberhard, Annie Lapin, Kim MacConnel, Allison Miller, Richard Allen Morris, and David Reed. Sculptors Polly Apfelbaum, Ron Nagle, and Matt Wedel, by contrast, argued for expanding sensory delight beyond the strictures of wall-mounted rectangular planes.

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Rod Penner: Painted Illusions: Hyperrealism 1967 - 2012Kunsthalle Tubingen

8 December 2012 - 10 March 2013

Rod Penner's hyperrealist paintings will be exhibited in a six-venue museum exhibition titled "Painted Illusions: Hyperrealism 1967-2012." The exhibition begins in Tubingen, Germany at the Kunsthalle Tubingen and will be there from 8 December 2012 to 10 March 2013.

Markus Linnenbrink: so here's what you gonna doFiedler Taubert Contemporary, Berlin

11 September - 27 October 2012

Wolf Kahn: A Lecture on Planning and Spontaneity in ArtBrattleboro Museum & Art Center

7 October 2012

Planning and Spontaneity in Art A Lecture by Wolf Kahn at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center 7 October 2012 Wolf Kahn is a leading figure in American art. His rich, expressive body of work represents a synthesis of his modern abstract training with Hans Hofmann, the palette of Matisse, Rothko’s sweeping bands of color, and the atmospheric qualities of American Impressionism. Kahn has received many honors and awards, and his work is held in the collections of major museums worldwide.

Robert Motherwell: Beside the SeaProvincetown Art Association and Museum

20 July - 30 September 2012

This exhibition is the Provincetown Art Association Museum's first major exhibition of Robert Motherwell's work created in the summer of 1942 in the artist's studio in Cape Cod, curated by Lise Motherwell and Dan Ranalli.

Gene Davis: Abstract DrawingsSmithsonian American Art Museum

15 June 2012 - 6 January 2013

Abstract Drawings presents a selection of forty-six works on paper from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s permanent collection that are rarely on public display. From simple sketches to highly finished compositions, these works represent the rich possibilities of abstraction as a mode of artistic expression.

Judy Pfaff: To Be A Lady: Forty Five Women in the ArtsNorte Maar and 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery

19 September 2012 - 18 January 2013

Curated by Jason Andrew Organized by Norte Maar Sponsored by the ownership at 1285 Avenue of the Americas Norte Maar and the 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery announce the exhibition To be a Lady: Forty-Five Women in the Arts, on view at the 1285 Avenue of the Americas Art Gallery from September 24, 2012 through January 18, 2013. A reception, open to the public, will be held on Monday, September 24 from 6-8pm.

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Judy Pfaff: Artists Choose ArtistsFlomenhaft Gallery

13 September - 27 October 2012

Balancing intense planning with improvisational decision-making, Judy Pfaff creates sprawling sculptures and installations that weave landscape, architecture, and color into a tense yet organic whole. A pioneer of installation art since the 1970s, Pfaff synthesizes sculpture, painting, and architecture into dynamic environments, in which space expands and collapses, fluctuating between the two- and three-dimensional achieving lightness and explosive energy.

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Patrick Wilson: PullCalifornia State University, Long Beach Art Museum

8 September - 9 December 2012

University Art Museum (UAM) at California State University Long Beach will present twelve radiant new and recent geometric abstract paintings in Patrick Wilson: Pull. Wilson’s intricately layered compositions wed glowing color fields to structured shapes. Transparent squares, rectangles and narrow lines of acrylic paint draw the viewer into the pulsating depths of his fresh artworks. Three works on paper from the 2008 series, Suite for Mount Washington, will also be included in the exhibition. These gouache serigraphs, made under the master printer Christian Zickler, directly influenced the complex visual syntax that presently informs his current painting practice.


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Thomas BurkeNew Paintings at Western Project, Los Angeles, CA

8 September - 6 October 2012

Western Project is proud to present our second exhibition of paintings by Thomas Burke. Originally from Boulder City, Nevada and a graduate of University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Burke has been a resident of Brooklyn, New York since 2005. As a cerebral painter, this body of work continues his interest in systems, minimalism, and Op Art from the 1960s and 70s; with the computer as a drawing tool, his images also explore contemporary graphic design, digital technology and the history of hard-edged abstract, geometric painting.

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Rebecca CampbellThe 2012 Pacific Northwest College of Art Juried Alumni Exhibition: For Life

5 September - 22 October 2012

This juried exhibition will provide a rare opportunity for PNCA and the broader Portland cultural community to see the scope of contemporary art, craft, and design by alumni from PNCA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts, and Continuing Education certificate programs. What’s more, it offers the viewer the opportunity to become an institutional archaeologist, to dig down through the accumulated strata of object, image, and idea to get at the cultural DNA of the College. For alumni, it is an appropriate homecoming. The mater in alma mater doesn’t translate as “mother” for nothing. How long has it been since you visited your mother? Would she even recognize you? click here :

Judy PfaffA Survey: 1979-2012: Thick and Thin

The Huntington Museum of Art, 16 June - 26 August 2012

Including 38 works spanning Judy Pfaff's career, from early works on paper to contemporary paper collages, installations and sculpture. click here :

Patrick WilsonLocal Color

San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA, 26 July - 13 December 2012

Local Color is drawn from the San Jose Museum of Art's permanent collection and explores the privacy of color in a range of works. This exhibition encourages viewers to look at color as content and features the work of Josef Albers, Fletcher Benton, Ellen Carey, Mary Corse, Tony DeLap, Sam Francis, Sonia Gechtoff, James Hayward, Paul Jenkins, Amy Kaufman, Markus Linnenbrink, Nathan Oliveira, Raimonds Strapans, Amy Trachtenberg and Patrick Wilson, among others. click here :

Iva Gueorguieva: "Recoiling Earth"L.A. Times, by Leah Ollman

20 July 2012

Once inside a painting by Iva Gueorguieva, it's hard to leave. It's hard to want to leave. The surfaces, colors, shapes all clamor for attention, whisking the eye on a brisk, pinball course in disparate directions, then granting it moments of reprieve, small sanctuaries of brooding beauty.

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Liat Yossifor: 80 Days: A Declaration of CustomsTorrance Art Museum

A hypothetical touring exhibition of one-night-only presentations – each in a different country, 12 in all, over 80 days - that will showcase the original LA based artists selected and adding a new artist from each location worldwide where the exhibition was to be presented. The original project was cancelled due to logistical funding issues and this show is a response to the financial difficulties affecting artists and their ability to exhibit abroad in economically challenged times.

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Wolf Kahn's New YorkThe New York Sun, by Franklin Einspruch

17 July 2012

One usually associates the name of Wolf Kahn with New England landscapes, but his economically painterly treatment suits the urban fabric as ably. Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe has put together a show of his New York images to prove it.

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Patrick WilsonSlow Motion Action Painting at Marx & Zavattero

2 June - 14 July 2012

Los Angeles painter Patrick Wilson presents a magnificent new body of his brilliantly constructed, abstract acrylic on canvas paintings in his highly anticipated third solo exhibition Slow Motion Action Painting at Marx & Zavattero, June 2 - July 14, 2012. Wilson’s paintings are conceived with the ideas of beauty and pleasure at the forefront. As the title of the exhibition suggests, Wilson is inviting his viewers to enter the gallery, and then consciously slow down in order to actively experience his work in the same manner in which it was created.

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Iva Gueorguieva: Recoiling EarthSusanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

14 July - 23 August 2012

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to present new paintings and three-dimensional works by Iva Gueorguieva in galleries 3 and 4.

Gueorguieva's work, while simultaneously indebted to the history of gestural abstraction and distancing itself from that history, is committed to the idea that gesture in painting can carry information that is neither simply graphic nor subjective, but that this gesture can have an active relationship with the real world.

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David PagelEST-3: South California in New York: Los Angeles Art From the Beth Rudin DeWoody Collection

Parrish Art Museum, 4 March - 17 June 2012

EST–3 focuses on Los Angeles art in the New York collection of Beth Rudin DeWoody. Its title (Eastern Standard Time Minus Three) is a playful rejoinder to Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980, a Getty-initiated series of more than 60 exhibitions across Southern California that examines the emergence of Los Angeles as an art center. Starting on the opposite end of the country, and looking across three time zones, EST–3 avoids the tempestuousness of local dramas and the hyperbole of hometown boosterism to present a cool, wide-ranging view of art made in Los Angeles over a 40-year period of unprecedented development.

Patrick Wilson, 'Action Painting' in Slow MotionSan Francisco Chronicle, by Kenneth Baker.

16 June 2012

Complicating things does not necessarily enrich them. But the newly complex work of Los Angeles painter Patrick Wilson at Marx & Zavattero extends the range of subtlety and ambiguity that has always given his art substance.

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Iva GueorguievaFellowship from the Orange County Collectors Organization

June 2012

The Directors of Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe would like to congratulate Iva Gueorguieva on receiving the 2012 Fellowship from the Orange County Collectors Organization.

Tam Van Tranrepresented by Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe

29 May 2012

New York, New York - Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe is pleased to announce its representation of Tam Van Tran. Tran’s inaugural exhibition with the gallery will open on 14 February 2013 and run through 16 March 2013.

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Robert MotherwellThe Essential Idea: Robert Motherwell's Graphic Works

Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC, 10 May - 26 August 2012

Special Reception and Lecture: With esteemed Motherwell scholar, Mary Ann Caws Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. Prints rarely receive the same attention as paintings. Yet printmaking is a demanding medium, one that requires extensive technical knowledge and collaboration. Robert Motherwell was unusual among his Abstract Expressionist contemporaries because of his interest in and mastery of printmaking.

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Kim MacConnelReview in Art in America

8 May 2012

This mini-survey of Kim MacConnel's unstretched fabric paintings from the 1970s, and a terrific one from 2004, is the first of four shows at Salomon this spring collectively titled "American Responses: Pleasure, Reverence, Heart, Home." The successive exhibitions feature work by MacConnel, Ned Smyth, Dickie Landry and Tina Girouard, artists from different parts of the country who were making seminal work in the 1970s and '80s, and who are still active.

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George McNeilReview in Art in America

28 March 2012

NEW YORK An exhibition of work by the under-known New York School painter George McNeil (1908–1995) is always a cause for celebration. This one was of particular interest, centering as it did on a group of canvases made between 1960 and 1968, when McNeil began to introduce figural elements into his abstract compositions. A contemporary of Jackson Pollock, McNeil was less famous than some of his Abstract Expressionist peers, and became even less so as the decades passed. He had a long and respectable career, nevertheless. In the 1930s, after studying with Jan Matulka and Hans Hofmann, McNeil cofounded the American Abstract Artists group. In the early 1950s, he was among Charles Egan Gallery’s original stable of artists, which also included Willem de Kooning—who was a fan—and Franz Kline. McNeil’s paintings from this time resemble satellite images, with fat, snaking lines like rivers or roadways enclosing heavily worked areas of color. By the 1960s, these topographies gave way first to discrete central forms and then to abstracted human figures.

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Suzanne CaporaelThe New Yorker

4 April 2012

These small collages are composed by the painter as studies for her larger canvases, but it’s hard to imagine that their successors could trump them in terms of spontaneity or sheer joie de vivre. Made from pieces of newsprint, in saturated hues of magenta, lime, orange, and navy, they are winningly simple with a powerful graphic punch—the abstract cousins of Saul Bass’s posters circa “Anatomy of a Murder.” But that mod sixties vibe is belied by the newspaper dates; the oldest is from 2008. Through April 21.

Liat Yossifor & Helen DeSanctis: I'd Be Safe and WarmRoyale Projects

31 March - 29 April 2012

Royale Projects opens an exhibition featuring two Los Angeles based artists that create powerful works, atypical of west coast abstract paintings. The title of the exhibition, “I’d be safe and warm”, is taken from the Mamas and the Papas song “California Dreamin’”. Papa John Phillips shares a vivid and romantic vision of a winter day in New York City. Dreaming of a warmer and more welcoming environment, he adopts a false spirituality to momentarily find shelter from his bitter surroundings. Similarly Helen DeSanctis and Liat Yossifor seem to long for a distant place while skillfully capturing the cold reality of where they are.

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Frederick Hammersleyat L.A. Louver

22 March - 12 May 2012

There are dozens of painting exhibitions on view in March, and Los Angeles looks particularly strong. In late March, LA Louver will open an exhibition of work the by the late abstract painter Frederick Hammersley. Based in New Mexico for the latter part of this life, Hammersley's paintings are potent and lyric distillations of paintings' most basic elements. He simultaneously worked in two modes that he referred to a "Geometrics" and "Organics." While his inclusion in Site Santa Fe more than a decade ago brought his work to wider attention, Hammersley is still, in my mind, an under-recognized artist...a true must see. --The Huffington Post

Michael Reafsnyderat R.B. Stevenson Gallery

San Diego Art Guide, 22 March 2012

Michael Reafsnyder emphasizes the dynamic characteristics of acrylic paint with his masterful ability to manipulate the water-based medium in his recent work on display at R.B. Stevenson Gallery in La Jolla. He fills the canvas with layers of complex hues and expressive strokes of color that flow through the canvas, forming interesting clusters of colors at the intersections.

Echoing the multi-faceted properties of the paint, Reafsnyder uses multiple sizes of pallet knives and sometimes found objects, “I don’t like cleaning brushes…I use anything but a brush.” Amazingly, he is able to keep the colors from mixing or turning into a muddled brown.

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Frederick HammersleyIt's Hammersley Time: This Artweek.LA

Huffington Post, 20 March 2012

Hammersley's paintings are abstract, richly colored and possess a quietly resolute determination. They do not represent anything in the traditional sense; rather they suggest complex emotional states and patterns of thought. Their seemingly clear and simple compositions belie their pictorial richness. Hammersley's abstractions came out of drawing. While teaching at Jepson Art School in Los Angeles, he found "a delicious stone" to create intimate lithographic prints (each 3 x 3 inches) based on a grid structure of 16 squares. He introduced compositional elements one by one, altering line, form, color, etc. to discover how each would react to the other. These small prints held the seeds for his later geometric paintings. After leaving Jepson in 1951, Hammersely recalled that he "bumped into hunch painting by accident," inspired by the shapes that he saw in the figure and in still-life, reducing them to elemental form. These were intuitively derived compositions that gained the attention of curator, Jules Langsner, who included Hammersley in the landmark 1959 exhibition, Four Abstract Classicists, at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Suzanne Caporael: Real, and CaporaelThe New York Sun

13 March 2012

Two exhibitions open this Thursday at Ameringer McEnery Yohe. Both of them merit your attention and attendance.

One of them features the work of Suzanne Caporael. "First and foremost, Caporael is a painter," says the gallery. "While maintaining a discrete distance from the art world in various rural havens, she has nonetheless earned herself a place in the field of contemporary painting. For nearly thirty years she has allowed her avid curiosity to guide her through a variety of disparate areas of study, most of which take two to five years of research and manifest as paintings while Caporael delves more deeply into her sources. These include eighty paintings representing thousands of miles of back roads traveled in the U.S. over a period of four years. Always remaining more allusive than descriptive, the work balances substance and subtlety with aesthetic rigor."

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Hans Hofmann: Real, and CaporaelThe New York Sun

13 March 2012

Two exhibitions open this Thursday at Ameringer McEnery Yohe. Both of them merit your attention and attendance. ... The other is "Hans Hofmann: Art Like Life is Real." The gallery continues, "In his essay for the exhibition catalogue, William Agee describes Hofmann as going against the grain of the artistic canon of the day; 'His art was too big, too bold, to be encapsulated in a few years after 1945, the years we generally identify as the heyday of abstract expressionism.' Instead, Hofmann preferred to search for what he believed to be the real in art, stretching it beyond the confines of a signature image. This exhibition offers a selection of his divergent poly-referential works spanning a period of 1944 through 1962." Don't maintain a discrete distance from Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe this week - seek instead to close it.

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Patrick WilsonThe Brooklyn Rail, by Corina Larkin

March 2012

Patrick Wilson is on a self-professed quest for beauty in the realm of color and form. His search takes him back to 20th-century abstract colorists and reaches forward into contemporary, technology-dominated, urban life. Such rigorous study of color relationships, careful observation of artificial and natural light, and references to technological motifs yield complex and sublime results.

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Iva GueorguievaCalifornia Art, Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation,

4 March - 20 May 2012

Frederick R. Weisman was a pioneering Los Angeles art collector whose rise as an important patron of the arts paralleled the emergence of the contemporary art scene in Southern California. Featured are works ranging from the 1960s to the present, including diverse movements such as California Pop Art, Hard-Edge Abstraction and Light and Space.

Michael ReafsnyderGleam

R.B. Stevenson Gallery, 3 March - 7 April 2012

R.B. Stevenson Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new paintings by Los Angeles artist Michael Reafsnyder. This is Michael Reafsnyder's 3rd solo exhibition at the R.B. Stevenson Gallery.

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Wolf KahnBrattleboro Pastels

Brattleboro Museum, 28 September 2011 - 5 February 2012

Wolf Kahn spends much of his summer sketching in pastel in and around Brattleboro, Vermont, later refining the sketches in his hilltop studio. BMAC is honored to present a portion of his summer 2011 artistic production.

Pastel is Kahn’s generative medium. I use the term generative not to imply that his pastels are sketches for paintings — though they may be. Rather, the mark a pastel stick makes, the way its powder sits on the page, its texture, its effects are the genesis of his painting style. Kahn has often referred to his painting technique as scrubbing: he makes dry, quick lines, atop thinly layered veils of color, essentially transferring his touch with pastel to paint. His virtuosic handling of the medium he calls “dust on butterfly wings” informs and expands all his artistic endeavors.

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Judy PfaffRecent Work, Bruno David Gallery, St. Louis, MO

27 January - 3 March 2012

Bruno David Gallery is pleased to present Judy Pfaff‘s first solo exhibition in St. Louis since her exhibition Currents 41 at the Saint Louis Art Museum in 1989.

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Rebecca CampbellSeeing Is Believing: Rebecca Campbell and Angela Ellsworth

3 September 2011 - 23 January 2012

Rebecca Campbell and Angela Ellsworth both spent their childhoods in Utah and within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Their different experiences and individual reactions to this specific context have inspired much of their mature work as artists. Multilayered and complex, their works touch on memory and nostalgia but are grounded in the present and the reinterpretation of their experiences as well as Mormon traditions and practices. This exhibition will include painting, sculpture and installations.

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Rebecca Campbell"Doublespeak"

Salt Lake Art Center, 7 October 2011 - 7 January 2012

Doublespeak features artworks by an international roster of contemporary women artists who utilize strategies of layered or multiple meanings to address politically, sexually or socially difficult subject matter. This exhibition will examine feminine perspectives on politics, war and gender, including exploration of the role of women as authors, victims, bystanders, soldiers, commentators, and caretakers. Each of the artists in Doublespeak comes from a perspective of dual-identity in one way or another (in terms of culture, religion, sexual identity, etc.).

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George McNeilArt in America, "The Lookout: A Weekly Guide to Shows You Won't Want to Miss"

January 2012

This is a chance to see a generous selection of McNeil's robust abstractions, mainly from the '60s. In each work, a surprisingly broad palette is applied in boldly brushed strokes and passages. The raucous figuration of the artist's later work is suggested-but here we understand the pure energy that would animate his later work.

Helen Frankenthaler1928 - 2011

27 December 2011

The Directors of Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe mourn the passing of a true American visionary. Helen Frankenthaler's life and art produced a remarkable body of work that inspired an artistic movement and continues to inspire new generations of artists and viewers in her unique pursuit of truth and beauty. We will miss your grace and friendship but just need to look at your paintings to find the source of your spirit and the joy you have brought to us. Will Ameringer Miles McEnery James Yohe

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Michael ReafsnyderDelight

Marty Walker Gallery, 19 November - 23 December 2011

Marty Walker Gallery presents deftly boisterous abstract paintings by California artist Michael Reafsnyder for his first exhibition in Dallas, Texas. Part drip, smear, scrape, and drizzle, part color-field, purely intuitive, intellectual and largely frenetic, the nest of colors vibrate beyond the canvas and invite a playful entry. Layers of paint are drawn across the surface like strata of earth in different perspectives in vibrant, unblended hues, cut up and left on the canvas like scraps. Inspired by abstract expressionism, the paintings blend intuitive process with child-like discoveries of the COBRA avant-garde group, cleansing the angst and subconscious monsters with his ever-present, smiley-face signature.

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Frederick Hammersley: Experiments in Abstraction: Art in Southern California, 1945 - 1980The San Diego Museum of Art

26 November - 19 February 2012

Experiments in Abstraction: Art in Southern California, 1945 to 1980, addresses a generation of California-based artists who explored the possibilities of abstraction. In the years following World War II, a distinctive style of art, identified as Hard-Edge painting, was developed by pioneering artists such as Karl Benjamin, Lorser Feitelson, Oskar Fischinger, Helen Lundeberg, and John McLaughlin.

In 1959 Los Angeles Times art critic Jules Langsner coined the term “Hard-Edge Painting” to describe the work of these California painters. Partly a reaction against Abstract Expressionism, best known in the thickly layered paintings of American artists Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock, Hard-Edge emphasized angular lines, reduced forms, precise surfaces, and rich colors. The resulting aesthetic is forever associated with mid-century California Modernism. Beyond the pioneering Hard-Edge painters, other California-based artists, including Charles Arnoldi, Sam Francis, and Ed Ruscha, continued to experiment and transform abstraction on the West Coast.

This exhibition, which includes works from the Museum’s permanent collection and some local loans, explores the diversity of Post-War abstraction in Southern California.

Rebecca CampbellPhoenix New Times: Angela Ellsworth and Rebecca Campbell's Dual Exhibition Re-Creates History

18 November 2011

Visiting the show "Seeing Is Believing: Rebecca Campbell and Angela Ellsworth," now on display at the Phoenix Art Museum, I have to descend a small flight of steps, which seems somehow fitting in a weird way. Fitting because this is a show about descent of a kind — mainly, lineage or ancestry. But it's also a show about the passing down of memories that manifest the past. 

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Patrick Wilson"Good Barbecue"

Susanne Vielmetter L.A. Projects, 10 September - 5 November 2011

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new paintings by Los Angeles based artist Patrick Wilson in galleries 3 and 4. On view will be a range of new paintings in which Wilson continues to translate color and light into luminous and flawlessly calibrated abstractions. Wilson's technique is straightforward - using drywall blades, rollers and masking tape he moves color around in controlled areas. The resulting compositions are elaborately layered squares, rectangles and lines of stunning color and radiance. Alternating between surfaces where the paint has been rolled on and where translucent layers are being pulled repeatedly over the surface, Wilson crates a spectacle of great beauty, in which the painting alternately offers resistance to the eye or pulls the viewer into glowing fields of brilliant depth.

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Nancy GravesTexas Gallery, Paintings and Sculptures of the 1980's

8 September - 30 October 2011

Throughout her life, Nancy Graves (1939 -1995) had a long relationship with Texas, and Houston in particular, so it is with great pride and pleasure that Texas Gallery brings her work back to Houston in an exhibition of both paintings and sculptures from a major period in her career. In cooperation with The Nancy Graves Foundation, Texas Gallery will exhibit a selected group of paintings and cast bronze sculptures from the 1980s from September 8 through October 29, 2011. Rarely has any artist been able to meld the formal concerns and mediums of painting and sculpture into seamless harmony in the manner of Nancy Graves.

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Iva GueorguievaOpening reception 1 October 2011, 6-9pm

Heriard-Cimino Gallery, 1 October - 29 October 2011

Hans Hofmann: The Tides of ProvincetownThe New Britain Museum of American Art

15 July - 16 October 2011

This exhibition will focus on Provincetown's legacy as an art colony, and will cover over 100 artists from Charles W. Hawthorne's founding of the Cape Cod School of Art in 1899 to the present day. This will be the largest and most comprehensive survey of the art colony completed in over 40 years.

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Judy PfaffSamuel Dorsky Museum of Art

15 October 2011

NEW PALTZ – The Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art will celebrate its 10th anniversary on Saturday, October 15. The Dorsky first opened to the public in April 2001 and was officially dedicated on October 20, 2001. The events of next weekend will honor past Hudson Valley Master artists Lesley Dill, Robert Morris, Don Nice, Judy Pfaff and Carolee Schneemann. click here :

Iva GueorguievaVertical Hold: Iva Gueorguieva and Julie Weitz

9 September - 15 October 2011

This two-person exhibition is the culmination of an unfolding visual dialogue between artists Iva Gueorguieva and Julie Weitz, as each considers the relationship between time, body and painting. In this exchange of influence, Gueorguieva takes on Weitz's reoccurring theme of the mask and existentially rich nature of the reflection, and Weitz adapts Gueorguieva's implied figuration and propensity for vertical structure. The two artists encounter each other in their insistence on the body as both subject and field, and their consideration of time in the experience of looking.

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Frederick HammersleyArtistic Evolution: Southern California Artists at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

2 October 2011 - 15 January 2012

Artistic Evolution is inspired by works that were shown at NHM when it was the Los Angeles County Museum of History, Science, and Art, the first dedicated museum building in Los Angeles. The Exposition Park museum historically played a crucial role in nurturing the dynamism and richness of the Los Angeles art scene. In the mid 1960s, art exhibitions were moved from the Museum to the new Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Wilshire Boulevard, and NHM focused its mission on natural history.

Wolf KahnBrattleboro Pastels, Opening reception & Book-Signing

Brattleboro Museum, Saturday 1 October 2011, 5 -7PM

Be among the first to view the new exhibit Wolf Kahn: Brattleboro Pastels, featuring new work created this summer in southern Vermont by one of America’s most influential and admired landscape artists. Kahn will be on hand to sign books, limited-edition prints, catalogues, posters, and more. Cash bar and light refreshments provided.

Iva GueorguievaReview in Art in America

October 2011

Iva Gueorguieva (b. 1974) generates a sense of frenetic activity in each of her expansive compositions. The 15 large-scale paintings at Ameringer McEnery Yohe and nine works on paper at Bravin Lee Programs constituted the Bulgarian-born, Los Angeles-based artist’s New York solo debut. Produced in the past two years, the works feature flying trajectories and curving eruptions of line and color that create a sense of depth and movement. Her spaces are as whirlpool-like and active as those of Julie Mehretu, but her cascading forms share the physicality of Matta’s fanciful paintings. With her deft handling of multiple techniques and distinctive use of color, Gueorguieva is consistent but not repetitive.

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Frederick Hammersley: The Origins of Pictorial SpaceThe Brooklyn Rail, by Robert C. Morgan

The Brooklyn Rail, October 2011

Throughout the history of Modernism, the reputations of many painters have become known through their association with groups of like-minded individuals. Some of these associations are casual while others become definitive movements involving exhibitions and critical dialogues, at times using a manifesto or style of presentation as a means to communicate their aesthetic or to reinforce their social, political, and conceptual aspirations. Art movements have a temporal role in the history of art. They exist for a relatively short duration before members spin off in other directions.

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Patrick WilsonGOOD BARBECUE at Vielmetter Gallery

27 September 2011

Modernism's grandest break with art history was not its pursuit of the minimal but its abandonment of technical virtuosity. Wilson remains the most ambitious, dextrous and mind-bogglingly precise painter working in abstraction in many years... maybe ever. If you never imagined a mesmerized audience staring at a descendent of Malevich with the "how does he do it" look in their eyes usually reserved for photorealists, get down and see this nearly sold-out show. click here :

Judy PfaffThe Influentials: SVA Women Alumni Invite Artists Who Have Shaped Their Work

26 August - 21 September 2011

School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents "The Influentials," an exhibition featuring distinguished female alumni of the College and the diverse group of artists who have influenced their practice. "The Influentials" is both an investigation into the creative lineage between contemporary artists and a dialogue between mentors and mentees that crosses generations, gender and media. The exhibition is co-curated by independent curator Amy Smith-Stewart adn SVA Director of Development and Alumni Affairs Carrie Lincourt.

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Rod Penner"Photorealism: The Louis K. & Susan P. Meisel Collection"

Mana Art Center, Jersey City, NJ

This exhibition is a major survey of photrealism art from the collection of author and collector Louis K. Miesel who coined the term "photorealism" in 1969.

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Frederick Hammersley: Organic & GeometricThe New York Times, by Roberta Smith

16 September 2011

The hard-edge abstractions of the painter Frederick Hammersley (1919-2009), who began his career in Los Angeles and later moved to New Mexico, have never enjoyed much of a New York presence. They were last seen in bulk here in a two-person exhibition at Artists Space in 1987, a year after the artist’s only New York gallery show and more than 20 years after his rare inclusion in a New York museum show: the Op-Art-centric “Responsive Eye” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in 1965.

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Patrick Wilson: 12 Must See Painting Shows in the U.SHuffington Post

8 September 2011

The fall art season is in full swing, and there is an overwhelming amount of painting on display at galleries throughout the United States. I expanded my usual Must See list from ten to twelve exhibitions, but I could have easily selected more. As always, I primarily focused on emerging artists, although more established figures such as Susan Rothenberg and Lari Pittman are on the list with impressive new bodies of work.

Suzanne Caporael: (Un)Natural HistoriesKemper Museum

26 August 2011 - 4 March 2012

Featuring works by Suzanne Caporael

Patrick Lee: B-B-B-BAD, an exhibition with attitudesAnna Kustera Gallery

30 June - 12 August 2011

Bad to the bone. That's us. Badness permeates our culture. It's the party crasher no one invited but everybody is secretly glad showed up. Because goodliness has always been boring and being bad can be cool. It comes in many guises: Über-badass bikers, mischievous children, ham actors, hungry wolves, politicians, Blaxploitation heroes, fashion choices, gestures, cigarettes and omens. Things get interesting when they go bad. It's a bad, bad, bad, bad world—and it's ours.

Patrick Lee: Deadly FriendsHuffington Post, by Tracey Harnish

27 July 2011

Photorealism does not especially intrigue me, but in Patrick Lee's work, the technique is just the starting point for further revelations. Lee's graphite portraits of men are meticulous down to the very pores that sprout whiskers. The figures are set in a style reminiscent of the early 1900s, with heads floating in a limbo of whiteness, and I am reminded of the decades old black and white photos of my grandmother's family. Yet these portraits are startling contemporary insights into the society of men. Bald heads, scars, tattoos and ethnically diverse, these men virtually wear the stories of their lives on their necks, faces, and heads. In a culture where youth is trumpeted no matter the class or color of the individual, it's an interesting relief to see men, instead of kids, depicted here. These are men who clearly have lived lives of intensity and peril and are part of a society that signals their wounds with physical visuals.

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Wolf KahnIn Latter-Day Focus, Color & Consequence

The Brooklyn Rail, July 2011

Kahn works a canvas with the relentlessness of the rising tide. Several times during a visit to his studio, I would become enamored by a finished and already framed painting, only to have Kahn point at a certain spot in it that, to his mind, required more yellow there, or a more intense blue here. His painting is always incomplete—another precious contribution of sensibility art to this packaged culture of ours. Can you imagine Damien Hirst or Jeff Koons obsessing about a square inch of one of the large concoctions they have others illustrate from their photoshop compositions?

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Patrick LeeWestern Projects, L.A. Times Art Review

30 June 2011

Patrick Lee’s gorgeous portraits of tough young men are great works of art because they entice you to imagine what it might be like to live in someone else’s skin.

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Esteban Vicente: Grey Art Gallery, Ameringer McEnery Yohe and Parrish Art MuseumArt in America, by Tom Williams

June/July 2011

Three recent exhibitions in the New York area offered an opportunity to assess the career of the late Spanish-born Abstract Expressionist Esteban Vicente (1903-2001).

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Robert MotherwellPainting on Paper: The Drawings of Robert Motherwell

Art Gallery of Ontario, 25 June – 11 December 2011

Abstract Expressionist artist Robert Motherwell called paper the most “sympathetic of all painting surfaces,” remarking that “it’s a struggle to get a canvas to have the beautiful surface that paper, by nature, already has.”

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Patrick LeeNew Drawings

Western Project, 18 June - 23 July 2011

Western Project is proud to present the second solo exhibition by Los Angeles artist Patrick Lee. After a successful show in New York last year, the artist will present seven recent large scale drawings and a new video project.

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Rebecca Campbell: Broodwork: It's About TimeBen Maltz Gallery

30 April - 11 June 2011

An exhibition that explores what family life can provide to creative professionals. While having both a family and a productive practice is nothing new, the trend of honoring the synthesis of the two is a current phenomenon.

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Oliver Arms: Summer Group ShowWilliam Griffin Gallery

4 June - 13 August 2011

Wolf Kahn: Technicolor FieldsArt + Auction

June 2011

Wolf Kahn’s recent paintings, continuing his long engagement with rural New England as fodder and muse, still manage to startle and delight.

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Iva Gueorguieva: CutBravinLee

21 April – 27 May 2011

Featuring works by Iva Gueorguieva

Hans HofmannRiches of a City: Portland Collects

The Portland Art Museum, 5 February – 22 May 2011

The Portland Art Museum's sprawling new exhibition, "Riches of a City: Portland Collects," announces its intention the moment you walk in the door: It's about the warmth and pleasures of domestic life -- if not always in the art itself, at least in where it comes from. - Bob Hicks

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Iva Gueorguieva: Ten Must See Painting Shows in the U.S.Huffington Post

May 2011

George McNeilArt in America, by Faye Hirsch

May 2011

There were just five George McNeil paintings in Perlow’s tiny space this winter, but even this small number made me wishfor a full-on museum exhibition of this underknown artist.

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Nancy Graves: A Memorial ExhibitionA Memorial Exhibition

The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, 17 May - 28 August 2011

Nancy Graves: A Memorial Exhibition brings together seven works from the Art Center’s permanent collection by the artist Nancy Graves.

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Esteban VicenteConcrete Improvisations: Collages and Sculptures by Esteban Vicente

Southern Methodist University, 15 May – 31 July 2011

Concrete Improvisations: Collages and Sculpture by Esteban Vicente will feature approximately 80 of the artist’s works, both collages and polychrome sculptures, which Vicente referred to as divertimientos or juegos, (“toys” in English). Vicente’s “toys” display his thorough understanding of Cubism, Constructivism and assemblage. Together, this group of works will reveal interesting facets of the career of this accomplished, if unassuming, artist.

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Judy PfaffArtist’s Talk at Ohio State University, Wexner Center for the Arts

9 May 2011, 4:00 pm

Through a distinguished career that stretches back to the 1970s, she has exhibited internationally and received many prestigious awards—including a MacArthur Fellowship and National Endowment for the Arts grants. Pfaff has also been strongly dedicated to education in the arts.

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Iva Gueorguieva: ‘A Stitch in Graft’ and ‘Cut’Review in The Village Voice

4 May 2011

Updating the tenets of that short-lived movement for the current era, Iva Gueorguieva’s recent paintings at Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe (“A Stitch in Graft”)—one of two concurrent shows for the Bulgarian-born artist—produce similar spellbinding effects.

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Hans HofmannTina Dickey, "Color Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hofmann,"

Book signing, 3 & 5 May 2011

Artists tell the story of a charismatic teacher and his ideas in Color Creates Light: Studies with Hans Hofmann by Tina Dickey, recently released by Trillistar Books. The author will travel to New York in early May for two book signings: on May 3 at 8pm, a signing at Spoonbill & Sugartown Books in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and on May 5 from 5-7pm, a Cinco de Mayo signing at Ameringer McEnery Yohe in Chelsea.

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Patrick LeeDrawings for the New Century

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, 19 March – 11 Sept 2011

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has actively collected drawings for nearly a century, acquiring works of outstanding quality by many of the world's most prominent artists.

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Judy PfaffFalk Visiting Artist

Weatherspoon Art Museum, 13 January – 17 April 2011

The Weatherspoon Art Museum at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro is pleased to present the exhibition Judy Pfaff: Falk Visiting Artist. The internationally renowned artist is one of the pioneers of installation art, which is work that is site-specific and three-dimensional. Since the 1970s, she has been on the forefront of combining aspects of sculpture, painting, and architecture to form dynamic works that transcend aesthetic boundaries.

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Rebecca CampbellRomancing the Apocalypse

LA Louver, Venice, California, 10 March – 16 April 2011

Our times demand that we embrace paradox. In response, instead of parsing out the incompatible, my experiment is the opposite. I seek the radiant, the abject, deliverance and damage in concert. These paintings are a manifesto for rapture, in spite of, or even in debt to, the abyss.

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Iva GueorguievaGoldmine: Contemporary Works from the Collections of Sirje and Michael Gold

5 February - 10 April 2011

On view through April 10, the exhibit highlights an impressive collection of contemporary works from a wide variety of artists collected by the Golds for more than 30 years. Like many high-profile Los Angeles-based collectors — such as Edythe and Eli Broad or Lynda and Stewart Resnick — the Golds’ collection demonstrates an acute sense of style, taste and artistic understanding.

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Rebecca CampbellRomancing the Apocalypse

Los Angeles Times, 8 April 2011

Rebecca Campbell’s new paintings are looser and juicier and far more beautiful than anything she has made since she began exhibiting her haunting works in Los Angeles 10 years ago. They’re also stranger and scarier than anything else being made today — despite, and because of, their generally benign subjects: pretty girls, gorgeous rainbows and sublime fireworks.

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Suzanne CaporaelThe Memory Store

Art in America, March 2011

New York-based Caporael is an inveterate road tripper (having covered some 30,000 miles in her lifetime), and she used her most recent cross-country excursion as the basis for the 12 paintings on display here (all 2009 or ’10). Despite their highly abstract forms, the canvases, some of them fairly substantial in scale (the largest are 60 inches tall) and many with thickly painted surfaces, manage to convey Caporael’s journeys in a way that feels as fresh and honest as a lap-held diary.

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Michael ReafsnyderFeast

ARTnews, March 2011

In Michael Reafsnyder’s joyously frenzied paintings, each rectangular picture, with its layers of drips, swirls, daubs, and arcs, in every hue imaginable, was also a map of its own creation. Together with his cacophonous multicolored, biomorphic ceramic sculptures, these works seemed primarily designed to energize their audiences.

For his showy topography, Reafsnyder used a variety of application methods: spreading the paint with a flat edge, allowing it to drip from above, applying it directly from the tube, touching it with his hand (or perhaps his arm), or, while the paint was still sticky, lifting it off the surface. The lush, thick surfaces put one in mind of cake frosting as much as they did Abstract Expressionism. Arguably Gerhard Richter’s spirit was being channeled—and challenged—as was Jackson Pollock’s.

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Liat YossiforPerformers From a Future Past

The Los Angeles Times, March 2011

The palette of Liat Yossifor's new paintings is calm, cool and collected. Soothing grays predominate, ranging from whisper-soft tints as delicate as a mourning dove's feathers to steely shades that would be at home on a battleship.

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Rebecca CampbellIt Speaks to Me: on Edouard Manet’s ‘The Ragpicker’ at the Norton Simon

Los Angeles Times, March 2011

Manet was sort of a dandy, so I don’t know what he could have possibly known about the reality of being a ragpicker or homeless person. This is a very outside-in look at a subject. But for me what’s really compelling is that there’s a tiny still-life in the left-hand corner: a painting within the painting. You can make out a shard of glass, a lemon peel, a bit of garbage — but it looks like he’s only touched the canvas a few times.

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Esteban VicenteMidcentury Collectivism

New York Times, March 2011

“Esteban Vicente: Portrait of the Artist,” at the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, starts with one artist, but quickly — and thankfully — opens up into one of these broader, more inclusive chapters. Vicente (1903-2001), a Spanish-born artist who lived most of his life in New York, was best known for his collages, and a big red abstract-floral one greets visitors at the entrance. A watercolor by his contemporary Philip Pavia, “Freefall No. 2” from 1959, hangs nearby, however, turning the installation immediately into a dialogue.

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Robert MotherwellADAA 2011

The Art Newspaper, 6 March 2011

“Abstract Expressionist Robert Motherwell had a lifelong obsession with Irish novelist James Joyce. In 1948, Motherwell painted The Homely Protestant after opening a copy of Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake” and randomly placing his finger on a page to select the title for the painting.

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Review in: The Boston Globe, 23 February 2011

George McNeil was not among the most well known abstract expressionist painters, but he was in the thick of it in the 1940s and 1950s, showing his brash, bright, gushing abstractions alongside work by de Kooning and Pollock. In the late 1950s, as the movement sputtered out, McNeil began incorporating the figure into his paintings. “TRANS/FIGURE/ATION’’ at ACME Fine Art traces McNeil’s evolution as a figure painter through the 1960s and into the early 1970s.

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Iva GueorguievaAUGMN

Angles Gallery, 9 April - 15 May 2010

Angles Gallery is pleased to present AUGMN, an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Bulgarian-born Iva Gueorguieva.

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Iva GueorguievaIn the Studio

Los Angeles Times, 2009

Nouns and adjectives go a long way to describe works of art, but the turbulence within Iva Gueorguieva's paintings demands verbs -- lots of verbs. Shapes billow, pulse and scatter; lines thrust and plummet; colors collide, dissolve, shriek and sigh. The paintings engulf the body. They send the eye skittering.

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Judy PfaffARTnews

April 2009

Judy Pfaff, who once wowed the art world with her formally and spatially inventive installation art, has recently turned her attention to paper. Her newest pieces, shown here, exist in box-like metal frames defining a narrow band of space—maybe five inches deep. Viewers should not let the works’ apparent flowery “decorativeness” dissuade them from inspecting all that is happening within this shallow space. Pfaff still has an uncanny grasp of spatial complexities. The details in these works provide sustenance for eyes starved of unabashed beauty. It’s as if she were compressing a gallery’s worth of glorious installation art into a confined space.

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